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ghts from Cebu City to Manila from $25 | (CEB – MNL) – KAYAK

air hostess on flight manilla yo vacouver were amazing. so friendly and professional best experience ever thank you

PAL is not my airline of choice. Always late, poor service/IFE and a lousy terminal in Manila.

Not too clear about the Covid-19 requirements. I ended up rebooking my flight. Vancouver Canada -connecting flight , staff aren’t helpful. Customer service sucks. Won’t fly Philippine Airlines again.

Easy check in and all around nice flight, clean plane and nice crew. Seats a little small

Pros: “Crew was extremely nice and helpful”

Cons: “Ancient 777 seating”

Pros: “Ahead of departure time”

Cons: “Snacks and should have inflight”

Cons: “. I was shocked to see social distancing was not implemented with no seats apart and I was in the middle of four seats. If the journey is as important as the destination, then it already failed the minute I was seated in a very intimate setting alongside strangers and seeing the economy class fully booked. The airline defended this by saying they have special economy seats but I complained that this is not equitable since the seats are limited and not everyone could afford an upgrade. Even if they could, the passengers would still be seated side by side and the total number of passengers aboard a tight and enclosed space or load factor is still very high. The airline’s policy was so inconsistent with the very rigid rules of the different government agencies upon disembarkation.”

Pros: “The type of plane 330”

Cons: “Its not cold inside.”

Pros: “On time, early”

Cons: “Food”

Pros: “Excellent crew. Comfortable seat.”

Cons: “No entertainment system but who cares on a 1 hour flight.”

Pros: “None”

Cons: “Food on time”

Pros: “Super long delays at each leg”

Pros: “Crew are good”

Cons: “They like to change frequently the hours and connections are a disaster!!! If you are changing or doing connections , make sure You use the airline company and better buying from them directly”

Pros: “Courteous and efficient check in counter staff and inflight crew.”

Cons: “Barely edible inflight snack”

Cons: “Pillows for business class as seat posture hurts the lower back. Needs improvement on loading priority luggages as mine came out together with the economy passengers.”

Pros: “The steward and stewardess were very nice.”

Cons: “The plane was late, making a long day much longer. Worse still, I waited another 30 minutes for the luggage, making it almost 2 hours later before I got to the hotel.”

Pros: “Truly friendly, service minded and happy cabin crew.”

Cons: “A bit messy for the boarding but partly as unruly passengers”

Pros: “Birding was great. Punctual flight.”

Cons: “My entertainment screen broke. It took the crew 7 hours to replace it. A crew member said they would sort it, bit nothing for 6.5 hours There appeared be confusing within the crew members about what food I ordered.”

Pros: “Crew were polite and helpful Aircraft ? Great Bad. Awesome awful. All of those. I really was to say nice things as it’s just basics that were bad”

Cons: “Business lounge ? Ummm totally unacceptable. It’s a PAYG uncomfortable Un stocked unstaffed waste. Food Was extremely basic. If economy fine but business!!! Very poor”

Pros: “On time, very good service, good food & wine and very comfortable. Plenty of space around the business class seat and easy access to and from seat. Large screen tv.”

Cons: “Slightly limited entertainment . Mabuhay lounge at Manila’s average.”

Pros: “Food was mostly very nice.”

Cons: “The Manila transfer process was a waste of time. Why when only transferring through at the airport you must go to an insecure area to get a Manila stamp in your passport and then have to go back into the secure area via another security check.”

Pros: “I observed that the crew were doing there very best to help with the passengers and their concerns. I also saw that they were on top with regards to cleanliness especially the lavatories. I also like how they treat each and everyone with respect especially the older people that we are with.”

