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ghts from Billings to Las Vegas from $75 | (BIL – LAS) – KAYAK

We got boxed water, no option of juice or the like. Also, no snack.

Pros: “The crew and seat was fine”

Pros: “The crew was funny and made us feel comfortable”

Cons: “Nothing, it was an enjoyable experience”

Pros: “Free movies”

Cons: “First time on Alaska air, on my departure got delayed for 8hrs, then that one we end up deplaning. On my arrival, the plane got delayed again. It’s not a good experience all and all”

Pros: “No hassle and easy boarding.”

Cons: “More room and limit on size of luggage in the overhead compartment.”

Cons: “Airplane modern, great flight”

Pros: “Short and nice flight”

Cons: “You charged me a seat for a lap infant, and he was not even near us for seating, I was also charged for the cancellation”

Pros: “Individual tv, seat comfort”

Pros: “Thanks for the power charger”

Cons: “The lights were too bright for a night flight”

Pros: “The entire experience of the flight was wonderful. The boarding, the crew, the drivers, the ride… just really all excellently well done. Great Flight!”

Cons: “Those video.screens are.Super Bright. Like Crazy Super Bright.”

Cons: “She was a very unfriendly woman Not apologizing for running into his foot He fell asleep and didn’t realize he nput his foot in walkway”

Pros: “Short flight”

Cons: “Seating area tight”

Pros: “We got screwed over by a travel agent. Alaska got us in. And treated us right”

Pros: “The flight was smooth from take off to landing.”

Cons: “No entertainment on the plane. I saw a number of people trying to find ways to prop up and watch their phones. We recently flew on Virgin and the entertainment option were plentiful.”

Pros: “Flying home”

Cons: “Drunk passengers”

Pros: “overall great flight – service was over the top flight early arrival”

Pros: “Perfect trip no complaints!”

Cons: “I liked all of it”

Pros: “Everything about my trip with Alaska Airlines was perfect! The crew, entertainment, boarding, drinks were all amazing. I would love to exclusively fly Alaska from now on!”

Cons: “I loved everything!”

Pros: “Everything”

Cons: “No coment”

Pros: “Everything was perfect for 1 hour flight. Thanks Kayak.”

Pros: “Roomy seats, very affordable, free entertainment, and very pleasant customer service.”

Pros: “We made it to the destination safely.”

Cons: “1- Crew was late. 2- Crew wasn’t friendly. 3- Beer, water & wine were the only beverages served. 4- No food or snacks 5- Arrived 44 min. late.”

Pros: “Love the airline.”

Cons: “My chair wouldn’t move back. Chair was broken”

Pros: “Overall, I had a pleasant experience.”

Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “How smooth the ride was, especially the landing when it came time.”

Cons: “Seats were a bit smaller than I would have preferred.”

Pros: “Got leg room not cramped up like other airlines.”

Pros: “Safety Video Comfort of plane Entertainment system”

Cons: “Food / Drinks are a bit pricey. Pop – only get a glass. Not the whole can. Flight attendants were not the friendliest.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Flight was 4 hrs delay. I’d rather drive maybe i will be in vegas much earlier. We were not informed of a change in gate no. It was a dissaster. I will never take this flight ever.”

Pros: “Like we arrived safely”

Cons: “We booked over two months ago through Alaska and didn’t get seats next to each other!! They couldn’t change seats when we boarded because TSA kept us too long.”

Pros: “Boarding is always a breeze with Alaska airlines!”

Pros: “Great experience.”

Pros: “Flight crew were very nice.”

Cons: “Flight times were very late and made it hard for checking into our home. Also had to change out flight date and another place to stay for one night due to cancellation of service. Had to pay for that out of pocket.”

Pros: “Every thing”

Cons: “Not a thing”

Cons: “Wifi is incredibly slow”

Pros: “We got in early after taking off late”

Pros: “Complimentary Wine”

Cons: “It wad late”

Pros: “Free check in baggage. On time flights.”

Pros: “Comfortable seats and great customer service.”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Flight was more comfortable than some other flights I have been on, and the ride was smooth. I also like that we get to pick our seats when we buy the tickets instead of trying to find a seat once we are boarding.”

Cons: “Once we started to board our plane about half the passengers got on the then the boarding stopped due to being grounded by the weather. Once that was lifted we finished boarding but still had to wait for our pilots to change planes. We sat in our seats for two hours before we even moved from our gate.”

Pros: “Liked their prices and friendliness.”

Cons: “There was no entertainment.”

