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Skyspace Los Angeles: Ready to Ride a Slide over the Downtown Skyline?

Skyspace Los Angeles: The scenic skyscraper on the Los Angeles skyline

January 4, 2022 /

Warning: Due to COVID 19 some information in this article (e.g. operating hours) may not be up-to-date.

Skyspace permanently closed!

Here is the official news:

In large cities with skylines full of skyscrapers, it is quite common to find observatories that allow you to admire the view from above. New York City, for example, offers tourists the opportunity to visit several scenic skyscrapers  (the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, and the Freedom Tower). Los Angeles did not want to be an exception, so it built its own observation tower downtown that is about 985 ft high and offers a 360-degree view over the entire city. Its name is OUE Skyspace and it has a unique feature that distinguishes it from other skyscrapers and can be especially interesting for those looking for an unusual experience. Let’s see what it is!

Skypace and Skyslide: What Is It? 

Skyspace Los AngelesThe skyscraper we’re talking about, also one of the most recognizable in the Los Angeles skyline, has had many names. It is now called the U.S. Bank Tower, but before it was called the Library Tower and was originally named First Interstate Bank World Center. It was completed in 1989 after 2 years of work and is still the third tallest skyscraper in California (the tallest one is the nearby Wilshire Grand Center).

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In 2014, the U.S. Bank Tower was purchased by Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd. (OUE), which carried out numerous renovations on the building, including the construction of an observation deck (Skyspace), a restaurant (71Above on floor 71), and the Skyslide, a 43 ft transparent slide in the air that launches you onto the lower scenic terrace. The concept, as you can imagine, borders on the bizarre, and rather than use more words, it will be better to let the video below speak for itself:

Whether or not you want to experience the thrill of the high altitude “slide”, the Skyspace remains the highest observation deck in Los Angeles, so it’s the best experience to get a panoramic view of the city, take pictures of nearby skyscrapers (for example the Bonaventure, famous for its revolving restaurant) and enjoy the beautiful view at night. You can also see the famous Hollywood Sign in the distance.

Where Is It? How Do You Get There? 

OUE Skyspace is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in front of the Los Angeles Central Library and near Bunker Hill Steps, the staircase leading to the Bunker Hill area. If you arrive by car, you can park directly in the underground parking lot of the complex, or if you want to spend a little less, you can have a look at my advice on where to park in Los Angeles. Instead, if you plan to take the metro, you can choose one of 2 useful stops:

  • Pershing Square Station (purple and red lines)
  • 7th Street / Metro Center Station (purple, red, blue, and Expo lines)

To learn more about the public transportation system in the city, take a look at our guide to getting around Los Angeles.

OUE Skyspace Tickets and Hours 

There are 2 types of tickets. If you like the thrill and the idea of sliding over the skyscrapers of Los Angeles, you can opt for the full ticket. Otherwise, you can settle for the 360° (indoor) observatory and the 2 open-air panoramic terraces included in the basic ticket. 

The OUE Skyspace is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and you also have to access a room with multimedia exhibits. In the video below, you can get an idea of what awaits you when you enter the OUE Skyspace.

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Other Attractions in Downtown

If you think that Downtown L.A. has little to offer compared to the other areas most visited by tourists, I wrote an article that will make you think again! If you want to give this area a chance to win you over, I recommend reading my itinerary in Downtown Los Angeles. There is a lot of art and architecture in this area, as well as some unusual attractions…

Where to Stay in the Surrounding Area

Downtown Los Angeles is also great to find accommodations, not only because of the many hotels in the area but also due to the proximity to other Los Angeles attractions and major neighborhoods. If you want to know more, I explained everything in my article with recommendations for accommodations in the city, which you can read by clicking on the button below:

Tips on where to stay in Los Angeles

Our Tip:

Looking for accommodations for your trip from California to other parts of the Southwest? Read our guide that contains reviews of hotels and strategic tips for finding accommodations near major attractions: Where to Stay: Our Tips for the SouthWest Area

Warning: Operating hours can change and closures for extraordinary events can occur, so we strongly suggest to check the venues official websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions About skyspace la

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Why has Skyspace shut down?

Skyspace was closed before the pandemic and is not returning, according to Moss, in part because b>conversations with tenants revealed that they did not care for the former attraction/b>. Neither the glass attraction nor high-altitude yoga classes apparently were enough to draw in the masses.

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OUE Skyspace closed when?

Sadly, OUE Skyspace LA has announced that it will shut its doors permanently in 2022.

What is the price of Skyspace?


Flex Ticket Regular Price With Voucher
Child 3-12 yrs $30.00 $18.00
Flex Ticket including Skyslide Regular Price With Voucher
Adult 13+ $48.00 $28.80
Child 5-12 Yrs $38.00 $22.80

1 more row

What is the price of the Skyslide?

The SkySlide Combo, which starts at $7 for kids (ages 5-12), $3 for adults (ages 13–64), and $0 for seniors (ages 65 and over), must be purchased in order to ride the slide. Group Tickets and Annual Passes are also available. Your browser can’t play this video.

Why is the Skyslide always locked up?

The new owner of the U.S. Bank Tower will remove the Skyslide and Skyspace public observation deck, according to the Los Angeles Times on Friday. The slide gave thrill-seekers a brief ride on the outside of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper.

Availability of James Turrell Skyspace

Please social distance and wear a mask when others are present. The Skyspace is open to the public. Reservations are not necessary.

Skyspace LA’s height, how high?

Los Angeles built its own observation tower downtown that is about 985 feet high and provides a 360-degree view of the entire city because it did not want to be an exception.

How tall is LA’s glass slide?

The deck is located on the 70th floor and offers unmatched views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area. It also has a new glass slide that connects the 70th and 69th floors.

Which LA building has a lift to the top floor?

OUE Skyspace is an observation deck located inside the US Bank Tower, the tallest structure in California, which is 310 meters high and superbly situated in Downtown Los Angeles.

How much is James Turrell worth to Kendall Jenner?

According to the outlet, the sculpture was initially hung horizontally at the Pace Gallery presentation, but the gallery noted that the art could be hung any way the collector wants. Kendall Jenner’s US50,000 James Turrell piece was the centerpiece of Turrell’s Glass collection.

What number of Turrell Skyspaces exist?

The Skyspace series, which began in 1974, has expanded to include nearly 90 distinctive installations all over the world.

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