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Airspace’s Lounge Program

Airspace Lounges are located at JFK, SAN, and CLE airports. Airspace is one of the first independent lounge networks to institute a policy of variable pricing, where access is typically more expensive during peak times and less so during low traffic hours. Prices typically range from $20 to $35. As a result of their partnership with American Express, Airspace Lounges can be accessed free of charge by Platinum and Centurion Charge Card members, along with up to 2 guests or their spouse and kids. At SAN, the Airspace Lounge also serves as an American Airlines Admirals Club. Therefore, Admirals Clubs rules apply at this location, as well as those that typically govern Airspace Lounges.

Airspace Lounges

In addition to purchasing lounge access with LoungeBuddy, there are a number of ways travelers can get airport lounge access around the world.

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Airspace Lounge Access – LoungeBuddy

Airspace Lounge Access - LoungeBuddy

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  • Sumary: Airspace Lounge is one of the largest independent airport lounge networks in the United States, along with the Manchester Airport Group’s Escape Lounges and Airport Lounge Development’s The Club locations. Currently, Airspace Lounges can be found at JFK, SAN, and CLE airports.

  • Matching Result: Retreat from the hustle and bustle of busy airport terminals and find comfort in delicious, unlimited food and drinks with Escape Lounges.

  • Intro: Airspace Lounge Access | LoungeBuddyAirspace’s Lounge ProgramAirspace Lounges are located at JFK, SAN, and CLE airports. Airspace is one of the first independent lounge networks to institute a policy of variable pricing, where access is typically more expensive during peak times and less so during low traffic hours. Prices typically…
  • Source: https://www.loungebuddy.com/04-Airspace-Lounge-Access

Escape Lounges US Locations

Escape Lounges US Locations

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  • Sumary: From Minneapolis to Oakland and beyond, our Escape Lounges can be found across the U.S. and are here to help you find tranquility while traveling.

  • Matching Result: Airspace Lounge ; Hours of Operation. 07:00 – 20:00 daily. Note: Closed: Dec 25 & Jan 01. ; Location. Landside – Module D Wing, 1st Floor. The lounge is located …

  • Intro: Escape Lounges US Locations We’re touching down and growing roots across the US with locations open from East to West coast and even more coming soon. Every Escape Lounges – The Centurion® Studio Partner features complimentary food and beverages, unlimited Wi-Fi, and an unparalleled relaxing experience. Not to mention, American…
  • Source: https://escapelounges.com/us/locations/

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An airspace lounge is what?

What are Airspace Lounges? Airspace is a network of public airport lounges that is currently available at three airports (CLE, SAN, and JFK), with plans to expand to additional airports in the future. Airspace is owned by the international airport services conglomerate Swissport.

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What Amex card allows access to lounges?

Members of Platinum Cards

Does the airport in Las Vegas house an American Airlines lounge?

There are no American Airlines lounges at the Las Vegas airport, but there is a Centurion Lounge for American Express cardholders and The Club lounge, which you can access for a day pass.

In Las Vegas, is there a Priority Pass lounge?

Is there a Priority Pass lounge in Las Vegas? Harry Reid International Airport has two The Club LAS Priority Pass lounges, one in Concourse E and the other in Concourse D.

After my flight, may I remain in a lounge?

Most of the time, no. Since a boarding pass is required for entry, don’t expect to be able to head into a lounge after a long flight. You’ll also be asked to present a valid boarding pass for that day.

Is the lounge accessible after my flight?

Lounge members can frequently arrange a pass through the airline, but outside of that, if you don’t have a departing boarding pass for that airport and that day, you can’t go through security to get to a lounge. Therefore, whether or not you can access a lounge that is past security depends on whether you can go past security.

Is Amex Platinum valuable for access to lounges?

The additional benefits of the Amex Business Platinum card can also benefit the business traveler, as you can get unlimited access to more than 1,400 lounges worldwide for less than the price of buying just two monthly day passes or a single annual membership.

Can first class patrons access Admirals Club?

Flying first or business class on an international route between the United States and Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Mexico, or New Zealand entitles you to access Admirals Club lounges.

Does American First Class allow access to the lounge?

You will receive free access to the Admirals Club if you are traveling in first or business class on select international, transcontinental, or other domestic flights marketed and operated by American, its Oneworld airline partners, or marketed by JetBlue and operated by American.

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What distinguishes Priority Pass from lounge access?

For frequent business travelers, Priority Pass likely offers the better value because, with the Prestige tier, you can enter any of the company’s affiliated lounges with just one payment at the beginning of the year. Lounge Pass, on the other hand, is probably better suited for less frequent travelers.

With Priority Pass, are drinks complimentary?

Food and drinks: Check the amenities available on the Priority Pass website before visiting, although generally speaking, snacks and alcoholic beverages are usually included for free. Hours: Make sure the lounge will be open while you are at the airport.

Can I make two uses of my Priority Pass per day?

There is no cap on the number of Priority Pass lounges and restaurants you can visit in a day, so if an airport has three Priority Pass lounges, you can visit all three in a single day at the airport.

In Priority Pass lounges, are tips expected?

The servers don’t mind if you pay with cash, credit, or a Priority Pass card even though they’re free to us, and here you should tip the same as you would if you were eating out on your own dime because many of them rely on tips to supplement their income.

Can you bypass lines with Priority Pass?

Priority Pass app: The Priority Pass app is the most convenient aspect of Priority Pass. There is a fair amount of research you need to do about locations, amenities, and other topics, and the Priority Pass app has all the answers. In some airports, Priority Pass members can actually skip the long, tiresome lines.

Are Priority Pass lounges sleep-friendly?

The following options are available to cardholders who wish to use their lounge visit entitlement: a 2 hour stay in a single cabin (maximum of 1 passenger); a 1 hour stay in a double cabin (maximum of 2 passengers); or, only during off-peak hours from 12:00 noon to 22:00, a 1 hour stay in a single cabin plus a maximum of 15 minute shower use.

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