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ghts from Manila to Dubai from $160 | (MNL – DXB) – KAYAK

Singapore air ticket, first flight on Singapore, connection on Scoot. Could not get boarding pass for Scoot flight at checking though booking was the same ticket and Scoot flight had SQ flight number. Transfer desk near arrival gate would not issue Scoot boarding pass. Only in terminal 1. Transfer desk in D gates was closed. Had to go to the beginning of C terminal to get boarding pass. Between bad directions and distance I lost 35 minutes getting a boarding pass. Flight had started boarding when I finally was allowed in the gate. Bussed onto the tarmac, not ideal but manageable.

We loved everything about this flight and Singapore airlines. We’re new fans, we will be flying with Singapore airlines again next year! Highly recommended especially for the long haul flights.

My wife and I are new Singapore airlines fans! They are wonderful! Before flying with them I watched many flight reviews on YouTube and could not find a negative review. That is for a reason, they are the best! We fly to Asia every year from the USA we will be flying exclusively with Singapore airlines now. Even the food was great! Wonderful flight crew and airport counter folks. Beautiful immaculate aircraft, Just great, highly recommend!

I felt there were rules for some and different ones for others in the same class which I felt was unfair even though it didn’t necessarily affect me.Water (especially) and snacks needed to be brought round more often especially for people that don’t sleep. I found all the staff really pleasant.

As it is a long flighg, would appreciate if flight crew regularity asks passengers if they would like refreshments

Everything was great

Flight from Singapore to EWR was too long.

Scoot doesn’t have Business class which is fine . I was pleasantly surprised with my little care package given to me during the flight which I assumed is because I had flown in with Singapore Business and this is part of the offering instead of me buying my own food. Pretty good experience overall for budget airline.

It is just a normal flight. Short flight. The Aircraft was bit older and was very shaky.

The staff was great. The food really wasn’t good

Pros: “Crew very helpful. Seat was very good, food excellent.”

Cons: “The rebalance was worst I’ve ever encountered I was actually scared I prayed many times 4 yo get home safely I was not impressed with my last flight n also why were We delayed coming from manila we turn back many times n I had only 50 mins to catch my flight to Perth if we had landed wen we should hv I’d hv time to buy some gifts I’m.glad that Philippines airlines will fly direct yo manila from Perth come March n I’ll use them from now on as it’s a few times in the years gone that things has happened to me I forgave ur airline but now i not need to as hv other airline to fly n my darling come here 3 or 4 times each year but will use Philippines airlines URS sincerely Trevor frahm”

Pros: “Fast boarding. Early arrival. Comfortable seat.”

Cons: “I had to ask 3 times for an arrival card from the crew. Bread was dry. There should have been a breakfast served prior to landing, but no food service after 1 a.m. though flight arrived at 7:40 a.m. Timing of meals was not convenient for me at all. They wake you up at 1 a.m. for your main dinner. I would have preferred to sleep until 5 a.m. then have a good breakfast. The amenity kit in Business Class was substandard when compared to other airlines”

Pros: “Crew were amazing and great entertainment”

Cons: “Boarding could be better”

Pros: “The crew is always amazing: highly professional, attentive and friendly. The whole experience with Singapore Airlines is always a treat.”

Cons: “This time Singapore Airlines Staff seem to be not so helpful. Previously they were happy to help with smiling face and approachable immediately. This time in spite of asking for help in the cabin no one turned up even after multiple requests. I could only get help when someone one walks next to me.”

Pros: “Great foods and services”

Cons: “The plane needs upgrade business class seats”

Pros: “Excellent”

Cons: “No complain . It’s singapore airlines and not dirty air India or jet Airways”

Pros: “Crew were great. Flight was not full.”

Cons: “Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser.”

Pros: “one of the crew was rude. my spouse forgot to fold-up the cup holder, the hostess heat the holder so hard while walking. I don’t know but it appeared as very very rude.”

Cons: “Improve the process for boarding people were standing there for 45 minutes to 1 hour. People there needs training”

Pros: “Crew”

Cons: “Delays”

Pros: “Great service and attentiveness with great food and entertainment, including a nice big comfortable seat!”

Pros: “loved d bnew 787 dreamliner planes. loved d medium haul biz class seats.”

Cons: “everything is excellent frm d check in to d lounge to the plane , crew service , arrivals and lastly baggage handling .”