Pros: “Alaska is one of the best!”

Pros: “This airline seems to have good prices with very friendly staff. It doesn’t have luxury seating or amazing entertainment, but for what you pay it’s a good deal!”

Pros: “Professional, safety conscious crew.”

Cons: “Mother nature made for a rocky flight.”

Pros: “Your worker were very good to me”

Cons: “Not get to were I’m going when I I’m I should be. And the is always a problem most very time I’ve flown..”

Pros: “Was a good flight . Everyone was friendly.”

Pros: “Great Flight”

Cons: “took off late”

Cons: “It was the worst travel experience of my life.”

Nice agents/staff, smiling, helpful, curious. Terminal easy to negotiate.

This flight had the BEST crew! The flight attendants were so personable and friendly! I loved chatting with them. They attended to everyone’s needs and always with a smile! I had to stand often due to a recent knee surgery and each time I have delightful conversations with them in their work area. Kudos to these nice young ladies!!! Go Delta!

Service crew could’ve been more patience

Hire more pilots. Missed an important meeting

2hours delayed and didn’t give notification right away 🤷‍♀️. I even lost my food to rush to go to the airport. Paid $60 for seafood plate ending just leave it almost halfway on my way to the airport find out the flight was delayed. I wish they have more accurate policy to let passengers knows for any problems about the flight as soon or as early they can

Pros: “Seat average for a small jet”

Cons: “The AC was not cool enough, but tolerable”

Cons: “Delayed flight planning – would have been nice to delay the flight before boarding.”

Pros: “I never boarding this flight.”

Cons: “Better communication skills.”

Cons: “On board entertainment was inop, making for a long (4) hours flight.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed almost 3 hrs. Ran out of food right before my row. I upgraded my seat but feel I got the short end of the stick.”

Pros: “Crew were very pleasant and seemed to enjoy working”

Pros: “The service by delta employees for this leg of my journey was beyond great. The leg room was above average.”

Cons: “Leg room. Never can have enough leg room.”

Cons: “After a delay of about an hour on a very full flight the gate agent asked for volunteers to check their rollaboard suitcases. The gate agents then allowed those who checked their rollaboards to board before Zone 1,which was fine. However, a bunch of people without gate check stickers on the rollaboards were also allowed to board before Zone 1, which was aggravating. There was a long delay on the tarmac, during which we had to pull back to the gate or to a maintenance area before we finally took off. When we arrived in Vegas there was no gate for us to pull into, which led to another long delay of an already long and delayed flight.”

Cons: “at last minute itinerary was changed.. instead of routing through Brisbane, was now routed through Sydney. Flight from Sydney to LAX was delayed by 4 hours, then missed flight LAX to LAS… overall long delayed arrival. Checked the route through Brisbane, and those flights we’re all there, departed and landed all on-time… so wondering what the reason was for the change of the itinerary without a cause (no cancel or delayed flights through Brisbane)”

Pros: “The wait”

Cons: “The screen didn’t change in time”

Cons: “The pilot was a Daredevil”

Pros: “crew was nice and pilot was informative.”

Cons: “1. flight was delayed twice, which meant my arrive was delayed in Cincinnati. 2. boarding was a nightmare. After 2 delays, I was crammed into zone 4. I dont fly as often, the seats space seems to be getting smaller. 5. I sat next an overweight person. I didn’t like my personal space violated. 6. The flight offer movies, I slept. Yet kept getting elbowed by this overweight neighbor. 7. I am a single, independent person. I prefer to sit near the front. First on and settled and 1st off and gone!”

Cons: “The landing was somewhat frightening.”

Pros: “The flight crew was friendly and personable. Beverage service was consistent and efficient. Entertainment and free WiFi messaging were great perks.”

Cons: “The positives don’t even come close to offsetting the misery of Delta’s seats. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so cramped and uncomfortable. I’m not an abnormally large man – 6 feet 200 lbs – and there was no room for my legs or my shoulders in an “upgraded economy” seat. I fly weekly for work on another major airline, and only took this one in a crunch. But I am quite certain this was my last Delta flight and I’ll be advising others similarly. The service and entertainment aren’t sufficient to mask an awful seat configuration.”

Pros: “Nice flight attendants”

Cons: “Freezing flight.”

Pros: “In flight entertainment was nice to have, and the rebooking was easy. Flight crew was great.”

Cons: “Flight arrived a few minutes late and had to run to the next terminal to catch a connecting flight. Arrived in time, but the gate agent closed the gate early, causing me and several others to be stuck in ATL overnight. Ended up having to pay for a hotel and rental car that went unused.”