Cons: “PAL – Plane Always Late! it seems that this meaning to the acronym sticks really good with our flag carrier. I was observing and trying to get some information on what is happening or reason for our delayed flight but to no avail. The captain’s explanation makes no sense. With a 3 hour delay, I knew and felt that It would not be a great ride because right from the very start it already started wrong. I was already stressed out from the very beginning even though i saw in the cabin crew’s effort and super great service towards especially to our older passengers their dedication and passion to serve. I was really looking forward to this flight but I guess this was one of those days that all you could do is close your eyes and stretch your patience. One other bad experience was getting on Terminal 1. Great improvement but it could be still better. Can’t connect to Wifi (its asking me my number on the US when I did not sign up for roaming and for sure will not be able to get the code that they will send on my number) Last year was better, just log on and boom! Impressively lightning wifi speed connection. No questions or log ins and you can safely assure and text your relatives waiting patiently outside that you are there waiting. I just wished we went to Terminal 2 instead. But I guessed it will also be the same because everything started on a bad start with that 3hour delay. They were lucky most of the passengers were excited to be home and sleeping!”

Pros: “No direct contact details to change flight”

Cons: “Terrible customer service”

Pros: “The crew were pleasant.”

Cons: “The flight was terrible. The boarding process was improperly conducted causing a lack of overhead space in the baggage storage overhead. The entertainment system was broken and the flight transfer process was terrible and confusing. I had the worst trip in over 300 life time trips. I felt like the price was way too high for the service I received! I need a partial refund at a minimun.”

Cons: “Flight delays several hours. Its a very terrible flight. No apology from airlines company too.”

Cons: “Flight crews working at transfer desks were extremely unorganized and brought us to our terminal at the very last minute when the flight was calling for all passengers to board. Food was terrible. Ended up losing my baggage because they didn’t have enough time to put all the bags onto the flight and so I had to wait an extra two hours at the airport”

Cons: “Flight was 1 1/2 hours late, then bag pickup and extra security for transfer to LAX flight is confusing and multiple lineups.”

Pros: “The ground stewardess assisted me in boarding my flight since the boarding gate was almost close”

Pros: “The staff were courteous is very helpful ,the food was okay. In flight comforts were provided such as blacked , eye mask etc. iPads were provided as there was no built in tvs on the plane which provided a good inlight entertainment system. Overall this was a good experience as value for money as the price was cheaper than many other direct long haul flights”

Cons: “The plane it’s self was quite old and tired – with no TVs however iPads were provided which was not a huge difference. There was not a good selection of beverages on this flight -most had ran out prior.”

Pros: “The great service and hospitality of the flight crew. Was upgraded to business class, thanks PAL.”

Cons: “In flight entertainment is through an iPad device which is not fully charged.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed”

Pros: “nothing to really like. the crew and staff were very friendly”

Cons: “kind of hard to believe my other flight through PAL was the best I’ve taken. This must have been an older plane or something. No entertainment minimal leg room. Must have just been luck of the draw”

Pros: “I liked the fact that it was relatively efficient terms of service on the plane. Flight attendants were courteous and hospitable, despite the fact that the flight was full. It was also a relatively smooth flight.”

Cons: “First of all, it took a very long time to check-in, despite the fact that I had done web check-in the night before. I think a lot of people felt the same way. It took also a very long time before we took off. We were told that it was because of the luggage being loaded but it took almost 2 hours before we finally took off. In the plane, there was a man who was obviously intoxicated and was talking in a very loud voice. I think that someone should have spoken to him about his behavior and proper decorum on the plane. Also, the flight didn’t have WiFi working on the plane as well (we were told that it wasn’t working) and the seat back was broken. I wish that they had told us that ahead of time to manage expectations. I hope that the next flight that I take on Philippine Airlines will be better. I hope that these comments/suggestions will really be taken into consideration so that they can make their service even better because I would really want to use Philippine Airlines again.”

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Pros: “Clean and new airplane. Good screen Nice staff good space between the seats”

Cons: “Bad snacks, very limited baverage served. Limited selection of movies. very very limited TV shows. Almost no music to my taste, need to upgrade their music options!!”

Pros: “Crew service”

Cons: “No announcement for boarding and flight delayed.”