Pros: “excellent – comfy plane, great service, excellent stuff.”

Pros: “Excellent customer service, helpful staff”

Cons: “Food was unpalatable – HNML. Needs to be improved, the beans in a tomato sauce looked like a tin of dice tomatoes was poured over the boiled beans. Chicken curry didn’t taste good either as it was over cooked. Didn’t relish the vermicelli dessert or the salmon. Thanks for the roll & lactose free butter, the cheese and biscuits”

Cons: “Cabin little bit cold”

Pros: “Friendly staff.”

Cons: “The food for Premium Economy was very poor. The choices were substandard and the food at some meals was inedible. Very disappointing for the price of the tickets. The cabins and equipment seemed old and jaded.”

Pros: “Cabin crew was top notch – even in coach they could not be more accommodating and customer friendly. US airline flight attendants don’t even come close to this team that truly serviced the cabin for 8 hours continuously without the typical hiding in the back of the plane and chatting. Very encouraging that genuine care in the air is very much alive and well on Singapore Air! I will fly them every chance I get!”

Cons: “That my flight had to end and I know my next US airline flight won’t come close to this kind of experience! Air travel doesn’t have to be a cattle herding process with peanut treats on cross country flights – shame on the US carriers – I strongly suggest they fly Singapore Air to see what true customer service feels like!”

Pros: “Staying in a hotel for 24 hours.”

Cons: “Not actually making it to Japan.”

Pros: “easy check in process and the crew was awesome. friendly and attentive to all passengers. great food as well.”

Pros: “It was good”

Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “Boarding at Singapore airport was shocking, as we had to wait 6 hours for our flight. Rating low to the crew mainly because of the ground staff as they were not very communicative to begin with about the explanation for our delay. Only when the passengers got a bit more vocal about wanting explanations, they started giving us a bit more information. All estimated times given for boarding the flight were incorrect by a big margin! Seemed more like they were giving shorter wait time for boarding just to please the passengers, where as they were well aware of how long the wait would be.”

Pros: “Everyone was cold asking for blankets it was freezing on that plane only major complaint, I love the airlines, the flight attendants are lovely and gracious, they really do try. Such a nice treat after flying United airlines all year!”

Cons: “Too cold”

Pros: “I liked there was entertainment”

Cons: “It was an old tired plane”

Cons: “My first flight (DXB – SIN) was delayed and so my bag didn’t make it onto the second flight (SIN – CNS)”

Pros: “everything are okey”

Cons: “In flight crew manager in greenish dress was rude! Seemed like there weren’t enough restrooms on flight.”

Pros: “Service is very good.”

Cons: “Too warm/hot inside the cabin throughout the flight.”

Pros: “Clean aircraft. First rate and very attentive cabin staff. High Quality food and mid flight snacks. Its clear a lot of thought has gone into the making and running of this airline. My first experience and quite frankly I will fly SIA whenever possible.”

Cons: “Cabin was to me a little warm during initial taxi at LAX. But not overly so.”

Pros: “The comfort and food plus drinks.”

Cons: “Delay in food distribution, over waiting because of many people but only twogroups of serving crew”

Pros: “Ice cream for snack? Heck YES. Variety of meals to choose from (i got hindu meal)”

Cons: “On the way to Korea, a stewardess keep taking my water away thinking i was done with it. It was very nice of her she tries to take trashes away, but it wasn’t trash for me.”

Pros: “Good service”

Cons: “spicy chicken too spicy!”

Pros: “Almost everything”

Cons: “The leg rests didn’t have enough room to be useful. I’m only 5’10”, which is average, not tall, so they should have had more legroom.”

Pros: “Entertainment was great”

Cons: “The food is getting worse”

Pros: “The cabin attendants kept us well hydrated.”

Cons: “The entertainment options were mediocre. Gluten-free meal may have contained traces of gluten.”

Pros: “Always great and efficient service. Comfortable despite the limitations of the plane itself (don’t particularly like Airbus planes).”

Cons: “Wish the food could have been better and the choice for dessert wider.”

Pros: “Singapore air has amongst the best service out of all airlines.”

Pros: “Excellent service by SingaporeAirlines. Nothing more to ask for… everything was very good.”