Pros: “Great service, comfortable plane”

Cons: “Waited 45 minutes for de-icing”

Pros: “Service was great. Regular drinks and snacks.”

Pros: “Smooth flight Courteous”

Cons: “On a five hours flight a two dollars sandwich wouldn’t hurt!!”

Pros: “Best part of the flight was to experience the joy of talking to loved once from the cloud, thank you delta for providing free wifi in the cloud. You have won my heart!!”

Cons: “To pay for food and a drink!! Please bring them back!!”

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Pros: “Great”

Cons: “Too many announcements”

Pros: “comfortable seats”

Cons: “delay delay delay”

Cons: “Food sold out and there was nothing left”

Pros: “Special staff great pilots snacks free movies safety”

Cons: “Everything was great”

Pros: “Quick friendly service from crew and captain.”

Cons: “First class seat was broken was reclined and super uncomfortable the whole flight the plane was super outdated and old.”

Cons: “I froze on the way to Las Vegas and there weren’t enough blankets.”

Cons: “Female flight attendants were rude and acted like the passengers were a bother. Tried to move to an emergency row after the doors closed, which was empty and the flight attendant refused stating we had to pay extra. NOT HAPPY”

Pros: “The entertainment is always great on delta and they have new snacks now!”

Cons: “Cabin service took a bit longer than normal and we were stuck on the tarmack for at least 30 mins waiting to take off. Not anyone’s fault, just annoying”

Pros: “The process was very quick and easy, from after security the process was smooth and fast.”

Cons: “The gate that I was assigned to was a little overcrowded but I believe it could be because of the construction that is happening in the area. Also the security process was a little long.”

Pros: “Everything went very smoothly, I didn’t eat anything but the snacks are fine. I don’t think there is any “entertainment” unless you pay for it but that’s okay.”

Pros: “Service. Sweet attendant.”

Pros: “But the crew were awesome!”

Cons: “Flight delayed then gate was changed, while I was using lavatory and did not hear changes! Then boarding was confusing as the intercom wasn’t working. Overall poor.”

Pros: “We were traveling with a group of 8, only 3 of us had assigned seats when were arrived and the others were on standby. We asked the attendant at the gate desk if there was any chance that the rest of us on standby could be seated together… HE UPGRADED OUR WHOLE GROUP TO COMFORT and allowed us to all sit with each other. Greatest flight experience I’ve had and such great staff with Delta. Will fly Delta going forward whenever I have a a chance (flew Southwest the rest of our trip – service, cleanliness, friendliness didn’t compare).”

Pros: “We arrived in Las Vegas”

Cons: “Even in first class, it appeared to me that the legroom has been decreased.”

Pros: “Good entertainment with games for kids, movies etc.”

Cons: “No meals (5+ of flying), need to buy earphones, no place for hand lauggudge”

Pros: “Not happy”

Cons: “I was given a hard time on getting my boarding pass printed. They made me waknback and forth twice to clear up this situation. Delta said I had to pay extra to cover the fare. Even the “special services” did not give any great service. Alex me think twice abotnbooking through this and delta.!”

Pros: “N/A”

Cons: “BYOjet cancelled my flight”

Pros: “The flight attendants were nice and polite!”

Cons: “My cell phone needed a charge but I did not realize that at my feet was a place to plug in a USB cable! This is great to have, when this is available it would be great to let the passengers know!”

Pros: “The crew in the business class was very attentive.”

Pros: “We landed safely and the flight was smooth”

Canceled flight due to missing captain. Left us stranded.

There were multiple delays, gate changes, cancellations, wait on tarmac for takeoff; no services offered.

Pleasant flight. Everyone was on the same page. Efficient boarding and nice checkin experience. Bags were delivered to baggage claim quickly in Las Vegas.

It’s American. They just don’t go out of there way to make it good. It’s ok. Frankly, if you want to go some places – they are the only real choice for non stop. If they weren’t – you wouldn’t fly them. Flight was fine. Nothing special.

I paid for premium seats and there really was no distinction in boarding or anything else

Aside from the 5-6 texts for the flight changing the flight was pretty comfortable

Cons: “The plane was shaky, and I was extremely nervous about why the plane was doing that. I’ve been on several American Airlines flights and never experienced this.”

Pros: “Fast, easy, got decent seats and didn’t have to sit next to anyone”

Pros: “Yes everything was great”

Cons: “Nothing everything was great”

Pros: “Timely and efficient”

Cons: “Seats are really small”

Cons: “No gate when we landed.”

