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y Asked Questions – Muir Woods National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)

How do I get to Muir Woods?

I don’t have a car. How do I get there?

Marin Transit Muir Woods Shuttle provides seasonal service to Muir Woods National Monument. Be sure to check the schedule to comfirm days of operation. Reservations are required for the Muir Woods Shuttle. Visit gomuirwoods.com make reservations.

Feeling adventurous? Take a combination of public transit and some hiking – be sure to update the day and time of your adventure on the map website.

When is the park open?

Muir Woods is open every day of the year, including all holidays. The park is open 8:00 a.m. to sunset.

How much does it cost?

Park Entrance Fee

$15.00 per adult (16 years and older)
Free – child (15 years and younger)
Entrance fees may be purchased in advance with your parking or shuttle reservation or upon arrival to the park. A list of national park fee free days can be found at nps.gov. Fourth Graders and Veterans and Gold Star Families can visit for free! Learn about other park passes by visiting Fees and Passes webpage.

Parking Reservation

$9.00 Standard Vehicle
$30.00 Medium Vehicle
$45.00 Large Vehicle

Shuttle Reservation

$3.50 per adult round trip ticket (16 years and older)
Free – child round trip ticket (15 years and younger)

Is Muir Woods accessible to those with limited mobility?

Yes! Muir Woods has 1.5 miles of paved or boardwalked trail which is mostly flat. Loops of half a mile, one mile, or two miles are easily achieved on this trail. It also features many benches in both sun and shade for resting. For those with a little more mobility, a dirt fire road to Camp Alice Eastwood provides a relatively easy graded additional trail. The café, gift shop, and restrooms all meet ADA accessibility standards, and six parking spaces are reserved in the main parking lot for those with disabled parking placards or license plates. There are two wheelchairs and two strollers available to borrow on a first-come, first-serve basis at the visitor center.

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Can I bring my dog or other pet to the park?

No, to protect the wildlife, the other visitors, and your pet. However, pets are permitted in some nearby areas, such as Muir Beach, the Coastal Trail, some trails in the Marin Headlands, Marin Municipal Water District lands and Marin County lands.

Can I picnic in the park?

No, the park is simply too small a space for so many people to enjoy picnicking without impacting the very forest which they are here to visit. However, there are several picnic areas nearby, including Muir Beach, Muir Beach Overlook, and Bootjack Picnic Area.

Food and hot beverages are available in our café, operated by our park concessionaire, Muir Woods Trading Company.

Can I camp at Muir Woods?

No, Muir Woods is a day-use area. There are a variety of camping opportunities in nearby parks however. Check out our brochure for nearby camping locations.

Do you have education programs?

Yes! We have a variety of education programs both at Muir Woods and throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Is photography allowed in the park?
Yes, for personal purposes. You and your camera equipment must stay completely on the trail at all times. However, if you are filming for commercial purposes, you will need a permit.

Do I need reservations?

Yes, the National Park Service has a parking and shuttle reservation system at Muir Woods National Monument. Reservations are required for all vehicles and shuttle riders. Details are available at www.gomuirwoods.com.

However, if you are coming for one of our special events, or for an education program, please call (415) 388-2596 to let us know you are coming. Advance entrance fee sales are available for larger groups. Please contact the Visitor Center at (415) 388-7368.

May I bike in or near Muir Woods?

You may not bike in Muir Woods itself. However, there are many fire roads in Mount Tamalpais State Park and Golden Gate National Recreation Area to challenge your mountain biking skills.

What will we see at Muir Woods?

You will see the tallest type of tree in the world, the Coast redwood, sequoia sempervirens, as well as the countless other plants and animals that are part of an old-growth redwood forest, including tanoak trees, ferns, redwood sorrel, stellar jays, black-tailed deer, and banana slugs, to name a few.

Is there a drive-through tree at Muir Woods?

No. We have never had a drive-through tree here, as cutting the hole would endanger the health of the tree. There used to be a drive-through sequoia tree known as the Wawona Tree in Yosemite National Park, but it fell in 1968/69. However, there are three privately owned drive-through redwood trees along Highway 101 in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties (northern California). The closest one is about 4 hours north of Muir Woods.

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Are there any dangerous plants or animals?

