10 manila to tokyo Ideas

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ghts from Manila to Tokyo from $86 | (MNL – TYO) – KAYAK

Crew are very attentive to the need of my wife. She need wheelchair because her not to successfull hip replacement surgery . They make sure she had wheelchair waiting during transfer to other plane and on arrival to our destination.

Better tasting food

food is not delicious,no taste at all

Ticketing too slow processing,takes 1 hour 30 minutes waiting


Pros: “Food”

Cons: “Seats”

Pros: “The crew were friendly and attentive, the seats were somewhat comfortable being in economy.”

Cons: “For the price you pay it is what you get.”

Pros: “They were helpful”

Cons: “wifi didn’t work at all need refund”

Pros: “You are treated like homans and not like cattle as with US airlines”

Cons: “Cramped economy seats”

Pros: “The food was good and wine. Also, the EVA Air counter agents in Manila were very helpful and friendly.”

Cons: “Flight being delayed.”

Pros: “Taiwanese food Boarding orderly”

Cons: “The food taste not so good.”

Pros: “The 1st class treatment by the flight attendants. And the excellent meals served.”

Pros: “Despite the stormy weather, our flight wasn’t cancelled and the pilot and the crew were well prepared and got us to our destination safely.”

Pros: “Entertainment was very good”

Cons: “Delayed on departure and arrival”

Pros: “EVA is a very good airlines. I recommend them for traveling”

Cons: “Food was lousy not very good service seats were so uncomfortable can’t hardly move around”

Pros: “The flight attendants are very nice, polite and helpful unlike any American operated airline where flight attendants are a bunch of old snubs.”

Cons: “None”

Pros: “Crew r very helpful and accomodating”

Pros: “Food and service”

Cons: “Seats not very comfortable, not enough room for knees/legs”

Pros: “Comfort and service”

Cons: “None”

Cons: “Boarding- I booked my family flight 6 months ago and then a month before departure EVA changed our flight splitting my family up. I had to keep calling them to restore it back to original flight but was unsuccessful. This is the worst customer service and business model ever!!!!! I will have to get rid of my membership… Food- They ran out of the beef dinner I wanted so they served a substitute. It tasted awful!!!! The seafood dinner on the return trip home was also awful! They need to find a vendor that can cook western dishes well. Comfort- The seat for the economy doesn’t have enough leg room esp for a 16 hours flight. Crew- can be more friendly. No one is smiling or accommodating to a small request! They are very stingy in terms of offering extra water, ginger ale or juices.”

Cons: “The flight has too much turbulences.”

Pros: “I had a good seat”

Cons: “Stewardess at Zone 3 too noisy”

Pros: “Get crew, very friendly. Food is amazing and movies are latest”

Cons: “No complaints”

Pros: “everything was on schedule, the crew/staff are very accommodating.”

Cons: “not enough food choices and no entertainment system on each seats.”

Pros: “Usually high quality service and entertainment. Food also good.”

Cons: “We boarded 20-30 minutes late even though the plane was there. Not sure what they were doing. Then we sat on the runway for a solid 30-49 minutes. Apparently, this is standard coming out of Manila.”

Pros: “Friendly staff”

Cons: “None”

Pros: “I like everything nice servuce”

Cons: “Nobe”

Pros: “Good seating..Good boarding. Entertainment was so-so system doesnt work very well”

Cons: “Skip the food”

Cons: “crew were very good.”

Cons: “Hoped the crew were easier to understand.. Flying international makes them encounter different nationalities. Preferably it would be a requirement that they are most fluent in English.”

Pros: “Very nice friendly face.. Great service”

Cons: “Cant find anything wrong..”

Pros: “The breakfast was excellent!”

Cons: “I didn’t like the checking in and out of the loading area to use the restroom and get coffee etc…”

Pros: “evrything was great, the food, the crews, the plane was soooo good. I mean erything was really great”

Cons: “It is not good service because they didn’t have fast the declaration later”

Pros: “Chinese language was excellent, English speaking person on flight intercom could use a little bit more improvement.”

Cons: “Delayed plane arrival. Cabin pressure can get some getting used to, I’ve used other airlines and they seem to have better cabin pressure changes resulting in less ear pressure discomfort. Landing was a bit rough.”

Pros: “It was a nice flight … love it”

Cons: “Second meal on board was served after 12 hrs. My kids & I were starving. They just kept giving water in between the 12 hr.”

Cons: “Not much movies to watch”

Pros: “Lots of room. Good people Best airline”

Pros: “The service was good. Entertainment was good updated movie list. Food was ok.”

Cons: “Would have liked to have been offered more drink choices”

Pros: “The crew was very accommodating”

Cons: “The food was not good”

Pros: “I missed the flight , the Manilla crew worked wonders the service was/is excellent.. will never go on another airline!! Told every one how great,, your staff is can not believe service like this exists !!”

