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st Palm Springs Resorts for Families (in 2022)

If you’re looking for great family hotels in Palm Springs then this is the right article for you.

There are many family-friendly hotels in Palm
Springs that cater to kids and everything they could want or need to make the
vacation a memorable one.

To that end, I’ve put together this list of the 13 best resorts in Palm Springs for families, which includes hotels that are great for parents with toddlers.

1. Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas II

Marriott's Desert Springs Villas II

The second Marriott’s location in Desert Springs is located closeby to the first, although offers a lot of the same amenities at a slightly lower rate.

It’s a great place to visit for kids and adults alike – and the two huge pools available at the resort count as the star of the show.

There’s only one restaurant available here, but they have tasty desserts and healthy meals for kids on offer.

2. The Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort Spa

The Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa is worth visiting, not only for the wonderful view you’ll see from the suites that usually have an added balcony, but also for the option of seven different pools at the resort.

The spa is right there and great for a family day out, and there’s even a tennis court where kids and adults can take lessons together.

3. The Westin Desert Willow Villas

Westin Desert Willow Villas

The Westin Desert Willow Villas located right in the middle of all the nearby attractions, and its best feature is the pool with water slides – supervised and kid-friendly.

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There’s also a video game room, other swimming pools at the resort and a basketball court great for children.

Villas are huge and comfortable, and this could be your next favorite place to stay in Palm Springs with your family.

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4. The Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I

Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I

The first Marriott’s Desert Springs location offers the option of small one-bedrooms or larger units overlooking the beach, and it has a traditional island feel to it that matches the great ocean view.

There’s a pool right in the middle with a shallow side for younger ones, and an on-site restaurant that means you don’t even have to leave the resort to have fun.

5. The Omni Rancho Las Palmas

Omni Rancho Las Palmas

The Omni Rancho Las Palmas’ best feature is the large pools with slides and attached waterpark where kids can spend hours, but that’s not all that makes this a wonderful resort for kids.

Four restaurants are located all around the resort and caters to everyone’s tastes, and some rooms are even happy to accommodate small pets – how many places can say that?

Other amenities like on-site wi-fi are included as well.

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6. The Ritz-Carlton at Rancho Mirage

The Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage

The Ritz-Carlton is one of my favorite kid-friendly hotels in Palm Springs, California, and perfect for a luxurious stay in a beautiful resort with several family vacation packages to suit your needs.

Kids can enjoy kid-friendly menu options at the on-site steak restaurant, while adults can enjoy drinks – and both can enjoy the pool.

Like always, the Ritz Kids Club is available to sign up to for any kids under 12.

7. The Riviera at Palm Springs

Riviera Palm Springs A Noble House Resort

Even though the original Riviera that most people imagine is located in Vegas, its sister resort in Palm Springs offers an experience just as great.

This Palm Springs kid-friendly resort has a pool, and the option of room service that kids and adults will love while taking advantage of the wi-fi and TV in every room to stream their favorite movies.

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8. The Renaissance at Palm Springs

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

The Renaissance at Palm Springs is a refreshing take on getting away from the typical huge resort feel, and instead you have access to convenient condo-style apartments with an excellent view – and access to amenities all over the resort, including a restaurant, a spa and an on-site gym for adults who want to stay active.

9. The Oasis Resort

The Oasis Resort

The Oasis Resort is a gorgeous resort that offers an on-site golf course and restaurant as well as apartments or villa-style accommodation.

There are also several tennis courts and swimming pools, some kid-friendly, and there’s plenty to do right outside the Oasis, too.

Kids can enjoy the free wi-fi hookup together with TV in every room.

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10. The Residence Inn at Palm Desert

Residence Inn Palm Desert

One of the best features of the Residence Inn is the fact that they’re happy to cater to pets in a few of their rooms and suites, too.

They have a lot to offer including a beautiful view and huge swimming pool, and it’s within close proximity to the casino as well as just a short drive or shuttle ride away from plenty of local attractions.

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11. The Shadow Mountain Resort & Club

Shadow Mountain Resort Club

The Shadow Mountain Resort & Club is the perfect vacation spot if you’re after great mountain views and home-like comfort without all of the stress.

It’s a frequented spot for aspiring professional tennis players and active kids alike with several tennis courts right around the resort, but if you’re not a tennis player by any means, you can still enjoy the pool and two on-site restaurants.

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12. The Smoke Tree Ranch

Smoke Tree Ranch

The Smoke Tree Ranch is a great hotel with a ranch-feel that’s mixed in with the natural beach surroundings.