Pros: “Good price and new clean aircraft.”

Cons: “Reclining seats.”

Cons: “My luggage was destroy one of my luggage”

Cons: “Better entertainment”

Pros: “Nothing.”

Cons: “Staff, room, boarding process, flight schedule and more!”

Pros: “Everything except cabin comfort was fine”

Cons: “Very hot on the whole flight”

Pros: “Flight attendants incredible!!!!”

Pros: “Agents and flight crews are great.”

Cons: “Too many people for too little space in gate areas in Phoenix. Not enough outlets or seating…or just space.”

Pros: “Basic flight. Super uncomfortable seats. Older plane. Cramped. Pilot was great. Flight smooth.”

Cons: “Got there safe!”

Pros: “We took off and landed safely.”

Cons: “Felt very low budget and cramped.”

Cons: “It took entirely too long to board the plane. Then there were ‘mechanical issues’ that needed dealt with. Well, don’t have everyone sit on the plane for 60 minutes. Don’t continuously state ‘it’ll be fifteen minutes.’ Just give straight answers”

Pros: “Not much”

Cons: “Passengers brought hot food on board at Dallas. McDonalds and KFC odours were overwhelming for first 30 minutes.”

Cons: “Took. For. Ever. To board. And. Bagage took. Long. Time. To arrive. .”

Pros: “Plane had mechanical issues. Say on plane for 50 minutes before taking off”

Pros: “Comfortable and on time”

Pros: “Very comfortable bulkhead seats on upper level. Flight attendants taking care of every need. Fantastic service, good food, great entertainment. We could ask for nothing more!”

Pros: “Boarding and flight was on time.”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Not much. Standard flight.”

Cons: “Cramped seats, unintelligible announcements, battered by credit card promotions.”

Pros: “I loved everything about this airline!”

Cons: “Sorry, I have no complaints!”

Pros: “Seats quite comfortable. Crew ok.”

Cons: “Pitiful food offering and no entertainment at all when on previous 1.5 hour AA flight choice of movies.”

Pros: “Smooth ride and friendly staff”

Cons: “We were a little delayed”

Pros: “Friendly crew and efficient boarding”

Cons: “Older plane without individual entertainment choice. No food other than a single bag of pretzels offered.”

Pros: “All American Airlines employees were very polite and very efficienct. My travel plans went off without a hitch.”

Pros: “Good Crew”

Cons: “Flights are chronically late – over 1 hour coming and going.”

Cons: “Crew member had poor attitude. Not all just one seem to be having a bad day”

Pros: “Good preferred seat.”

Cons: “Being led to pay to select seats on flight that was only 50% full”

Pros: “Staff was helpful. Trip was on time”

Cons: “I wish the aircraft was able to show movies.”

Pros: “Friendly crew. Comfortable flight.”

Cons: “No seat TV.”

Pros: “Entertainment”

Cons: “Delays I missed work Delayed three hours”

Pros: “Crew was amazing, flight was amazing. No complaints!”

Pros: “Direct flight”

Cons: “Delayed 2 hours, gate changed, no free food”

Pros: “Was about an average flight for domestic travel.”

Cons: “Leg room on flight wasn’t the greatest and seat recline also slides the bottom of the seat forward.”

Cons: “Flight delayed for 4 hours”

Pros: “Outside my issues, everything else was quite pleased”

Cons: “I was charged twice for my seat. Purchase flight and I chose my seat. Both charges were separate. Once I made it to the airport I was charged again for the seat. Really confused with this matter. One ticket agent was anything but unpleasant, I am disable and I had to load my luggage on the ramp. Very unprofessional. Those two situations sad”

Pros: “Not much.”

Cons: “Cramped seats; no on-flight entertainment. Boarding was unorganized. Overhead bins packed to overflowing.”

Pros: “On time flights.”

Cons: “Middle seat.”

Fight was 90 minutes late. Didn’t even get out of Sioux Falls till around midnight.

No food, no comfortable seats but at least staff was decent.

The flight was on time. Zero issues. All of the crew had great senses of humor which made the flight entertaining. Non-stop, baby. Doesn’t get any better than this!

Delayed 4 hours!!!

Very rood and very derty

The boarding was ridiculous. They were off on the number of infants on the plane and it delayed us by an hour. It was really frustrating and they only updated us as the very end.

Pros: “Easy boarding”

Cons: “Half the flight didn’t wear masks, crew didn’t bother to enforce.”