Cons: “15 hours in a cold cattle cabin , the seats hurt after sitting sitting sitting for 15 hours my knees are killing me…. killing me. the plane is huge , smooth, stewardess are great, the 15 hours are torture -the master torturers love the long long flight times -15 hours to NYC from Taipei — I am guessing a 747 uses a lot more fuel,, but has a recreation deck usually ,, we can walk around ,,, would gladly pay –MORE!! Some engine manufacrturer will get efficiency from those 4 engines, let the plane (747) run on 2 engines once airborne . just hoping as it is –the seats are c lose together , 15 hours in hell is not good 4 the body.. pls get or find a way- love your staff — EVA is a great great airline!!”

Pros: “Best air travel ever took .flew on 777 food was good service was excellent comfortable acomodating .i rated 5 stars overall said 1 star I tried to give 5 stars typo 5 stars EVA 777 best experience ever”

Pros: “Great crew”

Cons: “N/A”

Cons: “Better attitude of head attendant. Need to improve food. Not attentive.”

Pros: “Same thing they serve pork and no other substitute. The crew members are not so nice especially the one serving the food, some are rude to answer when I asked for something.”

Cons: “Serve chicken or beef and not only pork for not all will eat pork.3 of us was not able to eat. Thats was not acceptable.”

Pros: “The crew is not so amazing and the food is not so good.They only serve pork and sea food..i don’t eat those food for my religion and i asked for another food anything as long as i had something for im starving, for they never had another food to give? You mean i cannot have food while boarding the plane? Im starving and they don’t gibe us any food to eat even if i asked them if theres anything . And that is a total not agreeable we are 3 people riding the plane myself and my kids and we did not have anything to eat. The crew is rude when I asked something instead of looking for another food is theres any. I paid for my flight including the food and i was not able to eat.”

Cons: “Crew serving food should be nice and make sure that all passengers have food to eat especially if one, two or three or more doesn’t eat pork and shrimp..if only i could i could transfer plane at that moment i will do it. Hope they will not feel the way i feel i was starving the whole flight..”

Pros: “The seat was not super comfortable but the crew was really lovely and so helpful!”

Cons: “More padding on the seat would have been nice”

Cons: “Finest Airline and service I have encountered and I am almost 2 million miles!”

Pros: “Well fed and provided beverages on trip. Food not gourmet—-but what do you expect? Crew was pleasant and helpful.”

Cons: “Sure could use a little more leg room. I am 6’2″–so know I am taller than the average bear, but I think even a 5″8″ man or woman finds the legroom a little tight—especially on a 15hr flight. On a 3 to 5 hour flight–OK. The legroom was durable–but you asked waht could be better and that point sticks out in my mind.”

Cons: “Sitting place too small”

Pros: “Cathay Pacific and crews were really good.”

Cons: “I suggest no seating reservation online.”

Pros: “Yes Crew were indeed amazing!”

Pros: “Crew and the food”

Cons: “Seating was tight for me a big guy”

Cons: “The crew should be friendlier while they deliver their service.”

Cons: “2:40 flight delay – terrible food and very limited choice on the entetainment system – a terrible airline”

Pros: “Efficient, courteous and early arrival”

Pros: “was upgraded to a very comfortable flat bed seat been a very long while a cx flight was on time”

Cons: “food quality and entertainment system choices are poor – flight attendants constantly on the pa for meaningless messages that given in languages”

Pros: “Crew was helpful but 1 crew forgot my dinner drink which was a hot tea drink.”

Cons: “Maybe write down who ordered drinks while serving dinner tray.. if there were turbulence the crew can go back to that list then setve it when seat belt sign is off.”

Cons: “flight delayed as always”

Cons: “flight delayed as usual”

Cons: “flight delayed as always”

Cons: “1h30 delayed as usual”

Cons: “90 minutes delayed”

Pros: “Food choices were great”

Cons: “flight was super bumpy but not the pilot’s fault”

Pros: “Awesome everything from the food to there people was first-rate.”

Pros: “SMS Informing new schedule of the flight”

Cons: “Please change the food”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Too cramped not enough space staff are not friendly will not fly Cathay again”

Cons: “Original itinerary was not followed. Plane from manila to hongkong left late and was transferred to a different flight for hongkong to Auckland .Seats not even together. Was put on 2 lay overs instead of just 1 (hongkong to Aussie then Aussie to Auckland. With no compensation at all. Sorry is not enough.”

Pros: “I always flew Cathy …… since then …..the snack are always noodle and no other alternative …….”

Cons: “may be some bread …. cookies ……. chips …… and fruit”

Pros: “Cathay is usually a solid airline to fly with. It’s comfortable even in economy and the staff is pleasant and usually efficient.”

Cons: “The delayed boarding process and the bottleneck once people were boarding didn’t allow for the flight to depart on time.”

Pros: “Had a nice meal, 2 hours 20 min flight. very nice”

Pros: “Very efficient service and prompt arrivals unlike United Airlines.aircraft was modern and equipment was generally well maintained.”