Cons: “the food I pre-ordered wasn’t available in one of the meals (premium economy class)”

Did not change plane but remained in seat for an hour while passengers changed.

The crew were ok. Not as attentive as other crews.

This itineray had to be cancelled as the connection time in Paris was only 55 min which is below the 90 min required by Paris airport. Nether Chat deal/Kayak, nor Gulf air nor American Air picked on that. I called American Air for unrelated question was then told that boarding would be denied due to the short connection time. This should have been an automatic notification from Chat deal/ Kayak or Gulf air and itinery cancelled. What is the point of inconveniencing the passenger?? The return has still not be refunded. Shame on Gulf Air, very poor customer service for an airline that has so good flight crew!

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I was excited to fly Gulf Air as it was a new addition to Manchester. Unlike the airport they did not disappoint . Very attentive crew on 3 of 4 flights. Onboard not as nice as say BA 787 in my experience but okay. Staff were great and friendly . Only complaint was outbound from Bahrain. Plane half empty 😀 Staff AWOL most of time, Food edible (mostly) Definitely better than BA and American. In all a good experience. Good low prices considering post covid Excellent baggage allowance . I have booked again with them but NOT booked through last-minute.com despite return trip going to plan I will NEVER use LM con and advise you to avoid them even if they offer low prices I have reported them to Kayak Thousands of passengers can not be wrong about LM con

Only they lost my luggage I’m very disappointed

Tickets was confirmed from LHR to ORD and even though I paid for business class they were offering me economy class on the next available flight. Never again.

Every thing is perfect Expect the Indera Gandi Airport “Thailand Airways” staff (the indian guy) he hold us for nothing I we were about to lose our flight to Bangkok. I think I am going to stop using Kayak app, if there is no respons in this matter.

Tim is important for customer …please be on time


The flight was a transit and I had my boarding pass from the departure. I have talked to the check in person to set me up close to my family seats and ended up with my wife in one seat, 3 years old son in different seat and myself on different seat. very disappointing and overwhelming.

Cons: “Good food. And not crowded passenger in the bus going to the plane”

Pros: “Comfortable”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Airplane very comfortable”

Cons: “Nothing!!”

Pros: “On the 15th. Nov during my flight to India, I have made an online check in though did not receive an e ticket. I arrived the airport 70 min before the flight. The crew on the check in counter refused to issue me a ticket and insisted that I have missed my plane abd I need to purchase a new ticket. They even refused to check if I have made an online chick in. The gulf air online system, did not show me that I have made an online checkin. Unfortunately, the problem was solved by asking someone who work in the airport ( not gulf airlines representative) to check if I have made and online check in and to issue me a ticket to pass through the security control”

Pros: “Crew was very nice in business. Very helpful and catering to every need.”

Cons: “The entertainment. Hollywood movies were not working.”

Cons: “The food needs to improve and the movies are old. The actual flight was nice.”

Cons: “Not lied to me about my extra being payed from Bahrain to Kenya because it was only payed to Dubai which is now causing me a lot of stress my flight from Dubai to Nairobi was cancelled while i was there without my knowledge”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Economy sets are too tight and cramped. Cup holder was good for nothing, i tried to put my soft drink bottle in it and it slipped right out the bottom and when I tried to put a cup of water in it supplied by the crew it wouldn’t fit! When I reclined my seat to sleep the passenger behind me pushed my seat hard back to upright position. When I turned around to ask why the rude response I realized that he was a tall fellow and his knees were already touching the back of my seat so when I reclined it, it hurt him and he had no where to move his legs. I couldn’t do or say much as I understood his misery and therefore kept my seat up the whole way for 5 hours! The flight was full and neither of us could relocate to another seat.”

Pros: “Seat was not comfortable TV and the hand set was not used friendly Scrambled eggs on the breakfast was really not good …., sorry !!! Finally the smell of the J class area was bad Like old shoes smell !!!!! Sorry to say that but it was like that Next time please take care of this”

Pros: “Customer service of vayama they did our request by providing wheelchair for my mother and flight was superb for Gulf air”

Pros: “Yes”

Cons: “Food needs improvement”

Pros: “yea”

Cons: “the bouth”

Pros: “Friendly and helpful flight crew Good food Free movies to warch”

Pros: “Coffe”

Cons: “Have to wait along time to get the tickets of the connection”

Pros: “Crew”

Cons: “Bahrain airport”

Pros: “Crew were very friendly, aircraft were very comfortable compared to other economic airway companies”

Cons: “Bahrain airport,”

Pros: “airplane.”