Pros: “This was my first time flying out of South Bend and I loved the smallness of the airport and the option to take a direct flight to Vegas to cost family. No long lines and crowds made it easy to social distance.”

Cons: “I would have liked it the seat reclined slightly or had the adjustable headrest so my head wouldn’t flop back and forth while I took a nap.”

Pros: “Crew and plane ride.”

Cons: “The seats hurt us.”

Pros: “Crew was nice”

Cons: “Leg room”

Pros: “I like I can pick seats.”

Cons: “Ppl putting their carry on in overhead bins nor in their row so when zone 6 (at the front of the plane) gets on, there’s no room in your overhead bin space. Crew should say to passengers to put their luggage in their area, not front of the plane.”

Pros: “The crew was very nice.”

Cons: “The AC was broken – only the front half of the plane was getting it. The back half was very hot.”

Pros: “The crew was amazing”

Pros: “The gate agent was amazing and super helpful.”

Cons: “Seats are tight and not very comfortable.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Still in Reno. Aircraft broke down”

Pros: “The staff was friendly”

Cons: “The flight was delayed multiple times, the directions on having boarding passes on the app or printed prior were not given so found that our last minute to avoid paying the front desk clerk $5.00. The flight landed 5 hours later than scheduled which is completely unacceptable.”

Pros: “Great crew and online customer service…”

Cons: “1- Flight Behind Schedule 2- Live customer service agents are truly non-existent until 1.5hrs before ‘departure’”

Pros: “Nothing, honestly. Constantly delayed, cheap airline with forced fees, only one I could take and I can’t believe you exist. You have horrible customer service”

Cons: “I will never fly you again. Sure you don’t care.”

Cons: “So many charges at every step. $5 for boarding passes?”

Cons: “Flight was very late. Have to pay $45 for a carry-on bag. Seats were uncomfortable and have to pay for all snacks and drinks including water.”

Pros: “It was easy to book. And they helped me make changes to my flight schedule without charging me”

Cons: “Everything else is charged… from the in service beverage cart, to your boarding pass. Your baggage. Everything you have to pay for. So just be prepared for that.”

Cons: “baggage staff was super rude. She told me I am the last passenger on the plane which wasn’t true. She made me pay $50 because of little overweight. I could easily redistribute the weight among my bags if she gave me little chance. I was a single mom with two kids (3 months and 3 years old) had to pay a fine which I can’t afford. Thanks for giving me the chance to express my feelings.”

Pros: “Friendly staff”

Cons: “Last minute delay due to a plane malfunction. Was told very last minute. Seemed like there were no quick resolutions in play. Had to wait over three hours to fly out, doesnt that entail compensation by law?”

Cons: “Cut my already short trip even shorter. I used this airline twice now, and both times I was delayed.”

Cons: “Our flight was delayed 4-5 times before it was cancelled all together and rescheduled for the following day. I lost over $200 in hotel charges and valuable time with family. A 3 day trip was decreased to a 2 day trip. Extremely disappointed. After sharing our experience with others we heard the same thing happened them.”

Pros: “Love the ticket price, but charging $44 for a carry-on? C’mon man! Added charges that were worth it? Priority boarding: $15, Exit row seating: $25 Also be advised that all food & drink is for purchase and must be purchased with debit or credit card – absolutely no cash.”

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Pros: “Plane was late. 2 years ago it was late and while there at the airport I heard Allgeant routine runs hours late or cancels. 3-4 hours, not an hour. Good thing I dont fly too often”

Cons: “Allegiant 468 7/27 4 1/2 hour delay on flight 569 on 7/27 and not a single person on the ground or plane even said sorry. Allegiant also failed to update the revised departure time. Allegiant posted an initial delay of 30 minunutes but then, when there was a further 2 hour delay due to a problem with the plane in Vegas Allegiant didn’t update the time. (G4 568 was showing a two hour delay, with a 1010 arrival into STS but Allegiant never updated the departure time for 569 to reflect the additional two hour delay.) It wasn’t until I called that it got updated and when I called I had to point out that the airplane hadn’t even left Vegas and Allegiant was still showing an 8:50 departure time. It also took the reservation agent over 20 minutes to get any information about what was going on. Lastly each and every time I call I was on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes before being able to speak to a person”

Pros: “I did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn’t have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extI did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn’t have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extra legroom. No recline, no room. Horrible flight”

Cons: “I did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn’t have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extI did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn’t have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extra legroom. No recline, no room. Horrible flight”

Pros: “Cheap fare”

Cons: “High baggage fees. Airplane sat for 30 min after boarding for fueling and some type of technical specifications. Seats don’t recline.”