Cons: “What other snack options available other than Ramen Noodles. Maybe a low carb option is needed. There are some noodles made from soy products and these will be low carbohydrate. Seats in economy are ok for short people. All airlines should designate an infant seating area close to toilets. This way all infants will be restricted to these seats and the noise pollution in the aircraft is restricted to a small section of the ship.these seats can be specially configured to either seat a no rmal adult or a fast attachments for a baby carrier.”

Cons: “None in particular”

Cons: “Poor inflight service”

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Pros: “Print customer service and polite staff”

Cons: “Limited wheelchair availability”

Pros: “Food is ok.”

Cons: “Washrooms are small and dirty.”

Cons: “The rush at lay over to get to the next plane. No time even for just a cigarette, before the long flight to NYC.”

Pros: “The cabin crew was nice, courteous, and professional. The cookie and juice were good. The variety of music was nice.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed an hour. Airport crew leaves a lot to be desired. The passenger next to me took up too much space- no fault of the airline tho. The soy chicken was salty.”

Pros: “The crew’s attention to passengers request in The Economy class”

Cons: “Nothing for what I paid”

Pros: “Friendly crew and pilot. Smooth take off and landing.”

Pros: “Staff very courteous and helpful Food was average”

Cons: “Nothing”

Cons: “Delayed departure Last minute gate change Very very late baggage arrival”

Pros: “food was awesome. the seats were pretty comfortable. the in-flight crew were always so helpful and smiling. there was quite a collection of movies to choose from which is nice.”

Cons: “The ground staff at the departure lounge were most of the time chatting or walking in circles and chatting. Also they were not as organized nor as accomodating than expected. Kinda shows a lesser level of professionalism than the crew in other countries.”

Pros: “Spaciousness of the plane Flight Crew Cleanliness of the plane Inflight entertainment”

Cons: “Food Luggage space of cabin not enough Promptness of plane ,our plane was late Manila airport terminal 3 no air-conditioning while waiting Boarding was disorganized last seat should board first no announcement from crew and no implementation of plan. Need constant communication from staff for better boarding experience.”

Cons: “Flight was scheduled to leave 8:30 AM and we ended leaving 12:45 PM!!!”

Pros: “Ana toyko has 3meals cathay has 2 almpst 16 hours and long fliggt ana has better spacing and bring snacks to you you dont have ask. And i couldnt choose seats till check in ana i coul f”

Cons: “I was seated at the last seats and by the time it was my turn to choose from the menu, there was none left but just one option for me. Hope Cathay pacific will add extra food selections to accommodate passengers in the last seats.”

Cons: “Food was awful flight and cr”

Pros: “Boarding was fast seats are comfortable”

Cons: “The food was very minimal”

Cons: “Not charging $45 for carry-ons over 7kg”

Pros: “Not much”

Cons: “Completely disorganized, inconsistent and policies oddly enforced. My carryon which was ok to bring to Tokyo was flagged saying it was too large. Carryons total weight limitation was 7kg including everything you are carrying which was enforced arbitrary. Little common sense used.”

Cons: “Be more compassionate to your passenger specially when connecting flight lost their luggage”

Pros: “Staff kind and courteous”

Pros: “Feel asleep immediately and woke up upon arrival. Efficient and smooth journey.”

Cons: “Typhoons close to flight path”

Cons: “The flight was over an hour delayed so I feared I might miss my connecting flight. I had to purchase another ticket, on another airline, which was running on schedule, in order to avoid missing my other flight. This cost me $270 more money on top of the $100+ I paid for this flight. Very disappointed and will not fly Jet Star again.”

Cons: “I am 6’5″ tall so the seating can be very cramped.”

Pros: “Everything was great nothing to complain about.”

Pros: “Not much”

Cons: “Expensive bag fees with unclear policy page. Employees were unhappy and unable to help.”

Pros: “everything is ok for me except carry on baggage limited 7kg for economy class. it must be 10kg”

Cons: “baggage limited 7kg for economy class.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Last time I take this airline both trips were horrible I had to pay 150 for a bag that was 22 kg be $55”

Pros: “Crew was friendly.”

Pros: “Options to choose specific seats (seat no., seat with extra leg room, etc), add inflight meals, add check-in baggage (per weight)”

Cons: “Online check-in not available”

Pros: “On time and organized.”

Cons: “Felt like a group of cattle being hauled to market. The plane had an appropriate name…. Airbus!”

Pros: “the stewardes are nice and accomodating .”

Cons: “searching of hand carried bags before boarding the plane. hand carried bags was search doubled already before entering the gates :: 1. tv scan boarding the airlines and 2. before entering to immigrstions .. why???”

Pros: “It got my wife and I from point A to B.”

Cons: “Well to start with. All Jetstar flights were delayed,leaving Tokyo, for 24 hours and no compensation was given. After rescheduling our other flights and hotel reservations and car rental we show up the next day at the check in counter. Surprise! 300 extra dollars just for 2 checked bags and only one way, meaning we have to pay it again on the way back. Our flight was 7 hours long to Australia and not even a glass of water or crackers or anything was given out except for the people who had prepaid for meals. You want to watch a movie, that will be another 8$ each. I could have watched them at a theatre for less than that 2 months prior. Overall jetstar sucked in my eyes and I won’t be flying with them again. They put the lowest price online to sucker you in not saying anything about baggage or food fees. Then they hit you with them at the counter.”