Cons: “flt from Bah operated by Gulfair, so checked in with them. They were able to checkin bags to Manchester but not able to issue boarding card. length of flight when alternative is a direct flight from bah to lhr. Sinbad ffp website not easy. for a new aircraft the ife selection was very poor.”

Pros: “Crew .. warm food .. the pillows already on seats .. coffee is lovely ..”

Cons: “Smells .. sick peoples must learn how to cover there mouth .. Lots reasons of infection .. must clear the bad smell .. Should add spider solitaire at AirGames list ..”

Cons: “No communication with passengers about flight delay and subsequent change. We were told the plane would wait for us, but found out they had left with half the flight being left stranded. Awesome.”

Pros: “Speed of the boarding pass counters. And the price.”

Cons: “The plane seats are really bad”

Pros: “Noisy and crowded”

Pros: “Bording was ok.”

Cons: “Too much security checks”

Pros: “People, culture and peace”

Cons: “Traffic and crowd”

Pros: “Service and comfort”

Cons: “Paying for the weight of each bag instead of the free 2 bag international allowance was absurd.”

Cons: “The plane is too small I couldn’t go to the path room because the floor was busy by the cabin crew because of the food and the drink service also the Bahrain air port is too poor regarding Gulf air agents in Manama, this is my last flight with gulf air and I will not recommend to my friends.”

Pros: “Food and the crew”

Cons: “The air sucks in the flight”

Pros: “The air hostess”

Cons: “The delay”

Pros: “The flight attendants were very polite, service was great. The plane was very clean and movie selection was good as well. Lots of leg room as well, I enjoyed my flight.”

Pros: “Gap between both flights was tight.But very helpful ground crew & flight crew”

Cons: “The journey was too short to give any proper rating”

Pros: “I tried many websites to book but my favorite is always kayak as its fast and easy and so fixable”

Pros: “Good film selection, great beverage options.”

Cons: “The sandwiches were pitiful. Not enough chicken salad for the bread and egg salad sandwiches for the children was a poor choice.”

Cons: “Missed my connection from Doha to this flight neither Qatar air or gulf would help me reschedule ticket had to pay third airline to get home”

Pros: “Crew and boarding crew and plane crew were great.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed for an hourl plus. Spent more time in airport than in air.”

Pros: “Crew and staff were great.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed for an hour. Spent more time in airport than in the air.”

Cons: “Although I do not have small children, I think it would be helpful to allow people traveling with small children to board a few minutes ahead of everyone else.”

Pros: “More selection where you can pick and choose your tv shows or movies.”

Cons: “Entertainment selection was poor. Only have a few selections on board for a 10 hours fight. Need more movies. Food was okay, didn’t get to choose what meal to eat.”

Pros: “It looks there was a special enclosure for Indians. The passengers were made to board by ferryed by buses to board the plane by stairs. It was not easy by old people to climb along with hand bag.”

Pros: “I Had best filght gulf air”

Cons: “I dont have visa but i have best experiance in your country”

Pros: “We landed safely and everyone got off the plane.”

Cons: “Gulf air has decided to do “silent boarding” – so we were late boarding our flight because even though we watched the gate- it never filled up, there were never lines, no announcements, no lights signaling anything. Our captain took VERY sharp and hard dips and turns during our flight. He even dropped altitude so quickly that some women on board yelled out in terror. No announcements were made as well by the crew or captain regarding these very uncommon experiences of turbulence or announcements to remain with ones seat belt fastened. Finally, the man driving the bus from the plane to the door at Manama airport was too busy talking to the men who decided to sit in the front seat of the passenger bus and not look on the road in a busy air traffic area. I’m literally blown away at how everyone was safe and made it from point a to point b. I’m also horrified at the lack of communication or safety precautions.”

Reliable partner. I am sure I will get to my destination in time. Best airline – spacious leg room, good entertainment are used between Addis and shorter distances. Worst airline carriages – shorter leg rooms, torn seats, entertainment systems not working are placed between Addis and Dulles (very long routes).

Good and efficient service. Food quality was poor though. Also, my seat hadn’t been cleaned from previous flight (pocket still full of gargbage).