Cons: “First they delayed the flight and then they cancelled the day of and I had to book a whole new flight for the day which was costly. I will never recommend that airline to anyone and I wanted to like it since I looked at their website and it looked very military friendly, but it was just disappointing”

Pros: “The price and the nonstop flight.”

Cons: “6+ hour delays Plane looked to be in sad shape, paint peeling, looked bolted together from spare parts. Strange Air Conditioning issues mid-flight that turned the plane into a walk-in freezer. upon landing our entire flights bags were abandoned and there wasn’t a single Allegiant representative in the airport to communicate with the airport baggage people. After 1.5 hour wait our bags were finally offloaded onto the baggage claim by an airport employee not normally tasked with the job. Allegiant was paged over and over with no response. I will NEVER fly Allegiant again.”

Pros: “We eventually got to Las Vegas.”

Cons: “Everything. Spend an it make and book with someone else.”

Pros: “Nothing.”

Cons: “They overcharge for bags and their weight limit is only 40 pounds. They leave the desk and hour before take off which doesn’t help people who are running late. They charge you to print out your boarding pass. They don’t even send the boarding pass through email, you have to download the app. Overall horrible customer service. When call for customer service you can’t even get a human representative. I missed my flight and they didn’t even have another flight to to accommodate me to get to my destination and no one at the front desk to talk to.”

Cons: “Muy mal aerolínea”

Pros: “Airline was great. Told us right away they were only going to do one drink service so we could order two. Left on time and had no issues. Would definitely fly with them again. Even though you have to pay to check a bag, it’s still a better deal than any other airline out there. People need to stop complaining about the extra fees, do you want cheap or not.”

Cons: “Nothing. Was exactly what I expected for a $35.00 flight.”

Cons: “everything was poor”

Pros: “Really smooth flight, quick and easy to Las Vegas…”

Cons: “Paying for checked luggage…”

Pros: “STS ground crew waived goodbye. Love a small town airport”

Pros: “The flight left on time. Friendly crew”

Cons: “I don’t like that they charge for carry on bags and they don’t have a toll free number”

Pros: “Some of the crew was VERY rude. I was uncomfortable and will never fly through them again.”

Cons: “I didn’t like the schedule time change. Very inconvenient missed some of my planned festivities that were prepaid.”

Pros: “Time of travel”

Cons: “No leg room”

Pros: “Having all the rodeo people going to the rodeo to Las Vegas”

Cons: “noise”

Cons: “The weather blizzard and freeways being closed. I missed my flight”

Pros: “Check in was easy, seating comfortable, staff very polite”

Cons: “No complimentary beverage is kind of a bummer, since you do get quite thirsty during a flight”

Pros: “Checking was fast”

Cons: “I have to pay for my carry on .”

Pros: “Pilot was admirable”

Cons: “Idkkkkkk”

Pros: “The crew was ok, it felt like we were getting as little information as possible from either the flight attendants and the captain. The seats were horrible and honestly this will be my last flight with United.”

Cons: “Having the crew care and go through what to expect during the flight. United has the worst seats I’ve been on the plain had an insane and annoying rattle by the windows and the pilot could barley get through a sentence without stuttering or relaying wrong information.”

Pros: “Nothing of note.”

Cons: “Staff should know which plane is which when directing passengers. Flight crew shouldn’t be making jokes about people not on the plane, when THE AIRLINES delayed flight caused passengers to miss their connection. Every United flight seems to be delayed anymore.”

Cons: “My luggage is all soaking wet. Horrible.”

Cons: “Entertainment system did not work. Wifi did not work so could not use personal devices. Light did not work so couldn’t read a book. Looking at the back of the seat in front of me for 5 hours was pretty tedious.”

Pros: “Comfort, service and entertainment”

Cons: “Flight was not on time and delayed by 2 hours.”

Cons: “First class no food they intended to give boicher for 20$ to buy food…shame on United”

Cons: “Major delays. No service.”

Cons: “We were delayed over 3 hours due to a mechanical issue.”

Pros: “See above. The same applies.”

Cons: “See above. The same applies.”

Pros: “the pilot made up for the incompetence of the rest of the staff.”

Cons: “I didn’t like that the flight attendant was rude. I felt that I was publicly humiliated and disrespected. This flight attendant lacked awareness and put himself and his ego in front of performing critical portions of the job.”