Pros: “Cheap”

Cons: “Cramped”

Pros: “Nothing, except we survived the flight.”

Cons: “Everything, except the Crew.”

Cons: “It was very comfortable seating, spacious and crew was very polite. I was pleasantly surprised. Meal was tasty.”

Pros: “Clean plane, on time arrival, efficient staff Baggage delivered quickly. Check in very efficient.”

Cons: “Everything is a la carte. They charge a fortune for baggage.over 20kg and are sticklers for 7 kg limit on carryons. Water is $2.50. The only thing that didn’t cost was the restroom.”

Pros: “The crew are truly nice.”

Cons: “This is a very rigid airline. Rules rules and more rules. Food selection is horrible. Hot drinks are nasty.”

Pros: “Efficient and quick”

Cons: “The air-conditioning was warm; like they were scrimping on electricity or something.”

Pros: “Staff was friendly.”

Cons: “Very cramped (I’m only 6ft). No free beverage and they are spending more time on trying to sell their logo merchandise than make the experience better.”

Pros: “This trip was definitely better than the last one”

Cons: “Didn’t really know where the jetstar counter was”

Pros: “The crew was nice an attentive”

Cons: “The food specialty the bread was old, hard and cold. It definitely needs improvements”

Pros: “Very cheap price for a non-stop round-trip flight.”

Cons: “Delayed for 2 hours without any clear announcement.”

Pros: “Eff”

Cons: “Pregnancy, comfort, timeliness”

Cons: “What a surprise to learn 40 minutes before boarding that my ticket did not include luggage!! $155 dollars later I was allowed to leave”

Pros: “Just average”

Cons: “Service was bad Was skipped while they offered drinks and never cam back thru Never even offered water on 5 1/2 hour flight”

Pros: “I have flown before with many budget flights in Europe, and this was nothing like that. The plane was on time, the boarding was smooth, the plane wasn’t late at all, even while other flights around it, to the same destination, were getting delayed.”

Cons: “This is not really a negative, but just keep in mind what it means to fly with a budget airline, nothing and I mean nothing is included, so as long as you are clear with that, this flight was as smooth as it can possibly be.”

Cons: “The seats were extremely uncomfortable. No beverages offered on a four hour flight.”

Pros: “On time no delays”

Cons: “Comfort in seats”

Pros: “Service was good, plane clean, boarded and departed on time.”

Cons: “Woke everyone up at 2am Tokyo time (4am sydney time) for breakfast – 3 hours before arrival in sydney. Leave it until later, or ask people up front whether they want to be woken and keep the lights dimmed like other airlines.”

Pros: “Great flight and wonderful customer service!”

Pros: “As with seemingly everything in Japan, flight and boarding was timely.”

Cons: “Had a moderate amount of turbulence, and very little communication from the pilots about what to expect. In fact, they were diving down through the clouds, I’m assuming to get to a better altitude beneath the turbulence, but the sensation was alarming as the plane was already getting knocked around pretty well. Pilots can’t help the turbulence but you can at least give a heads up to your passengers. I wrote a lot of words about that, but my real complaint is that the seats are terribly uncomfortable and we weren’t offered any snacks or anything at all during our flight. This was like the Spirit airlines of Japan, which to be fair, is still a lot better than Spirit Airlines”

Pros: “cabin crew hairstyle”

Cons: “being LATE caused immense problems since transport stops f running from narita into tokyo!!”

Pros: “Cost and scheduled flight times”

Cons: “Flight was delayed, the plane was hot all the way, carry on policy seemed to be randomly enforced”

Pros: “The crew was gracious and very nice.”

Cons: “Overly obsessive baggage limitations, and zero musical instrument policy. Zero leg room on flights. They do the bare minimum, so I give the minimum rating.”

Pros: “overall solid but very basic – read others for details”

Cons: “carry on bag weight limit is low”

Pros: “Price was relatively good”

Cons: “Plane was packed with tourists from mainland China who were sitting wherever they liked (reserved seating system, not seat yourself), standing up and moving around during takeoff, landing, whenever they wanted. The stewardesses tried to keep things under control but at one point a bottle of some liquid in an overhead compartment burst or leaked causing a minor riot amongst the other tourists. I’ve flown a lot but this was one of the most ridiculous flights ever. The flight was also delayed, and plane/deplane was via bus because it’s cheaper than having a jetway/gate permissions. Next time i will pay a bit more for ANA or JAL to avoid this kind of experience. Sorry Jetstar.”

Pros: “The price was alright, flight was on time and the staff was friendly enough.”