Cons: “It was over booked. I wasted my precious time in the airport for half day… and the staff of ethiopian were not kindness.”

Pros: “Airrbus A350 confort”

Cons: “Crew professionalism and food to be improved”

Pros: “Crew were helpful”

Cons: “Food was very poor with very limited choices and no entertainment system on this flight”

Pros: “Seat was very comfortable and the air stewards were good”

Cons: “The entertainment system not working correctly and the food was poor”

Pros: “The crew were very welcoming, helpful and charm, makes you feel easy”

Cons: “General interior cleanliness”

Pros: “Nice crew. Smooth flight :)”

Pros: “Comfortable seat and fairly friendly crew”

Cons: “Better reception and understanding at the airport. The staffs are not considerate.”

Cons: “The most unprofessional ground staff I have met coupled with the most disorganised airport”

Pros: “Same as above.”

Cons: “Staff needs to be briefed on what an insulin pump is.”

Pros: “Loved the meals and the leg room”

Cons: “The entertainment could have been better but overall was not too bad”

Cons: “Spent 10 hours in a broken seat… wouldn’t recline. Screen on next seat was broken so I couldn’t move there. Bathroom out of toilet paper and at the end of the flight there was SO MUCH TRASH AND STUFF EVERYWHERE it looked like the ground at an outside 3 day concert. I’ve never seen such a filthy plane. And the food needs improvement.”

Pros: “The aircraft was clean and the food served was cool”

Cons: “The turbulent”

Pros: “The staff was very kind.”

Cons: “Flight was uncomfortable. They forgot my food and drink. The attendant sneezed on me without covering her mouth, my tv didn’t work. The plane was dirty. I asked to be moved up to any of the 10 open seats in business and they said they can’t. It was actually one of the worst flights I’ve ever taken anywhere in my life.”

Cons: “On board attendants not the friendliest Kids food options very limited”

Pros: “The crews”

Cons: “The food”

Pros: “Crew”

Cons: “Airport facilities at Adis Ababa”

Pros: “I like that the bulkhead seats (typically where the baby bassinet is placed) have electrical outlets which I used to easily charge my phone; and that there is nice legroom space.”

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Cons: “Economy is a bit tight; the bidding process for Cloud Nine (business class) has reduced the chance of passengers being upgraded for free especially as a means to reward frequent flyers, or help passengers with special needs/accommodations.”

Pros: “Meals were pretty good and a screen that had entertainment and could charge the phone. Baggage allowance helpful”

Cons: “Little tight on leg room.”

Pros: “The standarts (equal to african standarts of course)”

Cons: “Long wait with no care for. At least a place to rest. They changed our seats with no reason”

Pros: “Loved having traditional ethiopian food”

Cons: “One flight attendant condescending but she seemed to disappear after takeoff and the other ladies were excellent”

Pros: “Flight Attendants excellent and always smiling”

Cons: “Should be able to select your own movie”

Pros: “Modern aircraft, good fleet in general”

Cons: “Shabby interior, boarding at Bole. Bole airport needs drastic expansion.”

Cons: “Little turbulence but nothing serious”

Cons: “The security line was very long and one security monitor check person was holding up the line – taking her time. Even the othe security people at the gate were trying to push her along. Most of the people getting on this flight had a short layover time. Escape ially with the previous flight being late.”

Pros: “Got a free voucher”

Cons: “My phone was stolen on airport premises They didn’t have my requested meal for one of my flights The boeng 737 is tiny. No leg room and was terribly hot.”

Pros: “Other than the luggage issue, it was a great flight.”

Cons: “I purchased this ticket as ONE ticket–Ethiopian Air to Dubai, and then flydubai to Amman. Ethiopian Air wouldn’t check my luggage to my final destination, so in Dubai, for a 3 hour layover, I had to go through immigration, exchange money, and take a taxi for 30 minutes through rush-hour traffic to a different terminal. That is ridiculous. Don’t sell it as one ticket if the two airlines won’t cooperate together.”

Pros: “Crew and service”

Cons: “On board entertainment was not up to date. Old movies. Little choice.”

Pros: “you r best of the best”

Cons: “stoping in irland only”

Pros: “The food was terrible but it was somewhat editable. It could have just been because I was so hungry I could eat anything too.”