Pros: “got lucky and no one sat next to me. Boarding was fast”

Cons: “No Entertainment module, have to pay for Wifi”

Cons: “Seats were very small. Think Asian size. I am 5foot 10 inches and it was a struggle to sit there for 3 hours. There is no tv on the plane. They want you to use your personal device which I would not do as this would drain my battery. There is no charging station on the plane. 3 out of the 4 PAL flights were delayed each by two hours or more. I would not take this airline again. I got a cheap fare of $600 roundtrip and now I know why it was so cheap. The airport in Manila is so shitty limited seating and limited choices of food.”

Pros: “Drink and snack service on a short flight. Great flight crew and comfortable plane.”

Cons: “Our flight was delayed”

Pros: “Very interesting experience at Manila airport. Their transfer system needs refining and modernising. It was a very difficult and harf to understand process”

Cons: “Flight attendant pay more attention and nicer to foreigners than filipino passengers.”

Pros: “That the plane took off on time and landed ahead of schedule – not like the trip down to Sydney”

Cons: “The entertainment system is non existent and is something that needs to be addressed. The food was a bit better than what was served on the trip down to Sydney but also needs to improve.”

Pros: “Basic airline services were provided”

Cons: “Flight was delayed and we weren’t given the reasons for the delay. No apologies were given either.”

Pros: “The flight attendants were pleasant”

Cons: “The food was horrible and not really a choice. The children’s meals should be more simple like fruit and chicken and fish without sauces”

Pros: “Seats were quite good”

Cons: “Appalling service, not once did they attend to requests. No entertainment”

Pros: “Just an average airline nothing special”

Cons: “I was 2.5 kg over my carry on and they charged me 100 dollars no other option was given they told me I would throw things away to save money”

Pros: “The crew was great.”

Cons: “The 2 hour delay. Plus waiting another 45 min sitting in the plane until take-off. When we arrived at our destination, we again waited another 30 min or so in the plane until we were allowed to get out of the plane.”

Pros: “This was a good flight for the price, I didn’t pay a lot and got more than I paid for. Service was OK. Not great, bot terrible, maybe the word I am looking for is “offhand”.”

Pros: “Not anything”

Cons: “Their needs to be more information about luggage weight I had to pay a lot because I was overweight”


The space between seats are a bit narrow

Don’t use kiwi

I am 74 hrs old and I appreciate walking on the ramp instead of using the stairs. Too bad they didn’t have that on the return.

Pros: “the flight was comfy”

Cons: “some drinks!!!! NOT alcohol but like water or soda.”

Pros: “Not Satisfied”

Cons: “Need improvements”

Cons: “The flight I was booked on late so they changed my reservation to the previous flight which was late as well, still.later than my original flight . But smart move by them. The only issue was the terrible terminal building at Dumagete..”

Cons: “The luggage took ONE HOUR to come out after the flight!!!”

Pros: “Crew were very friendly”

Pros: “None!”

Cons: “Its a cheap airline.what do u expect?”

Pros: “Seat was ok but could not sit with my husband”

Cons: “Check in queue at Bangkok Airport was very long nd took ages”

Pros: “Nothing about lastminute.com”

Cons: “Lastminute.com rebooked my outbound flight two dat past the original booked date then left the return flight the same which meant the return was before the outgoing. Then to make it worse they tried to charge me additional 80 pounds to change the return ticket.”

Cons: “The delay of my flight was not acceptable.”

Pros: “Nice new equipment A321 and FA always nice”

Cons: “Baording is always a cattle call, they attempt to go by rows this time but still a mess of crowding and shoving. The gate announced boarding and everyone jumped, then they tried to refuse those in line making it even worse. Poor gate agents!!! Then as always they blame manila teaffic for delays….so irritating. Almost an hour late…no reason it was sunny at both airports and this schedule is set weeks ahead and they still claim heavy traffic..ridiculous”

Pros: “Staff’s communication and it was on time”

Cons: “Too cold in the aircrat”

Pros: “When we got to Manila, it was raining so bad. We had to get off the plane onto a bus. They handed us an umbrella to keep dry from the deluge. It was much needed, under the circumstances.”

