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Megabus Review | Traveling by Bus to New York City
om is rated “Poor” with 2.5 / 5 on Trustpilot












Awful service. My daughter had to stand in the cold…

My daughter had to stand in the cold for 3 hours waiting for a Megabus from Reading to Manchester. Their communications were inaccurate or non existant. They blame traffic and rail strikes but I blame them for not communicating properly so people are left literally out in the cold.

Date of experience: December 16, 2022

Elderly lady left stranded in Evergreen, AL by negligent driver!!!

My mother, elderly 88 y/o, was left behind when she went in to use the restroom. Passengers informed the driver and he had no compassion. An hour a half before my sister spoke with the driver and wanted to make sure my mother was in close proximity for the very reason and still was very negligent. The store clerk told us that our mother was very shaken in a way that he was concerned with her possibly having a stroke or heart attack. This is unacceptable. We have a picture and a small video of the driver.

Date of experience: November 23, 2022

WARNING: Megabus cancels your trip and only refunds ticket price NOT the processing fee!!

I needed a late bus to return from Philadelphia to NY on 11/24 Thanksgiving day. Megabus had an 8:20pm bus so I paid online and received confirmation and a reservation number for it. Late on 11/22, I received an e-mail that the trip was cancelled and therefore so was my reservation and that I could reschedule or get a refund. I went online to reschedule and the only time available was at 2:30 (which was the time I was arriving in Philadelphia)! So I had to go for the refund.

WARNING – – Only the ticket price will be refunded ($19.99) NOT THE PROCESSING FEE of $4. So even though MEGABUS CANCELLED MY trip, I got stuck paying $4.00 for a trip that never took place. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Date of experience: November 22, 2022

Canceled my ticket right before the…

Canceled my ticket right before the trip.
Make customers panic and book the wrong ticket so that they don’t give refund.

Date of experience: November 24, 2022


I waited for an hour for a bus at Edinburgh Airport, it did not arrive. I complained to Megabus customer service and was informed that any delay less than 2 hours I don’t qualify for a refund.

Date of experience: October 29, 2022

Uncomfortable, delays, unreliable.

Took 4 trips with Megabus between Montreal, Toronto and Niagara.
The buses left on time but they all arrived at the destination late by 1hour.
While coming back from Niagara to Toronto, not having known better, I booked the bus that takes stops on the way. The extra stops made the bus arrive late by 1 hour for a distance that was only supposed to be 2 hours.
Also, the instructions of the bus’s departure location are very unclear. Tickets usually only say “bus terminal” without providing any pin code or lane address. Very hard to navigate to the right spot.
The wifi wasn’t working on any of the buses. Don’t count on getting wifi on this bus.
Overalll, the bus was only $30 cheaper than via rail but for a significant uncomfortable service. I wouldn’t choose this option again. I’d rather choose carpool in desperate times.

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In addition- my friend had taken this bus service between London to montreal during a snow storm. The bus had technical difficulties on the way which caused the bus windshield to not have enough vision. However, the bus driver kept driving the same damaged bus till montreal at snail pace. I don’t know if these buses are regularly maintained.

Date of experience: November 19, 2022

Driver issue

Just boarded the 7:50 pm bus to NYC from Philly. This Lady driver said it’s not her job to touch passengers’ luggage. This is the first time I have heard a bus driver say that to me. So I had to climb the stairs and put my suitcase in the baggage compartment myself. What if I had fallen or something odd were to happen to me? Would Megabus be responsible? Unbelievable!!

Booking AJKR5MA

Date of experience: September 03, 2022

On July 29th I booked a trip from…

On July 29th I booked a trip from Buffalo to Toronto. The bus was over 90 minutes late. On the way to Toronto the glass shattered injuring the seat occupants, including myself. They asked that I give them 5-7 business days to correct the matter and make it right. After over 20 business days and two additional emails to customer service, no response. Terrible service, terrible non-existent customer service. It was my first time using their services and my last. They need to be held accountable.