Cons: “The staff was rude, the boarding was a mess, the cabin was at least a little cooler than previous flight but still very uncomfortable, the amount of announcements was absolutely absurd!!! It was almost an announcement every 15 minutes. And the plane played music (terrible music) for 45 min extremely loud after taking off AND and hour before landing. It was so awful and so loud you couldn’t even hear your own entertainment playing from your own headsets. I understand music while boarding and de-planing but there is absolutely no reason to have that playing that long after take off and hat soon before landing.”

Cons: “Terrible food (chopped cold spaghetti with no flavor) and terrible service (crew forgot to offer me tea or water, did not come when called) and over one hour late with no apologies given”

Pros: “When I originally booked this trip it was with one connection and a 16 hour commute time. They added legs to my trip which significantly increased travel time. I tried to cancel my flight because I booked the flight with the necessity of arriving by specific days and times and they insisted on charging me for it so I just forfeited my seat and trip all together. There’s nothing good to say about Ethiopian airlines.”

Cons: “They are very unprofessional and unhelpful and I’ll never book them again.”

Pros: “I need a refund what do I do for a credit?”

Pros: “Flight was smooth”

Pros: “Excellent friendly service on both legs of journey. CC were easily the highlight. Meals in economy were mucccch better than in business class which is mind boggling. They’ve got to get this element right. My biz meals looked like it was just dumped on my plate pretty embarrassing. Onboard entertainment could also be improved ….”

Pros: “aircraft was clean and excellent condition, crew friendly”

Cons: “pre flight information unclear, changing gates and unorganized boarding could be improved.”

Pros: “aircraft was nice and well kept, and crew friendly.”

Cons: “too many announcements on PA (information could have been summarized and delivered in the beginning, so that those who prefer to sleep can).”

Cons: “My luggage was lost”

Cons: “I was suppose to stay on the flight in Hong Kong to continue to Ethiopia and they never made an announcement. I had a seat with a TV that did not work and it took over 30 mins for a flight attendant to respond.”

Pros: “The food. And the on board entertainment. Staff was also nice but a little bit sloppy and slow.”

Cons: “.”

Cons: “Lack of customer service. Due to the delay in Washington, we missed our connecting flight. Though the EA personnel knew of our delay and missed flight, we still had to wait in line at the counter for 3 hours in order for them to put us up in a hotel and make other arrangements. Though they had 15 hours to do this for us, they did not. They served some customers and did not serve others. There was no communication whatsoever, they just handed us papers without explaining what was happening.”

Cons: “I used kayak to book the flight and the website provided had the incorrect web address for checking in. When I went directly to the Ethiopian airline website they wouldn’t allow me to online check in. I called the agency and I couldn’t be connected to anyone. I missed the physical check in by 4 minutes and no one was at the counter to help me reschedule. Really disappointing.”

Cons: “The food is terrible.”

Pros: “After I bought the tickets then they cancelled three or of the fire legs and have me over night flights, who does that? There was no storm, no earthquake, why? I’ll never Vik with them again. And, weeks later I’m still trying to get my money back, over a thousand dollars lost to an unprofessional airline.”

Cons: “What did I like? Nothin!!!.”

Pros: “Nice staff, lits of attention in my aeat”

Cons: “Blocked toilet made cabin unpleasant and stuffy. I was uncomfortable because of smells in the plane. Shoukd have been fixed immediately. Not sure the Purser knownehat to do. Skywatch soes not work in center seats. Could not follow flight status.”

Cons: “Addis airport is a disaster, Really long queues and badly organised, Our flight left 20 minutes late and in turn made our landing 1 hour later. The flight attendants on Ethiopian air are very lazy, they dont respond to the service button been pushed, and their English is not that good,”

Cons: “Addis airport is a disaster, Really long queues and badly organised, Our flight left 20 minutes late and in turn made our landing 1 hour later. The flight attendants on Ethiopian air are very lazy, they dont respond to the service button been pushed, and their English is not that good,”

Waited Over 5 Hours for a 1 1/2 hour Flight. Manila AirPort is absolutely pathetic. This was after Cebu Pacific personnel tried to overcharge me for excess baggage.

Pros: “Fun crew, smooth flight.”

Pros: “The quiz and prizes given by the service crew onboard”

Pros: “The airline assigned the latest airplane to my flight. Its USB charging port was good.”