Pros: “Comfortable seats. Great crew. Enjoyed the random jokes.”

Cons: “Long taxing”

Pros: “Organization, entertainment.”

Cons: “Delays, lack of communication”

Pros: “Staff was pleasant, decent movies overall.”

Cons: “I can’t eat mushrooms. Both meals had mushrooms (3 out of 4 entrees) and it wasn’t always obvious which ones. Additionally, the second meal with seafood or pasta, the pasta obviously had mushrooms so I chose seafood, even though I don’t like most seafood. Mushrooms all mixed in with the seafood, so I had to pick them all out. Also 2 of the accompanying sides had mushrooms. Do they have a mushroom fetish like Cheesecake Factory? Need more consideration for people who may have varying food requirements that are unavailable to address during the booking process. I know you can’t please everyone, but why overuse an ingredient that has a relatively low appeal to potential passengers? Will try again, just hope they can use similar customer service in their food preparation as they have otherwise.”

Cons: “Navigating thru channels was challenging.”

Pros: “It was a short flight”

Cons: “Delayed”

Pros: “Crew was nice & limited free on board movies & TV were available but I forgot my headphones”

Cons: “Same pretzels & one cup of Coke for a 3 hour flight. Very Cheap!”

Pros: “Crew was nice, did their best to help.”

Cons: “14 hours late”

Pros: “I know it’s not the crews fault for the delay, but everything was just truly horrendous. I was a little hesitant to fly United after their scandal, but now I know that I should not have. After a 2+ hour delay, I had to pay $60 at the gate to check a CARRY-ON that I had already asked about at the baggage drop at the beginning of that dreadful day. They assured me that it would be no problem, and foolish me, I actually believed them, so instead of paying $25 to check it ahead of time, I got screwed for $60. For a close to 6 hour flight, a meal should be provided. Entertainment was free because of the fiasco, but normally it’s $7.99 which is ridiculous. Lastly, the leg room was really nonexistent. Truly the worst experience I’ve ever had flying, and I’ve flown plenty of airlines, both domestic and international. I definitely think my return trip back to Jersey will be my last time flying United.”

Cons: “Refer to the aforementioned post outlining everything I did not like about this absolute trip from hell. Very disappointing to experience that and it really started the trip out on a sour note. Hopefully it gets better before I have to get back on another United plane back home.”

Pros: “Not much”

Cons: “Comfort was non existent”

Cons: “I bought a ticket on KAYAK and it was united flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I buy many tickets going from LA to Vegas. After no indication about any extra costs but only the inability to check in… At the airport I was warned by one of the agents when she told me that my basic economy ticket would not allow me to bring my computer back on the plane without being charged. I’ve never experienced this in my life. I said I’m not paying and I went through TSA and I boarded without any problem. United has just been axed off of my list of Airlines with which I will travel. Come to think of it the only other airline that I can choose not to travel on his Spirit so United has reached new lows!”

Pros: “Let us sleep without disturbing!”

Pros: “I would like to give a rating lower than zero for this airline”

Cons: “Oberbooked”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Everything”

Pros: “I booked my flight last minute to Las Vegas. Flight was inexpensive and easy to get onto. Love Kayak deals!”

Cons: “Delayed departure again”

Cons: “On board service!!!!!”

Pros: “Not bad overall. I was exhausted at one point and passed out in my chair. I would have missed my flight if the gentleman boarding people hadn’t noticed and woke me up to ask if I should be on the flight. I was out so deeply that I hadn’t heard any announcements. There wasn’t any food on the three flights but a cookie waffle thing and that was all I had during the 13ish hours I was on planes. The staff was super awesome and nice. Space wasn’t any different than other planes, but tight on the first flight. I got lucky on the last two.”

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Cons: “I was starving and dehydrated.”

Pros: “Nothing. Never got on.”

Cons: “Flight canceled and didnt find out until 1 hour before. Was revooked on anothwr but never received info. Had to book on different aitline at twice the cost and still have been unable to get a refund.from the first hospital.”

Pros: “Crew was amazing anita was a dollgreatcrewmade the flightfood and snacks could have been better”

Cons: “Crew”

Cons: “Too cold…. It is no possible to be in this temperature!”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Everything was bad!!!! With a lot of delay”

Pros: “I lost my flight called United and they booked me in another fly with no problem customer service was great definitely I will fly more often on united thank you”

Cons: “The fee …lol , but is worth it.”

Pros: “Flying in America gave me no problems. Things only got terrible after we left Denver.”

