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rto Morelos, Mexico | Resorts, Beaches, & Things to Do

Classic Fishing Village Meets Jungle Adventures

Located twenty minutes south of Cancun’s airport, and thirty minutes north of Playa del Carmen, the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos in Riviera Maya is a favorite for travelers who want to feel off the grid but still be within a quick drive of a big city.

The only time you’ll notice an influx of visitors is during summer when the annual fishing tournaments take place. Many of Puerto Morelos’ hotels are huddled around the 4-block-wide, 15-block-long seaside part of town and are on the smaller side (think less than 40 rooms), but for travelers who would like the amenities of an all-inclusive resort, there are some located just outside of town.


Unique Sights

Strolling along the main beach in Puerto Morelos, you’ll come across El Faro Inclinado, or the leaning lighthouse, a symbol of the city. While you’re here, you won’t want to miss seeing the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef—the second-largest in the world. This reef also runs along the length of Quintana Roo. What makes Puerto Morelos unique is that this part of the reef is just 400 meters away from the shore! It only takes a few minutes by boat for snorkelers and divers to reach from the dock downtown.

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The reef not only provides a breathtaking sight, but it serves as a natural barrier for the water right off the beach and in fact, almost reaches the water’s surface, making it great for swimming for families with kids.

Another of the natural wonders that you cannot miss when you are in Puerto Morelos is its famous Ruta de los Cenotes, a paradise that houses more than 60 of these enigmatic bodies of water, which are connected to each other through the longest underground river system in the world: the Great Mayan Aquifer. In addition to incredible nature and adventure parks, you can do exciting activities such as mountain biking, driving ATVs through the winding trails of the Mayan jungle, zip-line circuits, rappelling to the cenotes, horseback riding, bird watching, and so much more.

Wildlife Watching

Nature lovers will be awed by the 160-acre Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden—one of the largest in Mexico—which makes for a great spot for a jungle trek by boardwalk through the mangroves and centuries-old trees. Get to know our local inhabitants in a more intimate fashion by visiting the Crococun Zoo, a wild animal sanctuary featuring spider monkeys, parrots, and crocodiles.

The area also offers plenty of options for those on the more adventurous side, from horseback riding to zip-lining through a forest canopy, where the exhilarating adventure ends by jumping into a cenote.

Local Flavor

When it comes to dining, Puerto Morelos’ restaurants offer plenty of authentic Mexican and international options, but what the beach town is really known for is its seafood, since the fresh catch of the day is practically guaranteed. You’ll find street vendors and several great eateries near the main square by the pier. The town also hosts a weekly market on Sundays where vendors sell handicrafts, and there is a flea market near the plaza that’s the perfect spot to snag locally made souvenirs.

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Puerto Morelos

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Visit Puerto Morelos, Mexico | Resorts, Beaches, & Things …

Visit Puerto Morelos, Mexico | Resorts, Beaches, & Things ...

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  • Intro: Visit Puerto Morelos, Mexico | Resorts, Beaches, & Things to Do Classic Fishing Village Meets Jungle Adventures Located twenty minutes south of Cancun’s airport, and thirty minutes north of Playa del Carmen, the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos in Riviera Maya is a favorite for travelers who want to…
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Frequently Asked Questions About puerto morelos

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Are visitors to Puerto Morelos safe?

Violent crime and gang activity are prevalent in some areas of Morelos state, so travelers should think twice about going there.

Is a trip to Puerto Morelos worthwhile?

As you can see, Puerto Morelo is a great getaway from the busiest neighboring towns and cities of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. stroll along the beach, browse a delectable menu, and enjoy the natural splendor of the Caribbean sea with your family.

Is the beach in Puerto Morelos nice?

Puerto Morelos, a seaside village with one of the finest and largest stretches of pristine beaches in the Riviera Maya, is a popular destination for tourists who love the sense of simpler times and old Mexico charm.

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Cancun and Puerto Morelos are similar, or not?

Puerto Morelos, which in 2015 merged with the village of Leona Vicar to become the 11th municipality in Quintana Roo, is now one of the oldest, largest, and most significant seaports in the state of the area. It is only 36 km south of Cancun and 30 km north of Playa del Carmen.

Is there a downtown in Puerto Morelos?

Small, affordable boutique hotels and rental condos and apartments are available in the charming downtown area of Puerto Morelos; some are close to the beach and others are just a few blocks away.

Is it preferable to stay in Puerto Morelos or Cancun?

Small-town Charm Unlike Cancun, which is overrun with tourists and huge all-inclusive resorts, Puerto Morelos is home to a variety of locally-run restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

How far is the airport from Puerto Morelos?

A town called Puerto Morelos is situated 25 kilometers (15 miles) or 25 minutes south of Cancun Airport.

How does one navigate Puerto Morelos?

The best way to get around is by bicycle, which can be rented at a number of locations in town. There is also a local car rental agency in the main town on the highway. Local taxis are plentiful and congregate at a taxi stand on the west side of the main square in Puerto Morelos.

The bus from Cancun to Puerto Morelos costs how much?

The trip costs about MXN 110 (USD 5.5) but other local bus companies offer the same service and the same routes for less money. The distance between Cancun and Puerto Morelos is 25 kilometers, and it takes between 35 and 45 minutes to get there.

What is Mexico’s Morelos renowned for?

The state of Morelos is densely settled and urbanized, with one-fifth of its population concentrated in the capital city. Famed as the birthplace of revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata, Nahua Indians have long called Morelos home. They still engage in subsistence farming throughout the state.

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