Date of experience: August 31, 2022

Last resort only

The few times I have had to use this service have been terrible, never on time(and I am usually at the first stop). Most recently (today) I expected to take a trip from Philadelphia to NYC on thr 4:20 bus. At 3:53, I get an email saying the bus was going to be an hour late, but to wait at the bus stop because mayne not, I guess. I got on the 5:20 with no idea if I was expected to, since there was zero communication from the company after that last email. People have to ask to leave work early to make these trips sometimes. Megabus, if you can’t handle the schedule, then change it. Once I got on the bus, it literally smelled like sewage. This is a last resort if you need to travel at the last minute, but if you can, try Amtrak, if you book with enough time you can get tickets for $18- literally the same price as this s* service.

Date of experience: October 25, 2022

I’ll start with the only positive thing…

I’ll start with the only positive thing I can possibly mention: our bus was only 5-10 minutes late.
My son and I have paid extra to sit on top and at the very front, but sorely regretted this extra cost since the seatbelts are not in good working order. Fortunately, the seats next to ours were vacant, so my son could sit there instead using the …. equally broken seatbelt 😳. The seats are cracked and not at all comfortable.
You can’t charge your phone with a normal usb, and the plug only works when you sit completely still, otherwise it falls out, and of the two, only one can be used.
I wish I had checked the reviews before buying as I’m sure I would have chosen a different company. Now just hoping the bus will arrive on time and that the driver doesn’t have to hit the brakes too hard so we’ll get seriously hurt on the windshield.

Date of experience: October 25, 2022

the bus was comfortable but the rest of…

the bus was comfortable but the rest of the service was not fine!!!
our bus was delayed by 1h and 30 min,then the bus broke down at a station and now it’s not certain if it still comes.

Date of experience: October 08, 2022

Take VIA Train and NOT Megabus!!!

I took the megabus from Toronto to Montreal on Sept 2. The Scarborough Town Centre bus station was so hard to find (no signs anywhere) that I thought I was going to miss the 6pm bus (the last bus to Montreal). The bus was late by 1/2 hour (6:30pm departure). In Kingston the bus driver left the bus with all the passengers inside and told us that we need to wait for another bus driver to drive us to Montreal. That driver was late by ONE hour and then took a break. We were supposed to arrive in Montreal by midnight but we ended up arriving at 1:30am. It was such a horrible experience that I will NEVER take megabus again. You are better off to take VIA Train!

Date of experience: September 07, 2022

Family health crisis … too bad!

I wanted to visit my family in Toronto, then they were all hit, one by one with COVID. I asked Megabus if I could have an open ticket, explaining my problem. I was advised to choose another date and pay another $7.00, which I did. My granddaughter is now suffering complications and I have no idea as to when I may visit. This, of course, is meaningless to Megabus, and now I must forfeit my entire ticket. No, I will not rebook with Megabus, nor will I ever recommend it to others. Things happen in families, but Megabus is unbendable.

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Date of experience: July 22, 2022

Suffocating from toilet smell!

I am giving 2* because service is on time and drivers are polite and nice.
Other than that, did not realise a budget trip including extra payment for a front seat meant suffocating with a toilet smell the entire 3h journey. Guess seats 1 and 2 are above the downstairs toilet and by end of the day, the smell is faint-inducing. My dad went to the toilet itself and said he almost suffocated from disgust and smell. I get it is cheap, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of not being able to breathe.

Date of experience: June 26, 2022

Best service ever by Carl Bradly Atlanta, Ga

Carl Bradly of Atlanta, Ga was very helpful respectful and he met me across the street to help with my bags.. it was so helpful because my foot was really hurting and he had no idea. He was very pleasant and very protective over the people riding the mega bus in Atlanta. I felt very safe!

Date of experience: June 02, 2022

Worst communication I’ve ever seen

If I could give 0 stars I would. Big trip I’ve been looking forward to for weeks and this stupid company decides to cancel due to “inclement weather” less than 24 hours in advance. This level of irresponsibility while only offering a refund instead of compensating the customer properly for the inconvenience is honestly just embarrassing for them. I will not be using Megabus again due to their incompetence and neither should anyone honestly.

Date of experience: February 24, 2022

Late and no refunds

I was supposed to take a Megabus at noon today from Boston to NYC. Noon cane and went, no bus and no communication from Megabus. I calked them and was tokd that they couldn’t track the bus and to call back in 10 minutes . So I called back and was told the bus was 69 minutes late. I guess the tracker was all of a sudden working . I asked for a refund and was told they did not give refunds. I finally just decided to take Flixbus because I did not trust what Megabus was telling me.
Thanks, Megabus! And their online bus tracker said the bus was on time, by the way. Awesome.