Cons: “The fees and charges they try to push on you are a little ridiculous. Charging 26,000 yen for a checked in bag and trying to charge for every little amenity just seems petty. The baggage allowance changes based on flight. On my departing flight I was told that it was a JAL flight so I had a baggage allowance of 10 kilo but my return flight was different and was only 7. They really cant justify this policy as it changes based on flight.”

Pros: “Very greedy airline! They placed scale at the boarding gate, and if one has all carry on including lady’s hand bags or laptop combines over 7 kg. I had mine just 7.5 kg and was milked $30 extra charge. This is my first horrible experience with Jet-Air. I will never..fly Jet Air again!”

Cons: “The flight was delayed due to the staff tried to check all passenger ‘s carry on, to earn extra revenues without concern the fight schedule.”

Cons: “Military orders changed, the flight was non-refundable.”

Pros: “Great crew. Very efficient”

Cons: “No food or drink service. Crew had difficulty announcing boarding process in English.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Different stories from staff. They do not try to listen, they just do what they want. Very disrespectful staff, especially in Fukuoka. Worst flight experience of my life”

Pros: “Ground woman impolite.”

Pros: “Very pleased with the courtesy and assistance of the reception personnel plus the on-time schedule. Looking forward to flying with Jetstar again.”

Cons: “Nothing. No recommendations for improvement. Great experience.”

Pros: “The staff and check in progress was nice and easy.”

Cons: “I couldn’t expect much from a domestic, 1:30 flight.”

Cons: “Rude air hostess. Will not give even 1 empty plastic glass free. Even no free water”

Pros: “Economy Premium seat, service and food/drinks”

Waited Over 5 Hours for a 1 1/2 hour Flight. Manila AirPort is absolutely pathetic. This was after Cebu Pacific personnel tried to overcharge me for excess baggage.

Pros: “Fun crew, smooth flight.”

Pros: “The quiz and prizes given by the service crew onboard”

Pros: “The airline assigned the latest airplane to my flight. Its USB charging port was good.”

Cons: “I do not know why the cabin crew provided a meal on 3 pm than much later around 5 pm. The flight arrived to the destination on 7 pm. I thought I ordered a dinner.”

Cons: “Crew made robotic announcements, no spirit! No effort made to offer beverage, snacks, etc…they were the least interested group ive had on cebu pacific in a long time uuuuggh why bother?”

Cons: “We were delayed by 7 hours. The ground staff did their best. They gave some snacks which I’m sure Filipinos like but were not to my tastes. Sitting on a hard floor for 7 hours with nothing to eat before a 3.5 hour flight is not my idea of a good day!”

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Pros: “Fast boarding”

Cons: “Plane wasn’t full so crew should have let us spread out”

Pros: “Since I checked In early, they let me in on an earlier flight. Thanks!”

Pros: “Host clearly and ver friendly helped me.”

Cons: “Im sorry but seat was terrible. I was not comfortable even for a min. Thanks.”

Cons: “Boarded early – then sat on runway in queue almost 1/2 hour – fault of Manila airport which has more traffic than it can handle, not of Cebu”

Pros: “Smooth flight, friendly service.”

Cons: “We sat on the tarmac as take-off was delayed by 45 minutes.”

Cons: “There should be a non-applicable button, since there’s none….I should just pick one star.”

Pros: “On time, allowed very early check in up to 4 hours before flight time”

Pros: “At least no gate change or delay..shock shock”

Cons: “Checkin as usual was understaff and slow….agent refused to enter our getgo numbers or change our seat assgnment as had been done in the past. Refused to orint boarding pass because i had on my phone….i dislike this and want paper backup! Speaker system for gate announcements at term 3 is the worst! Boarding is always bad but now a new system to read tickets is worse than ever! My knees touch the seat in front it is so crammed…at least short one hour of discomfort.”

Pros: “nothing”

Cons: “customer service”

Pros: “The plane is modern and clean and crew is friendly. I thought the flight crew announcements were clean and helpful”

Cons: “Cebu always changes gates..what a fiasco. Its like a cattle herd everytime, they are so disorganized!! Then always late and they blame late arrival of aircraft and then blame the traffic at the airport..it gets so old!! Two hour delay today….really cebu must have the worst on time arrivals of any airline!!??? And what happen to boarding special needs first…the gate agents must be idiots they started taking everyone thru both lines…the wheel chair and elderly and children were rammed in with the shoving hoards because they processed both at the same time..it was a fiasco as usual. What happen to board by rows?? I realize late departure but this in no way helped speed ghe plane on its way…uuugggh”

Pros: “No thing at all”

Cons: “Seats very small food disgusting ,they don’t offer you any thing on board”

Pros: “%3C/h1%23XSS%3C/h1%2E”

Cons: “%3C/h1%23XSS%3C/h1%2E”

Pros: “On time departure and arrival. I got an upgraded seat by the exits doors for extra legroom. Flight Crew was polite.”

Cons: “If I had to be picking it must be exiting the plane according to the rows for back and front exiting the plane. Almost half of the back rows was still trying to exit in the front and not at the back exit. Overall great!”

Cons: “It was almost 3 hours delayed.”

