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Why was the Skyslide closed down?

While there are examples of observation decks and tourist attractions coexisting with workspace, in this particular case, he felt that it was having a too great of an adverse effect on the experience that we wanted to create and preserve for the companies that are here,

What does the LA Sky Slide cost?


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Flex Ticket Regular Price tickets
Adult 13+ $40.00 Buy
Child 3-12 yrs $30.00 Buy
Flex Ticket including Skyslide Regular Price
Adult 13+ $48.00 Buy

1 more row

Which Los Angeles building has a slide?

American Bank Tower

OUE Skyspace closed when?

Sadly, OUE Skyspace LA has announced that it will shut its doors permanently in 2022.

Why has Skyspace LA been shut down permanently?

Skyspace was closed before the pandemic and is not returning, according to Moss, in part because conversations with tenants revealed that they did not care for the former attraction. Neither the glass attraction nor high-altitude yoga classes apparently were enough to bring in the masses.

How tall is LA’s glass slide?

The deck is located on the 70th floor and offers unmatched views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. It also has a new glass slide that connects the 70th and 69th floors.

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Where is the largest slide in the world?

More videos on YouTubebr> br> The 1,111-meter (3,645-foot) Guinness World Record-setting slide is located at ESCAPE Penang in Malaysia’s rainforest.

How much does admission to OUE Skyspace cost?

The cost of admission to the Tower is USD 25, and the cost of the slide ride is USD 8.

Availability of James Turrell Skyspace

Please social distance and wear a mask when others are present. The Skyspace is open to the public. Reservations are not necessary.

Do you secure the glass slide?

CAUTION: Glass slides are delicate; secure them using the stage clips.

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