Date of experience: June 01, 2022

Very uncomfortable no USB

Very uncomfortable ! No USB connection can’t plug your cellphone or any device. No customers service…
Think twice before using Megabus. Très inconfortable ! Aucune connexion USB. Vous ne pouvez pas branché votre cellulaire ou autre appareil. Aucun service à la clientèle…. Pensez y à deux fois avant d’utiliser Megabus.

Date of experience: March 04, 2022

Horrible experience

Horrible experience, the bus should departure at 09:30 from Bournemouth to Heathrow airport, the drive just disappeared without an explanation, letting all the passengers inside the bus with no air con or any information, returned later saying the bus was broken and a replacement would arrive in 15 minutes, I waited for more another hour and nothing, I booked a new trip with National Express to be able to arrive in time, run away, horrible and disrespectful company

Date of experience: February 12, 2022

It’s my first trip on bus ..

It’s my first trip on bus … It has been 30 mn since départor … And so far it’s hell of mess… In the whole bus there are aproximitly 80 places … But just few peopole has there seat’s number .. and the others don’t .. me my self i didn’t find a place because every time you chose a place .. some body would came and tell you .. that it’s his place … God is it so déficcult to give every one a place number !!! Stupid company.. with out mentioning that i couldn’t reseve a ticket online because evry time the opération failed …and finaly you need to call them and pay extra 7 dollars for boking by phone … That’s so fu**ing stupid

Date of experience: July 09, 2022

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Is it safe to travel on Megabus?

You can bring one piece of luggage that will be stored under the bus and a carry-on bag on board; additional baggage will incur an additional fee. Megabus has professional drivers that guarantee your safety wherever you go. Each bus also has a driver assistant who takes care of passenger luggage.

Why is Megabus inexpensive?

The cheap fare you are after may only be offered on selected routes and only on certain days of the week because “the company only serves the most popular routes and only on a limited, relatively random schedule” (b).

Is Megabus true to form?

I’ve had to endure a couple of minor delays where the bus showed up 15-20 minutes late, so the short answer is yes, absolutely, and more so than Greyhound.

Who is Megabus’s owner?

Stagecoach operates Falcon and Megabus as inter-city coach services, and the Perth-based company also has a joint venture called Scottish Citylink with the international transportation company ComfortDelGro.

Is there a bathroom on a megabus?

All of our coaches are equipped with restrooms.

What occurs if I fail to catch my bus, Megabus?

Customers who miss the bus won’t receive refunds or credits, but reservations on our website can be changed up to three hours before departure.

Are Megabus buses punctual?

Coaches are always particular about leaving bang on time right down to the second so don’t cut it fine. They do allow for it, and if there’s any delay is likely to be one that would affect all road users, not just Megabus.

Which coaches does Megabus employ?

The 74-seat Plaxton Elite i coaches are wheelchair accessible and were made in Scarborough, England. They provide passengers with the newest in contemporary, comfortable, and affordable travel.

On the Megabus, are there restrooms?

On trips run by Megabus, motorcoaches are furnished with onboard restrooms, power outlets, three point seatbelts, and reclining seats.

What is prohibited on buses?

9 Things to Avoid Doing on a Bus Never put your feet on the seat of the person in front of you. Since you only paid for one seat, be considerate of other people’s space. Keep the volume on your headphones low to avoid disturbing other passengers.

Is the Megabus cozy?

The seats on our coaches are nice and comfortable, and some of them can be reserved so you can pick where you sit. Racing for the best seat?

Where on a bus is the safest place to sit?

After confirming with the bus carrier how the seats are arranged on the bus, try to give preference to seats installed near the aisle as these are the most protected from potential accidents and are located in the middle of the bus (aisle seats), between the two front tires.

What is the bus seat that is the safest?

The safest place to sit on a bus is in the middle, in a row that is as close to the center as possible, and on the aisle, choosing the side of the bus that is farthest from opposing traffic, which in America means sitting on an aisle seat on the right side of the bus.

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