Pros: “No thing about this flight”

Cons: “Not good good on board they don’t have variety of food no credit card accepted”

Pros: “Everything also wants money, very expensive.”

Cons: “Everything is also no good.”

Cons: “I didn’t like everything”

Pros: “Everyone is profession and the food is great. The value is spot on!”

Pros: “Flgiht staff always nice”

Cons: “The cebu gate staff were awful, uninterested, never made announcemnts and as usual it was a cattle call to board. Rows were not followed. The sandwich i had paid for was all dry bread..it was awful.”

Pros: “Cebu pacific is one of airlines who prescribe to a pay as you go additude. Be prepared to pay for everything after you pay for your ticket 7kg carry on max limits pay for the food you may or may not eat, and if you get cold easily bring warm clothes. No joke this was the coldest airplane I have ever been on in my 15 years of travel, so cold in fact that upon taking off you can hear the ice crystals breaking loose and traveling through the air system. I am going to say that the plane was in good condition and the flight attendants and pilot crew seem to be well trained as well as very polite.”

Pros: “The crew”

Cons: “Hidden fees..Baggage fees are ridiculous..Just skip this airline,and pay the extra for,Philippine,Air..The price is really the same”

Pros: “No hassles check in”

Pros: “They are very accommodating .”

Cons: “They are not on time. They are always late like other plane.”

Cons: “Line for check-in was terrible. Wait was more than 45 minutes just to check in.”

Cons: “Despite baggage being checked through from HK to Davao, Cebu offloaded luggage in Manila and failed to forward.”

Pros: “None”

Cons: “No food, no check in luggage but extra fee, no movies, no , no blanket.”

Pros: “Nothing!”

Cons: “Flight time was changed from Sunday 6pm to Monday 4am! No space between rows on the flight to Singapore, EXTREMELY incomfortable!”

Pros: “Flight was ahead of time. Friendly crew.”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Flight was cancelled. No information about refund”

Pros: “No fuss,simple budget air travel”

Cons: “Nothing,does the job for a 1 hr flight”

Cons: “Seats are uncomfortable”

Cons: “Its a shame—Singapore is a first-class city and its people are beautiful; except for one zealous person who made it her goal to ruin Singapore. Cebu Pacific (MNL) required our umbrella to be checked-in without incurring additional expense since it does not make sense to charge us because the umbrella price is way less than the shipping cost. However, Cebu Pacific (SGN) Counter Supervisor was rigid and unprofessional; she wouldn’t listen to reasons and logic. She said that this is SGN and not MNL and therefore, its totally different. She was correct because we were able to go home and security did not say anything about our umbrella. Basically, we do not have to check-in our umbrella in the first place. But the Supervisor was adamant and combative regarding our umbrella. We told her we’ll just throw it in the trash can instead of shipping it.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Check-in, baggage allowance – virtually none, snacks drinks none, will never use again”

Cons: “Our flight was cancelled because of weather condition while we were at the boarding gate, they didn’t care about compensations or consider not risking putting the passengers under last minute pressure, at least they should’ve notified us ahead of time, they automatically rolled us in the next flight, however, they didn’t confirm if the next flight will be cancelled or not. In order to make sure I can catch my connecting flights, I booked another flight from Legazpi to Manila on a different airline, in addition, I had to pay the hotel booking cancellation fees in Manila, since these fees can only be waved if I cancelled 24hrs in advance. Moreover when I asked for my ticket refund, they made a big deal out of it and after a ruff struggle they agreed to refund me, but whatever the refund amount was, it barely covers anything of what I had to pay for a new ticket+ 1 extra night stay in Legazpi + hotel cancellation fees in Manila, I ended up paying 400USD in total while I only got around 50USD ticket refund from them, and of course, add to that the stress and hassle I went through in doing this!”

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Pros: “We boarded the plane just on time. I wasn’t expected ot would be that food.”

Cons: “We landed pretty late. ETA was 11:25pm. We landed almosg 12midnight.”