Pros: “After dozens of flights finally left and arrived on time. Actually had a jetway at manila too! Was seated in premium seats row 2 …what a difference cimpared with the crapoy cramped rows in the back!”

Cons: “Boarding was a fiasco, no zones called. Wheelchairs and children were ignored and were treated no different. Flight sttendants never smiled and just were going thru the motions..very disappointing Cebu”

Cons: “No wifi, no food or drinks provided. Checkin was a very difficult process with employees giving us different answers on same topic. No display in terminal where to check in on an International Flight. Charged us to check one bag each and would not allow us to carry it on although the same bags were allowed as carry on from NGO-MNL Were told by one person we could checkin for our flight, told were we’re at wrong counter and international counter was not open yet. My checked bag was ripped open somewhere in the process of being transported!! I don’t think I will fly this carrier ever again!”

Pros: “So delayed!”

Cons: “Delayed flight”

Cons: “What flight???? We cancelled it. My fiance booked me a ticket online using his card, Cebu Facific confirmed it but subjected of payment. for what if u already closed that payment ?? we understand that “FRAUD” thing but the thing is u SHOULDN’T CONFIRMED it and get back to us first. Now were having hard time getting money back for the booking that was cancelled.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Delayed 4 hours, waiting in an overcrowded space with no aircon (and it’s a tropical country). They kept on saying to wait for next announcement (but no screens, just a broken voice). Announcement were vague and couldn’t understand when the flight was supposed to depart.”

Cons: “Boarding was a chaotic scramble. Take off was an hour late waiting for runway space. Cheap and disorganised.”

Cons: “They told me that there is no cancellation for the flight although when I paid for the flight it was refundable.”

Cons: “Despite baggage being checked through from HK to Davao, Cebu offloaded luggage in Manila and failed to forward.”

Pros: “Crew was very pleasant”

Cons: “The seat was small and uncomfortable. Had to pay for food and coffee for a 4 hour international flight. Never again”

Cons: “Crew seemed unfriendly, many small delays . There, passengers were no allowed in galley area to use toilet, had to walk through aisle #1”

Pros: “機内でクイズを出題して乗客を楽しませようとするホスピタリティが感じられる”

Cons: “現在のところ毎日運行していない点”

Pros: “New ish planes”

Cons: “Reduced leg room”

Pros: “On time. Organized boarding. Roomy seats”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Flights On Time… Crew’s awesome”

Cons: “Foid is terrible”

Pros: “I wish I had something to like about it.”

Cons: “checkin was a nightmare. over an hour and a half to get bags checked and boarding passes. It seemed like every time there was an issue all the staff would stop what they were doing to see what the issue was. nearly missed my scheduled boarding time. Good thing our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours. guess I can’t complain too much for a budget airline. Just sucks that bag checkin and delays took longer than our actual flight.”

Pros: “Thank you for the great services.”

Pros: “Nice comfortable seats, friendly staff.”

Cons: “Being nickeled and dimed at every conceivable opportunity. Dial back on the greedy profiteering. Complimentary in-flight (non-alcoholic) drinks would be nice.”

Pros: “Can’t think of anything I liked.”

Cons: “Unforeseen luggage charges that were way too expensive. Would not have flown the airline had I realized they charged for luggage on international flights. The charge was about $150, for the same luggage I brought with me for free on two prior international flights that were part of the same trip, on much better airlines for about the same ticket price. I could have tolerated a charge of $50, but I found $150 to be outrageous. Seats were narrow, legs hit the back of the seat in front. No need for such a configuration, since the flight was only 1/3 full. I won’t fly Cebu Pacific again. Congratulations, you lost my business.”

Cons: “The flight was 45 minutes late”

Pros: “Clean aircraft and friendly staff. I wasn’t expecting entertainment and didn’t order a meal hence the 1 star. No complaints about the flight and I’ve flown several times with them and always been satisfied.”

Cons: “Nothing.”

Pros: “everything”

Cons: “nothing”


Cons: “”xxxx’yyyy

Pros: “Clean plane nice space”

Cons: “Too much late ! Delay for 45 minutes”

Cons: “The flight was delayed 30 minutes”

Cons: “Flight was delayed.”

Pros: “Cheap”

Cons: “Longest lines in teh world at check in. Get your act together CEbu. No in flight entertainment.”


Pros: “On time and efficient”

Cons: “Chair…”

Pros: “Professional flight attendants, very good and efficient check-in, food on-Board was acceptable.”

Cons: “Narrow seats, cramped, flight time change, gate changes, crazy and inefficient terminal in KL with long walks.”

Cons: “Delayed 30min The Manila Domestic terminal is really bas”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Everything. A disaster of communication, service and staff instructed to lie about consumer rights so that passengers are discouraged from asking for compensation”

Pros: “Friendly”

Cons: “I did not like how slow they were at Manila airport. It was a shame how long they took with each person.”

Pros: “Fast boarding”

Cons: “Significant delays.”

