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e Road Trip | California Road Trip Itinerary

Load the gear, pack the dog–oh and maybe the kids– and clamor into the car for the old-fashioned, but newly imagined, California road trip! A Lake Tahoe road trip is an experience your family will never forget. Taking a trip in California to South Lake Tahoe is an opportunity to enjoy pristine state park land, gorgeous views, exciting recreation, and one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the United States- all on a road trip you will cherish forever.

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These days, just an hour from home can be an adventure, sussing out that new secret spot or slowing down long enough to look back at history, with a jaunt that includes insights into yesteryear or just yesterday. Lake Tahoe is more than just ski resorts, and you’ll discover everything it has to offer year-round when you take a Lake Tahoe road trip.

It’s all different now and worth a fresh look. Farther from home a road trip can be a getaway trip or something more planned, with an overnight stop or two on your way to your final Lake Tahoe, California road trip destination. Check out those historical markers, ghost towns and mining towns (don’t forget the wine towns with tasting rooms!) along the way. A California road trip is worth it when the reward is the majestic Sierra Nevadas, that big blue lake, and some wide-open space on the beach to stretch your legs, on the hiking trails, or even at a hotel pool.

A California road trip can steal your heart from San Francisco to the heart of the High Sierra region’s Gold Country, and a Nevada road trip can blow your mind with the state’s extremes–the Las Vegas strip glitz to the Gilded Age’s silver-studded Virginia City. Start your engines and choose your favorite Lake Tahoe and California road trip itinerary below…

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Lake Tahoe Road Trip | California Road Trip Itinerary

Lake Tahoe Road Trip | California Road Trip Itinerary

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  • Sumary: No California road trip would be complete without including Lake Tahoe, with its majestic mountains & pristine blue waters. Take a Lake Tahoe road trip and discover the beauty of the Jewel of the Sierra for yourself. Explore…

  • Matching Result: Driving around Lake Tahoe is a 72-mile drive and will take you about three hours to complete without any stops, but scenic drives are better when you take …

  • Intro: Lake Tahoe Road Trip | California Road Trip ItineraryLoad the gear, pack the dog–oh and maybe the kids– and clamor into the car for the old-fashioned, but newly imagined, California road trip! A Lake Tahoe road trip is an experience your family will never forget. Taking a trip in California…
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Which month is ideal for visiting Lake Tahoe?

The best months to visit Lake Tahoe are from March to May and from September to November, but due to the region’s abundance of attractions and activities, tourists are welcome all year long.

How long does a trip to Lake Tahoe take?

The number of days you spend in Lake Tahoe depends on your travel style and what you want to do, but we recommend staying there for b>at least 3 full days/b> so that you have time to explore all of the stunning natural wonders in this area.

How long does driving around Lake Tahoe take?

three hours or so

Is the drive to Lake Tahoe difficult?

No matter where you’re coming from, it’s simple to find a route on a major highway to Lake Tahoe, and the last hour or so of the trip is filled with breathtaking mountain vistas.

Which region of Lake Tahoe is the most stunning?

The most alluring area of Lake Tahoe is Emerald Bay, which is close to the lake’s southern end. There are vista points along Highway 89 where you can see the lovely island in the middle of the bay.

Is staying in North or South Lake Tahoe preferable?

In general, North Lake Tahoe is better suited for families or travelers who want to have a relaxing getaway with some exciting activities nearby, while South Lake Tahoe is the ideal location for those seeking a vibrant nightlife and social scene!

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When should Lake Tahoe be avoided?

Avoid traveling during the summer and on holidays as crowds of people and their vehicles clog up the main roads, facilities, and beaches (weekdays are better, though still crowded) particularly on Highway 89 near Tahoe City and on U.S. 50 near South Lake Tahoe.

What area of Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful?

One of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country, Incline Village is regarded as one of the best places to live in Lake Tahoe. Everything about it is glam: the homes, the surroundings, and the neighborhood.

Does driving to Tahoe require chains?

There are currently no chain controls in place, so all vehicles must have chains or traction devices, with the exception of four-wheel drive vehicles that have snow-tread tires on all four wheels, which must have traction devices in chain control areas.

Who among the famous resides in Lake Tahoe?

Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Cher, Liza Minelli, Alanis Morissette, Mike Love, and James Hetfield are just a few of the musicians who call Tahoe home, finding the clear melted snow cradled in mountains inspiring enough to put down their own roots.

Is it currently safe to drive to Lake Tahoe?

There are no reported traffic restrictions in this area.

Does it make sense to drive around Lake Tahoe?

The 72 mile drive around Lake Tahoe is one of the must-do activities while you’re here. We recommend carpooling, going on non-weekends during off-peak times to avoid congestion, and spending as much time as you see fit in each of these places.

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