Pros: “Crew is great”

Cons: “Ticket agents are awful. Very horrible on baggage”

Pros: “Check in staff were very helpful”

Cons: “Plane was 2 hours late -airline seemed to be totally disorganised”

Pros: “Late arrival of plane meant knock on problems with air traffic in manila… over an hour late … cebu airlines ok but system poor”

Cons: “Unfortunately delays caused by late arrival of plane – 1 hr late”

Pros: “Nice modern plane, great crew.”

Cons: “Modern compact seats not very comfortable, and very little kneeroom. But fair prices, so overall a good value.”

Pros: “Crew were friendly”

Cons: “Poor food options. Seats were cramped for me (I’m 6 foot tall). No logical boarding organisation (free for all).”

Pros: “Boarding went swiftly and without issues. On board catering however rely’s more on pre-booking your meals else there are hardly any options left. Seat was ok and punctuality too.”

Cons: “The check-in was a mess.. we were the first at the counter but among the last to board. The clerc disappeared with my passport and asked me to transfer luggage on the spot. On top she did not return the booking form. Luckily I had a second copy or my filipino friend would have been stopped by filipino immigration.”

Pros: “Accommodating gate agent. Flight was on time”

Cons: “During flight, it’s quite shaky.”

Pros: “There is nothing to like about Cebu Air”

Cons: “They’re totally classless-inprocessing stinks, charge for just one bag, charge for food, and then run out of everything except potato chips. Cebu Air is the bag-lady of discount airlines!”

Pros: “very cheap fare”

Cons: “noisy co-passengers, the crew should ask them to stay quiet but they didn’t do anything”

Cons: “More orderly boarding process by zone, on-time departure and arrival”

Cons: “Every time I’ve used AirAsia it’s been delayed. Instead of being apologetic they’re always smug about how I can take a different airline. So I did!! Never fly with this airline again. Poor service poor flight planning and poor attitude. Shame on you AirAsia.”

Pros: “We were upgraded to first class.”

Cons: “Our flight was delayed 31 minutes. So far, I’ve never departed on time with this airline. I will take responsibility for not prepaying for my check in luggage, but really, $154.00 for 3 suitcases on a 1 hour flight? It’s kinda sad.”

Pros: “N/A”

Cons: “No wonder Taoyuan International Airport is one of the worst airports in the world. Even if you have checked in online, there is no separate counter for baggage drop.”



Cons: “I’ve been to over 15 airports in the last month and Since when does the airport have a terminal fee of $17 And they made us check in our bag for $60 per person, I’ve been on many budget airlines before and they never made us do this, never flying with AirAsia again.”

Cons: “The flight is delayed and they never notified us we stayed in the airport for almost 1:30 minutes delayed.”

Pros: “Crew at the front desk helped”

Cons: “Maybe more flights”

Pros: “Very friendly – free water & snack.”

Pros: “After check in”

Cons: “Check in”

Cons: “Seats space small”

Pros: “It was only a 50 minutes flight and the cabin crew were very nice , the seats were leather and all in all very comfortable”

Cons: “Once on board all was fine , the flight was delayed by 27 minutes”

Pros: “That we made it in one piece”

Cons: “That the flight was almost 2 hours delayed”

Pros: “リーズナブルな運賃”

Cons: “機内をもっと快適に過ごせるように努力してもらいたい”

Cons: “Two hours late Poor communication about gate, timing with broken plane”

Cons: “Flight was delayed for more than an hour”

Pros: “I guess sometimes it’s cheaper than other airlines”

Cons: “There are always delays”

Cons: “Waited for 25 minutes at the stand in Manila on arrival for the linkway to be connected Pretty poor really as it added another 30 minutes to the journey”

Cons: “This has worse delays than any airlines I’ve tried.”

Pros: “Crew went out of the way to assist us after a terrible checkin experiance”

Cons: “Received a notification that flight was delayed and given an option to reschedule after we checked in only. Checkin countervseperated my family and I even though we checked in early. Sent to Lounge and forced to pay even though directed by them.”