They offer a vast swimming pool, a basketball court and added amenities like wi-fi and a kitchen in every room to ensure convenience throughout your entire stay.

There are also plenty of shuttle services working right around to take you around Palm Springs.

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13. The Best Western Plus Las Brisas Hotel

Best Western Plus Las Brisas Hotel

The Best Western Plus Las Brisas Hotel is styled around a typical Italian villa, and gives you spacious rooms with more than enough space to accommodate even larger families and groups.

There’s a great mountainous view all around, and you can experience the pool and several on-site restaurants while you’re there.

They also offer a free breakfast together with your stay.

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  • Omni Rancho Las Palmas
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage
  • Riviera Palm Springs, A Noble House Resort
  • Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel
  • The Oasis Resort
  • Residence Inn Palm Desert
  • Shadow Mountain Resort & Club
  • Smoke Tree Ranch
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The 13 Best Palm Springs Resorts for Families

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Is a family trip to Palm Springs recommended?

There are many canyons and trails to explore, but with kids in tow, you’ll want to head to Andreas Canyon because it’s a serene spot with lush fan palms, plenty of shade, and a gurgling stream.

Is Cabo Mexico suitable for families?

Los Cabos has a reputation for being a fantastic vacation destination for couples or people looking for a party, and while this may be partially true, it’s also the ideal place to take your family because there are so many hotels and activities that are enjoyable and kid-friendly for your Cabo family vacation.

Where in Palm Springs can I find flamingos?

Resort at JW Marriott Desert Springs

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Which month is ideal for visiting Palm Springs?

Remember: The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a well-known event held each April. The best time to visit Palm Springs is between January and April when the weather is the most agreeable.

Why do so many people visit Palm Springs?

Palm Springs has long been a favorite vacation destination thanks to its natural hot springs, hotels, dining options, golf courses, and warm temperatures.

Why can’t I swim in Cabo?

The Cabo San Lucas beaches you wouldn’t want to visit if you’re looking to have fun in the water have been flagged around the community due to a number of locations where strong undertows, erratic tides, and strong waves make for less than ideal swimming conditions.

Which is safer, Cabo or Cancun?

Travel to both Cancun and Los Cabos is generally safe, although there are current Level 2 travel advisory warnings for both Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur, which encourage travelers to exercise increased caution.

What Palm Springs eatery did the Kardashians visit?

The reality star is beaming as they make an appearance together at Toucans Tiki Lounge.

Do snakes pose a threat to Palm Springs?

Now, expect to see a rattlesnake in the Indian Canyons almost anytime, especially in areas that are rocky or border the desert around Palm Springs, such as Chino Hills, the Mesa, Araby, and south Palm Springs around the Canyon Country Club.

In Palm Springs, where do celebrities like to hang out?

The Parker Palm Springs is without a doubt the hotel where you’re most likely to see famous people in Palm Springs, especially during the Film Festival. The Parker is the ultimate modern celebrity hideaway?. for those who don’t want to be seen, but in reality, kind of do!

Why do famous people visit Palm Springs?

Within a 2-hour drive east of the Hollywood studios in Los Angeles, the Palm Springs beckoned with consistently warm weather and cinematic desert expanses framed by the San Jacinto Mountains, which helped Palm Springs gain more notoriety in the 1920s when Hollywood movie stars made it their weekend retreat of choice.

Are there any rattlesnakes in swimming pools?

Yes, snakes can and do enter saltwater swimming pools; in fact, they’re quite adept swimmers and are frequently spotted basking on the edge of or swimming within them.

Swim in swimming pools do rattlesnakes?

Because chlorine is poisonous to them, rattlesnakes do not enter swimming pools voluntarily; if they do, it is likely that they fell in while chasing a prey item. However, they may be drawn to freshwater ponds and fountains.

Do Copperheads enjoy the water in pools?

Since chlorine is poisonous to snakes, they won’t enter a chlorinated pool.

What to do if a rattlesnake is spotted while swimming?

The rattlesnake is much less aggressive while in water than when on land. “It’s not going to come after you,” Fraser said. However, if the snake is provoked or a person does find themselves too close to a rattlesnake while in water, the best thing to do is to remain very still.

What odor are rattlesnakes known to emit?

There is a myth that snakes smell like cucumbers, but sadly they don’t smell that good,? Sollenberger said. “Snakes don’t really have an odor and don’t really make sounds so it would be impossible to smell them or hear them.”

Are rattlesnakes capable of biting while swimming?

When they swim, rattlesnakes have to stretch out like this, and use all of their muscles to stay afloat. So, while rattlesnakes are capable of swimming, they are not able to bite at the same time.

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