Cons: “I do not know why the cabin crew provided a meal on 3 pm than much later around 5 pm. The flight arrived to the destination on 7 pm. I thought I ordered a dinner.”

Cons: “Crew made robotic announcements, no spirit! No effort made to offer beverage, snacks, etc…they were the least interested group ive had on cebu pacific in a long time uuuuggh why bother?”

Cons: “We were delayed by 7 hours. The ground staff did their best. They gave some snacks which I’m sure Filipinos like but were not to my tastes. Sitting on a hard floor for 7 hours with nothing to eat before a 3.5 hour flight is not my idea of a good day!”

Pros: “Fast boarding”

Cons: “Plane wasn’t full so crew should have let us spread out”

Cons: “3 hr delay plus I got bumped off my return flight”

Pros: “Host clearly and ver friendly helped me.”

Cons: “Im sorry but seat was terrible. I was not comfortable even for a min. Thanks.”

Pros: “Smooth flight, friendly service.”

Cons: “We sat on the tarmac as take-off was delayed by 45 minutes.”

Cons: “There should be a non-applicable button, since there’s none….I should just pick one star.”

Pros: “On time, allowed very early check in up to 4 hours before flight time”

Pros: “Friendly and ready to help crew”

Cons: “No form entertainment whatsoever. Deleted for about 2 hours”

Pros: “Boarding was quick and flight was on time.”

Cons: “No in flight entertainment, but you get what you pay for.”

Pros: “At least no gate change or delay..shock shock”

Cons: “Checkin as usual was understaff and slow….agent refused to enter our getgo numbers or change our seat assgnment as had been done in the past. Refused to orint boarding pass because i had on my phone….i dislike this and want paper backup! Speaker system for gate announcements at term 3 is the worst! Boarding is always bad but now a new system to read tickets is worse than ever! My knees touch the seat in front it is so crammed…at least short one hour of discomfort.”

Pros: “nothing”

Cons: “customer service”

Pros: “The plane is modern and clean and crew is friendly. I thought the flight crew announcements were clean and helpful”

Cons: “Cebu always changes gates..what a fiasco. Its like a cattle herd everytime, they are so disorganized!! Then always late and they blame late arrival of aircraft and then blame the traffic at the airport..it gets so old!! Two hour delay today….really cebu must have the worst on time arrivals of any airline!!??? And what happen to boarding special needs first…the gate agents must be idiots they started taking everyone thru both lines…the wheel chair and elderly and children were rammed in with the shoving hoards because they processed both at the same time..it was a fiasco as usual. What happen to board by rows?? I realize late departure but this in no way helped speed ghe plane on its way…uuugggh”

Pros: “No thing at all”

Cons: “Seats very small food disgusting ,they don’t offer you any thing on board”

Pros: “%3C/h1%23XSS%3C/h1%2E”

Cons: “%3C/h1%23XSS%3C/h1%2E”

Pros: “Seats were comfortable. Lavatory was spacious. Airplane was clean.”

Cons: “I know that the ground crew can’t control passengers from lining up even if it’s not their turn yet but there should be enough space for families with small kids and senior citizens to go up to the front to board ahead.”

Pros: “On time departure and arrival. I got an upgraded seat by the exits doors for extra legroom. Flight Crew was polite.”

Cons: “If I had to be picking it must be exiting the plane according to the rows for back and front exiting the plane. Almost half of the back rows was still trying to exit in the front and not at the back exit. Overall great!”

Cons: “It was almost 3 hours delayed.”

Pros: “After dozens of flights finally left and arrived on time. Actually had a jetway at manila too! Was seated in premium seats row 2 …what a difference cimpared with the crapoy cramped rows in the back!”

Cons: “Boarding was a fiasco, no zones called. Wheelchairs and children were ignored and were treated no different. Flight sttendants never smiled and just were going thru the motions..very disappointing Cebu”

Cons: “No wifi, no food or drinks provided. Checkin was a very difficult process with employees giving us different answers on same topic. No display in terminal where to check in on an International Flight. Charged us to check one bag each and would not allow us to carry it on although the same bags were allowed as carry on from NGO-MNL Were told by one person we could checkin for our flight, told were we’re at wrong counter and international counter was not open yet. My checked bag was ripped open somewhere in the process of being transported!! I don’t think I will fly this carrier ever again!”