Pros: “cheap”

Cons: “got transferred to KLO due to airport closure, delays”

Pros: “Pontualidade, atendimento e funcionalidade em uma empresa Low cost”

Cons: “Espaco entre poltronas pequeno e avião parecia velho”

Pros: “Plane was on time..”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “We arrived safe & sound”

Cons: “The flight was cancelled on the way there and on the way back without any notifications. On the way there, I had to run through the airport to catch an earlier flight. On the way back, I waited 4 hrs to catch a later flight. Air Asia did not compensate for my valuable extra time wasted but in addition charged a $30 USD bag fee each time. I will never fly with Air Asia again and will advise friends and family to avoid Air Asia.”

Pros: “It was wonderful I bought another round ticket for my wife I be there next year and use you again”

Cons: “Having to pay luggage check in”

Pros: “Flight delayed.”

Cons: “Some food that we bought taste good”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Seating leg room service delays customer service”

Cons: “Had no idea that the maximum for a checked bag was 10kgs (which is nothing if your bag is large enough to check). Having already paid to check a bag I had to fork out another $100 to check my bag (a mid-sized duffle) what a total rip-off and bummer. Then there was the drama about whether I could take my scuba regulator through security or not and then there was the drama about a tripod and then there was the flight! No food (unless you had pre-booked it) and then you had to pay for water…..a new level of low class in low class airlines.”

Pros: “I didn’t like anything about this year like it was always two to three hours late of ways and the seats were being cramped”

Cons: “I hated this Airline it was the worst Airline ever flown in my life I will never ever fly them again”

Pros: “The cabin crew were polite.”

Cons: “BAD COMMUNICATION – The flight was delayed and they sent me an email however no details were ever updated on the screens in the terminal. Once at the airport they knew the flight was late but never updated the boarding time. I had to get up every 15 minutes to ask someone. At one point there wasn’t even a jet but the screen said the flight was boarding. Boarding area is this small contained seating area in the airport with very limited food options (an issue when you sit there for hours). The plane was filthy and oddly enough you cannot bring your “own food” onboard you must buy everything onboard…even a bottle of water….which you will need have queuing on the tarmac to get on the plane. You have to pay in local currency—they won’t accept a credit card. You have to board a bus, to be driven, to then walk, to then queue on a tarmac, to walk up a stairway to get on the plane. The weight restrictions on luggage are ridiculous. 7 kg allowed on cabin bags which are weighed otherwise you stand there an unpack because there is a different charge for in-person purchase of luggage versus online. Bring a shopping bag, unpack your carry-on, weigh it, get your tag (cabin baggage), walk away from the checkin country and put the items back into your carry-on. Lastly, they damaged my luggage. Note: if you use this airline, tell them you have breakable items in your suitcase and get a fragile sticker put onto all of your checked bags to keep them from being tossed like the Samsonite gorilla.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed twice adding up to a five hour delay. The crew gave no reason , no apology, complete lack of communication was astounding. When i mentioned it to other travel agents they all said the same thing, Air Asia is always delayed, i was told to use other airlines. Indeed, while awaiting my flight to Manilla I saw 2 Philippines Air flights depart on time. One of my fellow travellers had given themselves7 hours between flights and missed their flight to Dubai because of the delay.”

Pros: “I’d like my money I spent on a hotel back”

Cons: “Multiple delays of my flight cost me a full day at Boracay (not just on paradise island, but also the money spent on hotel for that day). Flight was pushed back 8 hours, so didn’t end up getting to Boracay til 1AM. THANKS AIR ASIA”

Pros: “everything was ok”

Cons: “n/a”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Does not leave on time.”

Pros: “the flight attendants”

Cons: “lack of communication at the gate. even the flight crew was in the dark.Rolling delays. started at two hours, then three then just over 4 hour delay!”

Pros: “The price the price the price”

Cons: “You get what you pay for.”

Pros: “Tube boarding and deplaning”

Cons: “Walking ; not even a bus?”