Cons: “I was not able to choose my seat for this flight. The person on my left kept stretching out invading my personal space. Was extremely cramped!!!”

Pros: “I didn’t freeze! It left on time and arrived on time.”

Cons: “Didn’t get one of those little snack bags with the drinks.”

Pros: “The flight itself was fast”

Cons: “That my flight was uncertain eventhough I had booked weeks before hand.”

Cons: “No food, was very warm, no movies unless you use your credit card.”

Pros: “The messages updating ( gate change, delayed and revised date if departure , Ext.) is regarding the trip Is awesome.”

Cons: “Very delayed”

Pros: “Great service”

Cons: “Ample legroom”

Pros: “Friendly staff”

Cons: “Not enough room, need more overhead baggage room”

Pros: “Great deal and not cheap like spirit…”

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Frequently Asked Questions About billings to las vegas

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic billings to las vegas, then this section may help you solve it.

How far is it from Billings to Las Vegas by car?

The distance between Billings (BIL) and Las Vegas (LAS) is 981 miles (1579 kilometers), and it takes a car about 17 hours to get there.

Which month offers the best travel deals to Vegas?

Even during the summer when the city is at its hottest, you can find low rates if you visit during the shoulder seasons of b>September?November?January?April/b>. However, avoid major holidays and aim for stays beginning on Sundays, when the weekend crowds dissipate.

When is the most affordable time of year to fly to Vegas?

January, February, April, and September are the most affordable months to fly to Las Vegas, while costs can increase in March, July, and December.

How much does it cost to travel from Canada to Las Vegas?

The least expensive flight from Las Vegas to Canada is 3, with the most expensive flight from Las Vegas to Canada typically costing $9. The most popular flight is from Las Vegas Harry Reid Intl. to Vancouver Intl.

Is a trip to Billings, Montana, worthwhile?

Out of Montana’s 12.5 million visitors each year, an overwhelming majority are concentrated in western Montana and the areas around Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, making Billings, Montana, a great place to visit if you’re looking for outdoor adventure and a cool western city vibe.

How long do I need to stay in Vegas?

After your long weekend in Vegas, you’ll be ready to return home to your normal life, I promise you that. 3 days in Vegas is a good amount of time to see the top tourist attractions, do a little gambling (I said a little! ), and get a little crazy in the clubs/pools.

Which day has the lowest airfare?

The cheapest days to fly are typically Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday; if you can plan your trip around these dates, those are probably the best days to fly because they are less expensive and there are fewer people at the airport.

On what day can you typically fly the cheapest?

The cheapest days to depart if you’re flying domestically are midweek, typically Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% less expensive than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $5 per ticket.

In Vegas, can I wed a Canadian?

Most nations will require a certified copy of your marriage certificate from the County Clerk’s Office (5) and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State (0). No problem, even couples from outside the United States can get married in Las Vegas.

Can I use my Canadian license to drive in Las Vegas?

You can drive in Nevada if you have a current, valid driver’s license that was issued by another nation.

Do marriages in Las Vegas endure?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, nearly 14% of people living in the Silver State are divorce survivors, making Nevada the state with the highest divorce rate in the country.

Do weddings in Las Vegas count?

The requirements for U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens are the same, so marriages in Las Vegas do count because they are legally binding and recognized worldwide.

In Nevada, is it legal to drink and drive?

NRS 484B.150 [1] in Nevada prohibits both the consumption of alcoholic beverages while operating a motor vehicle and the possession of open containers of such beverages while operating a motor vehicle.

Can a Canadian couple get married in Las Vegas?

Marrying a citizen of another country may automatically make you a citizen of that country, and marriages that are legally performed in a foreign country are usually valid in Canada and do not need to be registered there.

Can you get alcohol for free in Las Vegas casinos?

The majority of casinos in Las Vegas allow you to order a maximum of two drinks per person per order; always order the maximum. You can order a beer and a shot, a cocktail and a shot, a bottle of water, anything while you’re gambling on the casino floor.

Can I travel around Vegas while drunk?

However, as of 2014, Las Vegas has made it illegal for people to carry any beverage, alcoholic or not, in a glass container on the Strip. It is legal to have an open container of alcohol while walking along the Las Vegas Strip.

In Vegas, is getting married as simple as walking into a chapel?

Yes, many chapels in Las Vegas allow walk-ins, but they also allow you to book in advance. Some specialty dates, like 10/10/2020, fill up very early, so plan accordingly. Whichever you choose, we make it easy so you can focus on fun.

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