Plants: We have both poison oak and stinging nettle. With poison oak, as the saying goes, “leaves of three, let them be.” If you stay on the lower trails, you are unlikely to encounter either. If you will hike further in the woods, ask a ranger to show you a picture of what to avoid.

Animals: Our animals are safe for the most part, but can become dangerous if they are sick, injured, or harassed. Do not approach wildlife, no matter how small and harmless it appears. An animal that allows you to approach it is more likely to be sick and dangerous. While there have been mountain lion sightings nearby, they have not been seen in Muir Woods itself. The most dangerous animal in the park is the yellow jacket. If you have known allergic reactions to bee stings, please bring your medication. Ticks are present and may carry Lyme disease. Rodent droppings may contain Hantavirus. West Nile Virus has been detected in the San Francisco Bay Area (though Mosquitos are rare in Muir Woods). To help protect yourself from all animals, do not feed them, and dispose of trash properly.

Can I get married in Muir Woods?

How romantic! You will need a permit.

At Muir Woods National Monument, permits for weddings are issued outside of peak visitor hours, so either before 10 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m. From March 15 to October 15, we are unable to issue permits for weekends and holidays.

Capacity determined by site, no groups of more than 30 people. No chairs, lecterns, singing or music and no space for receptions.

Can I drive my RV, bus, or trailer to Muir Woods?

Maybe. The roads to Muir Woods are very narrow and winding. The California Highway Patrol limits vehicles to no longer than 35 feet on Highway 1. There are no parking places for RVs and cars/trucks with trailers in the parking lots.

Is there a beach nearby?

Muir Beach is about 3 miles away, Stinson Beach is about 10 miles away, and Golden Gate National Recreation Area also has several beaches.

Can I take anything from the park as a souvenir?

No, everything in the park is protected, including animals, rocks, historic artifacts, leaves, redwood cones, and sticks. Take only memories and photographs, leave only footprints. Muir Woods has a bookstore and gift shop where souvenirs may be purchased.

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What is the most efficient way to travel from San Francisco to Muir Woods?

The Best Routes From San Francisco To Muir Woods

  1. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods yourself.
  2. Take the direct Muir Woods shuttle from Sausalito to Muir Woods.
  3. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge and catch a shuttle to Muir Woods.
  4. Bike across the Golden Gate and all the way to Muir Woods.

Is a trip to Muir Woods worthwhile?

Although there are many other places where you can see redwood trees, Muir Woods is a place that you should at least visit once. It is a historic and well-known national monument, and despite the fact that it has become somewhat “touristy,” the redwoods’ natural beauty and impressiveness still stand out.

How much time should you allot for Muir Woods?

How much time should you spend in Muir Woods? If you want to explore the main area, I suggest giving yourself a few hours, and if you want to hike one of the longer trails, you could spend up to three to five hours exploring the area.

Without a car, how do you travel from San Francisco to Muir Woods?

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION To get there, start by taking a bus or ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito, Mill Valley, or Marin City, where you can board a Muir Woods shuttle that will take you right to the park.

Can you use Uber to get to Muir Woods from San Francisco?

Because Muir Woods is only 17 miles from San Francisco, you could theoretically take an Uber or Lyft driver there, but there is no cell phone service there. 18CAN I TAKE AN UBER TO MUIR WOODS FROM SAN FRANCISCO?

What time of year is ideal for visiting Muir Woods?

In terms of weather, May to October is the best time to visit Muir Woods. To avoid crowds in the summer, visit the National Monument in the morning or late afternoon. If you hike one of the half-day trails, you can almost completely enjoy the majestic, ancient redwoods.

Is the hike in Muir Woods challenging?

Overview of the Trail: Muir Woods’ main trail is a level, easy stroll that can be shortened by returning by crossing at the second or third bridge. The trail starts at the visitor center and follows Redwood Creek on both sides of the stream. Large redwood trees line the trail from the very beginning.

Do you allow passing through Muir Woods?

No, you cannot drive through Muir Woods; you may, however, enjoy the Muir Woods Drive; there are no redwoods within the park that you may drive through.

Is a guided tour required to visit Muir Woods?

The easiest way to get to the park other than driving your own car or taking a guided tour is to take the Muir Woods shuttle, which is a seasonal service that transports visitors from a number of off-site locations up to the Muir Woods National Monument.

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