Cons: “Four hour delay, stuck on board the plane with nothing to drink.”

Pros: “Flew on time , cabin crew charming . Flight just 1 hour so no time for food or entertainment. Arrived on time .”

Cons: “Nothing to criticise”

Pros: “Not much”

Cons: “We were delayed for 2 hours and we were not offered anything while waiting. Staff were not very helpful”

Cons: “2 hours delay, changed gate twice”

Pros: “”xxx’yyy

Cons: “”xxx’yyy

Pros: “Flight time Cost”

Cons: “They don’t fly from Clark to KL Seat pitch excruciating for most average height people Particularly on a four hour flight Everything is penny pinched Crew are verging on brusque Some very loud music on boarding with some American rap music, hardly appropriate on a south east Asia airline”

Pros: “Cabin is well air conditioned.”

Cons: “No notice of slight flight delayed. Comfort rooms are not clean and some have no running water.”

Cons: “The crew hate their jobs.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed due to no fault of Air Asia, however, the passengers were not being informed of said delays, that many passengers started to flock to the boarding gate thinking the flight is about to board. Resulting to people standing around, due to lack of seats in the boarding area and making people who were probably happily seated at the other parts of the airport lose their seats as they anticipated boarding. I found out about the delay through my Kayak App and it took a long while before Air Asia made announcements. The flight was delayed about 3 hours.”

Pros: “No hassle checking in”

Cons: “The seat was a little unc”

Cons: “We had fallen asleep right before food service, and were not even attempted to be served lunch,, I woke up soon after to see everyone else eating, yet the attendents were of course busy, and simply passed us, In us carriers, the attendent would pay attention and ask us a few minutes later if we wanted food. This could have been improved, as I didnt feel comfortable asking, there were 2 of us, not just one so we went hungry”

Pros: “teatment”

Cons: “lack facilities….etc”

Cons: “The boarding was always late”

Cons: “Plane is always late.”

Pros: “I was with my girl”

Cons: “Flight delayed,then when we boarded the plane,we waited to lift off for 1 hour and 15 minutes.Other than that everything else was convenient.”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Delays, seats are poor, unclean. Leg room is too little.very bad customer service”

Pros: “The people are so nice!”

Cons: “The flights were often hours late.”

Cons: “A new low in tight packing. Tray was too close to go down”

Pros: “Made a reservation at a time because we were flying in from elsewhere. They moved our flight time up 2 hours, canceled all the later ones,and they were 30 minutes away from where we landed 1 1/2 hours before. We called and got no help. Had to pay $25 for a ripoff taxi to get us there on time. Then they were 40 minutes late anyway. No complimentary anything, no water nothing just buy buy buy.”

Cons: “There was horrible warm cabin air during pre-flight takeoff. We felt nauseous because of it. On our flight back AirAsia was late for 2 hours. Horrible airline.”

Pros: “Not Much”

Cons: “Old plane that was delayed at every possible point in the process.”

Cons: “We arrived 2 hours before our flight, only to be told that there was a delay of 2 hours, then before our flight delay time another 2 hours was added, and a further 2 hours. We were supposed to land in Kalibo at 6.40pm, and didn’t arrive until 1.15am!! The even more annoying thing is that i paid double the cost of the evening flight to arrive at our original time, I should have just taken the ferry at least then we could have enjoyed the near 12hour journey it took us to travel less than hour hour in the plane!! Poor piece of food whilst waiting 9 hours also!!”

Pros: “There was not much I liked about this flight. However was was rather inexpensive to pay for baggage prior to getting to the airport.”

Cons: “I hate the fact that food, including water, was only available for purchase. It was a very tight squeeze sitting on this plane. My seat didn’t hardly recline.”

Cons: “our flight is 2x delayed.”

Pros: “Return KLO-MNL was overly delayed. No meal included.”

Pros: “Old plane and seats in Row 14 were broken and angled down so you practically slid off the seat! Flight crew all knew about it and said nobody has fixed it yet for a while!”

Pros: “Getting to my Destination”

Cons: “Flight was delayed 4 hours they said due to congestion, however at least 4 other flights left before us going to Hong Kong that were not delayed. The staff at the counter lined everyone up to board only to hand out free water and cake send us back to our seats. The plane wasn’t even there yet. Everyone was very confused and upset. After finally boarding the plane it was dirty. Tray table wad really sticky and there was a used cup in my seat I had to remove before sitting. Also my seat did not recline so I was very uncomfortable with small amount of leg room. The flight was supposed to land in Hong Kong at 7:15 by the time we got to hotel it was 1:30am. It’s a shame I had to pay for the whole night at the Hotel.”

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Pros: “LOW fares”

Cons: “Hey I know its the Philippines, I’ve been here many times, but ALL of the Air Asia flights were delayed, ours 2 hours…we flew Air Asia to Kalibo last week, delayed 4 hours. But Cebu Pacific flights were all delayed too. Just prepare for long waits at waiting area. Ferry boats are often cancelled or delayed too, its just the way it is here in the PI.”