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Pros: “So delayed!”

Cons: “Delayed flight”

Cons: “What flight???? We cancelled it. My fiance booked me a ticket online using his card, Cebu Facific confirmed it but subjected of payment. for what if u already closed that payment ?? we understand that “FRAUD” thing but the thing is u SHOULDN’T CONFIRMED it and get back to us first. Now were having hard time getting money back for the booking that was cancelled.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Delayed 4 hours, waiting in an overcrowded space with no aircon (and it’s a tropical country). They kept on saying to wait for next announcement (but no screens, just a broken voice). Announcement were vague and couldn’t understand when the flight was supposed to depart.”

Cons: “Boarding was a chaotic scramble. Take off was an hour late waiting for runway space. Cheap and disorganised.”

Cons: “They told me that there is no cancellation for the flight although when I paid for the flight it was refundable.”

Cons: “Despite baggage being checked through from HK to Davao, Cebu offloaded luggage in Manila and failed to forward.”

Pros: “Crew was very pleasant”

Cons: “The seat was small and uncomfortable. Had to pay for food and coffee for a 4 hour international flight. Never again”

Cons: “Crew seemed unfriendly, many small delays . There, passengers were no allowed in galley area to use toilet, had to walk through aisle #1”

Pros: “機内でクイズを出題して乗客を楽しませようとするホスピタリティが感じられる”

Cons: “現在のところ毎日運行していない点”

Pros: “New ish planes”

Cons: “Reduced leg room”

Pros: “On time. Organized boarding. Roomy seats”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Flights On Time… Crew’s awesome”

Cons: “Foid is terrible”

Pros: “I wish I had something to like about it.”

Cons: “checkin was a nightmare. over an hour and a half to get bags checked and boarding passes. It seemed like every time there was an issue all the staff would stop what they were doing to see what the issue was. nearly missed my scheduled boarding time. Good thing our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. guess I can’t complain too much for a budget airline. Just sucks that bag checkin and delays took longer than our actual flight.”

Pros: “Thank you for the great services.”

Pros: “Nice comfortable seats, friendly staff.”

Cons: “Being nickeled and dimed at every conceivable opportunity. Dial back on the greedy profiteering. Complimentary in-flight (non-alcoholic) drinks would be nice.”

Pros: “Can’t think of anything I liked.”

Cons: “Unforeseen luggage charges that were way too expensive. Would not have flown the airline had I realized they charged for luggage on international flights. The charge was about $150, for the same luggage I brought with me for free on two prior international flights that were part of the same trip, on much better airlines for about the same ticket price. I could have tolerated a charge of $50, but I found $150 to be outrageous. Seats were narrow, legs hit the back of the seat in front. No need for such a configuration, since the flight was only 1/3 full. I won’t fly Cebu Pacific again. Congratulations, you lost my business.”

Cons: “The flight was 45 minutes late”

Pros: “Clean aircraft and friendly staff. I wasn’t expecting entertainment and didn’t order a meal hence the 1 star. No complaints about the flight and I’ve flown several times with them and always been satisfied.”

Cons: “Nothing.”

Pros: “They’re ok as long as you aren’t taking along extra baggage!”

Cons: “We had to wait an extra half hour for about half a dozen late passengers. Seems if they are that late the plane should have left.”

Pros: “everything”

Cons: “nothing”


Cons: “”xxxx’yyyy

Pros: “Clean plane nice space”

Cons: “Too much late ! Delay for 45 minutes”

Cons: “The flight was delayed 30 minutes”

Cons: “Flight was delayed.”

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$426 Philippine Airlines Flights: Manila (MNL) to Dubai (DXB)

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Frequently Asked Questions About flight from manila to dubai

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic flight from manila to dubai, then this section may help you solve it.

Is there a direct flight between Dubai and the Philippines?

Is it possible to take a direct flight from Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport to Dubai Airport? The trip takes about nine hours on average.

What is the flight time from PH to Dubai?

around 11:00

Is there a flight to Dubai right now?

Since flights between India and the UAE are now operating, Indians traveling to the UAE can now make reservations for seats. The UAE has opened up international travel from India.

How long does it take to get from Manila to Dubai?

Dubai to Philippines flights typically take 8 hours 36 minutes to complete.

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