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At LAX, does JetBlue have a mint lounge?

Despite having the highly regarded Mint business class, JetBlue Airways does not run any airport lounges.

Is JetBlue Mint a good value?

Conclusion: If you can get one of the four throne seats on the A321, the JetBlue Mint hard product is fantastic because you’ll effectively have the space of two business class passengers and much more privacy in your own personal space.

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What distinguishes JetBlue Mint from first class?

However, if you’re looking for seats specifically labeled ?first class,? you may have a hard time finding them; the airline calls its premium seats ?JetBlue Mint.” Depending on the flight, there are additional tiers of JetBlue Mint seats that are even fancier

Is JetBlue Mint a business class option?

How JetBlue “business class” works. Technically, JetBlue doesn’t offer a designated business class. Instead, you can go all out and purchase JetBlue Mint airfare, the airline’s premium travel experience and JetBlue’s version of first class

Which JetBlue Mint seat is the best?

THE OTHER TWO ROWS OF THE BUSINESS CLASS CABIN These seats, known as “throne seats,” are by far the best seats in the Mint cabin. They have their own sliding door, which turns the seat space into a suite and provides a level of privacy unmatched on a narrow-body aircraft.

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Are drinks complimentary at JetBlue Mint?

If you’re still hungry after 3.5 hours, select EatUp® boxes and fresh food from our EatUp® Café menu are available for purchase. All JetBlue flights include free, name-brand snacks + drinks2, including freshly brewed Dunkin’® coffee.

JetBlue Mint has a dress code, right?

JetBlue’s policy covers many of the same bases as other US carriers, and a lot of the obvious no-nos are present in their guide — no flip flops, revealing tops, etc. Mint Dress Code: No fully uniformed Crewmembers are permitted to be seated in Mint.

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