Pros: “The bad started at the ticket counter where I received a $135 baggage fee. There website is specifically constructed to hide baggage allowances. The flight was approximately two hours later commuting due to “late turns on previous sectors.” Updates were not provided so you had to sit for hours in the gate listening to constant gate calls for other flights. There is essentially no restaurants on the concourse. Inflight meals were all pay as you go. I was not asked if I wanted a meek, I guess because I wasn’t Filipino. Filipinos around me were offered meals. Never again!”

Pros: “Yes”

Cons: “Deleted flight”

Cons: “Seats are too cramped and close together.”

Pros: “everything was good”

Cons: “nothing”

Cons: “flight was delayed by 2 hours”

Cons: “I was trying to rebook not luck. Lost my $400 no refund.”

Cons: “Both flights delayed!”

Cons: “We flew 1hr and 45 mins delayed.”

Pros: “Nice, efficient crew, comfortable seat”

Cons: “The flight was delayed about 5 hours from the original time, a lot of confusion in the boarding room, and only gave out a box of fried chicken for the meal, and I m a vegetarian. would have even eaten a bag of peanuts….”

Pros: “The staff were amazingly nice and professional. The flight wasn’t full, so I had an entire row to myself. They even gave me exit row, so I had extra room.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed 3 hours. We boarded late, but even once we boarded we waited even longer before taking off. Food was only for pay (even with the delay). No entertainment in the headrest.”

Pros: “Air Asia said, my ticket was refunded back to my account, I called my card company and talked to the air Asia crew teller at the airport’s counter at the same time. My card said, my purchased went through successfully but air Asia at Manila airport didn’t understand that! My parents went home straight front the airport frustrated!! So I had to purchased another plane tickets with anothe airline, and now they’re enjoying Macau and Hong Kong!! I will not give you my business ever again and my whole family. 🙁 P.s I even got a flight reminder email on 1/22/16 and their flight with you was supposedly yesterday 1/28/16. -not a happy customer-“

Cons: “Frustrating sitting on the aircraft waiting for clearance. Really? Heavy traffic in Kalibo? No weather issues.”

Pros: “Attentive and approachable”

Cons: “Just the departure too delayed”

Cons: “Rescheduling flights, then rescheduled flight is late departing. Poor staff. Very poor web design.”

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$387 Philippine Airlines Flights: Manila (MNL) to Tokyo (NRT)

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Frequently Asked Questions About manila to tokyo

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic manila to tokyo, then this section may help you solve it.

How long does it take to get from Manila to Japan?

nearly 4 hours

What month is the least expensive to visit Tokyo?

Watch out for other peak times around only-in-Japan holidays, such as the holiday seasons called Golden Week and Obon (April 29 to May 5 and around mid-August, respectively). Traveling during the off-season (late autumn through March, except for the New Year’s holiday season) can save you a ton.

How much does it cost to get from the Philippines to Japan?

Users on Cheapflights have found tickets from Philippines to Japan from?29,124 1-2 weeks out and tickets from?31,339 for flights departing within the next 72 hours. The price may fluctuate and will likely increase closer to your departure date.

How long is the flight from the Philippines to Japan?

The average flight time between the Philippines and Japan is b>4 hours 14 minutes/b>.

Is Japan tolerant toward the Philippines?

Since the normalization of diplomatic ties between the two nations in 1956, according to Bolivar, “ties between the Philippines and Japan have gone from strength to strength.”

Does Japan permit visitors from the Philippines?

As of this writing, Japan is welcoming to Filipino tourists from countries on the “blue list,” including the Philippines, as long as they booked a GUIDED GROUP TOUR with AN ACCREDITED TRAVEL AGENCY. Determine what kind of visa you need.

Is a visa required to enter Japan?

Tourists with U.S. passports will no longer require visas for short-term visits (up to three months) after that date.

Is seven days in Tokyo excessive?

In Tokyo, you can accomplish a lot in 7 days: you can see most of the major attractions, possibly even off-the-beaten-path locations (I’ll explain how to find them later in this article), engage in tourist activities, learn about the local culture, and more.

Is a Filipino’s visa to Japan free?

Unfortunately, the Philippines is not one of the 68 nations that do not require a visa to enter Japan, so Filipino passport holders must obtain a tourist visa in order to enter the country.

Is Japan now welcoming Filipino visitors in 2022?

Applications for all types of visas, including Temporary Visitor visas for solo travel, friend visits, and multiple entries, are accepted by the embassy.

How long can Filipinos travel to Japan?

A1: You must enter Japan within three months of receiving a single-entry visa; if you wish to delay your trip for longer than three months, you must apply for a new visa. A single-entry visa’s validity period is basically three months and it becomes invalid as soon as you enter Japan.

Can Filipinos now travel to Japan?

In response, the number of daily entries will rise from 3,500 to 5,000, and visitors from nations like Australia, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the United States won’t need to isolate once they arrive as long as their test results are negative; in contrast, participants from nations like Denmark, France, Germany,…

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