Cons: “Delayed for 2 hours without any informations …”

Cons: “Late but that’s expected”

Cons: “Your flights are either late or rescheduled.”

Pros: “Not much but the flight crew was alright.”

Cons: “I’ve taken AirAsia twice on my travels in the Philippines, one of the times, the flight was very very delayed.The other, they changed the flight time 2 hours AHEAD of schedule and made that flight the last flight out for a day. Called the customer service hotline and they have terrible customer service, did not really come up with any solutions and I was placed on hold numerous times for a very long time. I ended up having to wait until the next day to get on a flight, which made me lose a day at my other destination.”

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Pros: “NONE”

Cons: “Delayed flights. no compensation for customers that had to pay more for hotels Bec of their delays. no considerations”

Pros: “Nothing, never got there.”

Cons: “Flight cancelled, took 2 months to get a refund. Alternative flights were never arranged. Hopeless airline.”

Pros: “Very organized on board and staff is very professional.”

Cons: “It would have been nice if drinks were complimentary.”

Pros: “Overall it was an ok flight. But there are so many limits to baggage what your weight limit is and isn’t. I have to put things in 2 separate bags to prevent extra cost. Gees. It was out of control. I had on carry on and everything was under 10kg. But the one bag was limited to 7. Hence extra bag to carry other stuff. Didn’t make sense to me. So I’ll never fly on this airline again. Ill go back to Cebu Pacific Airlines. So much more better flights.”

Cons: “Our helper who got the ticket were made to pay for her carry-on baggage because the allowance was only 2 kilos. The penalty was almost the price of the ticket. I already paid for the check in baggage which is around a third of the ticket cost. Next time you know, you will pay just to use the toilet.”

Pros: “Very profesional company… Bags arrive fast everything taken care of very well organized teams”

Cons: “Nothing to dislike about air asia”

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Cheap Flights from Cebu (CEB) to Manila (MNL) | Trip.com

Cheap Flights from Cebu (CEB) to Manila (MNL) | Trip.com

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$109 Philippine Airlines Flights: Cebu (CEB) to Manila (MNL)

$109 Philippine Airlines Flights: Cebu (CEB) to Manila (MNL)

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Frequently Asked Questions About cebu to manila

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic cebu to manila, then this section may help you solve it.

Cebu to Manila travel time in hours?

Normally, it takes about 22 hours to travel by ferry from Cebu City to Manila, but keep in mind that the length of the voyage may vary depending on the time of year you choose to travel.

How far is it by air from Cebu to Manila?

What is the flight distance between Cebu and Manila? The flight distance between Cebu and Manila is b>567 km/b>, and it takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete a one-way nonstop (direct) flight.

How much does it cost to fly from Cebu to Manila?

The average cost of connecting flights from Cebu to Manila is?3,786, while the cost of direct flights from Cebu to Manila is?2,116.

Car time from Cebu to Manila: how many hours?

With typical traffic, the direct route between Manila and Cebu City should take 20 hours and 21 minutes. The distance between the two cities is 539 miles (867 km).

For Cebu, do you need PCR?

A valid ID, proof of vaccination via VaxCertPH, or a negative RT-PCR test result obtained within 72 hours of being unvaccinated or only partially immunized within 48 hours of being immunized are all required for travel to Cebu.

How many days between Manila and Cebu?

When including transfers, the travel time between Cebu City and Manila is around 3 hours and forty-six minutes.

Are QR codes required in Cebu?

Official vaccination cards with QR codes, or official vaccination certificates issued by the local health officer or the DOH-Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ), if the official vaccination cards do not have QR codes. A negative Covid-19 test result is NO LONGER REQUIRED.

How long is the boat ride from Cebu to Manila?

The 2GO Superferry Manila to Cebu takes 22 hours to travel, departing from Pier 4 in Manila and arriving at Cebu’s International Port. Schedules are subject to change without notice.

Is traveling by boat or by plane less expensive?

Cost. Compared to commercial sea travel, commercial air travel is significantly less expensive.

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