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tUniverse Reliable and Trustworthy? Check out these Reviews

Good news: we’re the real deal! We’re an online travel agency that’s specialized in getting student discounts on airline tickets for almost 20 years, so we’ve got a lot of experience in the travel industry—and in getting you discounts. Our unique partnerships and contracts with airlines help us negotiate the best deals on airline tickets for you!

We think we’re pretty cool, but obviously there are a lot of online travel agencies out there, so you shouldn’t just take our word for it! With 8.5/10 stars and over 16,000 reviews on ResellerRatings (our review platform that features only verified reviews from real customers), people seem to like us too.

We’re the real deal! We’re an online travel agency that’s specialized in getting student discounts on airline tickets for almost 20 years, so we’ve got a lot of experience in the travel industry—and in getting you discounts.

With 8.5/10 stars and over 16,000 reviews on ResellerRatings (our review platform that features only verified reviews from real customers), people seem to like us too.

Keep scrolling to see what some of our students are saying about us.



Saved a ton of money on my flight to Switzerland – the cheapest I could find on google flights was $680 and I only paid $286 on student universe – amazing!


Getting a ticket for 1/5 what the airlines were charging (saving about $2300) seemed too good to be true. It was true.


I had been desperately searching for a flight to get me home (to Maine) all morning. I couldn’t find one that was in my price range. A friend told me about Student Universe awhile ago and I had yet to use it. I got on and searched for a flight. I had a $70 dollar flight booked for my one way trip home within 10 minutes!

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Saved $100 and found a better trip on StudentUniverse! Thank you!!


StudentUniverse had the cheapest flights I could find so that I could visit home for fall break of my first semester of college. I was really homesick and without StudentUniverse and their great prices I would not have been able to go home. I had no struggles with StudentUniverse and will definitely use for future flights!!


This is the second time I’ve booked a trip through StudentUniverse and I love them. Their prices are always the lowest and their customer service is stellar and easily accessible at all hours by phone.

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Serious flight hack and not spam: I just used @StudentUniverse and saved a bunch of money. They have a buuuunch of cheap deals and discounts for students.


Look, if you’re a student under 26 searching for cheap flights…
Check Student Universe!
They offer a whole slew of flights at prices that aren’t even available to the public.


Just used your site to book a nonstop flight to Geneva for only $500, I just wanted to thank you, personally, from the bottom of my heart- for making a broke college student less broke ☺️


I may have been late on the train for Student Universe, but holy shit they hooked it up. Round trip to Edinburgh for $591 ✈️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


But what about your negative reviews?

Well, with 8.5/10 stars on ResellerRatings (our primary reviews platform), most of our reviews are positive, but that’s an aside. You’ll definitely see some negative reviews out there—as you will with any business. You’ll see that most of our negative reviews are related to the same topics and concerns, though. Here’s what you need to know:

Our prices are dynamic

This means that our prices are subject to change at any point during the searching and booking process. If you’ve ever looked for plane tickets before, you’ll know how frustrating it is to look at prices one day and then the next day, the price has changed. A lot of our negative reviews come from frustration with this.

Change & cancellation fees

Most of our flights are nonrefundable after 24 hours, which means that there will be additional fees should you need to change or cancel your flight. This is common across the travel industry, as these change and cancellation rules are set by our airline partners and not in our control. We get how frustrating it is to be hit with these fees unexpectedly: that’s why we always recommend to check the fine print on your ticket before booking. We DO have a 24-hour free cancellation policy on most of our flights!

Travel insurance

If you’re planning a big (or expensive) trip, travel insurance is a great idea. It doesn’t, however, protect you from everything and any trip insurance claims are bound to the policies of our travel insurance. Be sure to check the policies of your travel insurance plan before you purchase, so you’ll know what’s covered (and what’s not).

USD only (for now)

Currently, all of our prices are in USD. You can see the prices in other currencies on our website in order to make the booking process easier, however, we charge all bookings in USD. If you pay with another currency, your final price may be higher than expected due to exchange rates and/or conversion fees from your bank. Of course, if you book on our Australia site, you can pay in AUD and you can pay in GBP on our UK site.

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Is StudentUniverse reliable & trustworthy?

Is StudentUniverse cheaper?

Is StudentUniverse legit?

How does StudentUniverse find travel deals?

Become a member

We have hundreds of thousands of adventurous students traveling with us every year and finding cheap deals on their tickets. Want to join us? It only takes about five minutes to sign up and you can find exclusive and hidden deals on airline tickets.

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StudentUniverse Reviews

StudentUniverse Reviews

  • Author: studentuniverse.com

  • Rating: 3⭐ (750289 rating)

  • Highest Rate: 5⭐

  • Lowest Rate: 2⭐

  • Sumary: Is StudentUniverse reliable and trustworthy? See real reviews from travelers who have booked with us before and grab one of our travel deals for your next trip!

  • Matching Result: The quick answer is yes. StudentUniverse is a legitimate and trustworthy company.

  • Intro: Is StudentUniverse Reliable and Trustworthy? Check out these Reviews Home Is StudentUniverse reliable? Good news: we’re the real deal! We’re an online travel agency that’s specialized in getting student discounts on airline tickets for almost 20 years, so we’ve got a lot of experience in the travel industry—and in getting…
  • Source: https://www.studentuniverse.com/studentuniverse-reviews

Read Customer Service Reviews of studentuniverse.com

Read Customer Service Reviews of studentuniverse.com

  • Author: trustpilot.com

  • Rating: 3⭐ (750289 rating)

  • Highest Rate: 5⭐

  • Lowest Rate: 2⭐

  • Sumary: Do you agree with Studentuniverse’s TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 542 customers have already said.

  • Matching Result: StudentUniverse is one of the world’s leading travel booking sites for students and young adults under 26. We’re partnered with more than 90 airlines …

  • Intro: Studentuniverse is rated “Great” with 4.1 / 5 on Trustpilot5-star62%4-star12%3-star2%2-star3%1-star21%Sort:Very affordableThe things that made my experience great was the fact that I was able to get an emergency ticket for a great price, especially since my funds were limited.Date of experience: December 07, 2022Avoid this companyIt’s been over 24 hours…
  • Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/studentuniverse.com

Is StudentUniverse the Best Travel App for Students … – Pilot

Is StudentUniverse the Best Travel App for Students ... - Pilot

  • Author: pilotplans.com

  • Rating: 3⭐ (750289 rating)

  • Highest Rate: 5⭐

  • Lowest Rate: 2⭐

  • Sumary: Are you a student looking to travel cheap with StudentUniverse? Avoid booking tickets with them until you’ve read what we’ve found out about the app.

  • Matching Result: These negative reviews are mostly to do with the StudentUniverse cancellation policy. Most users claim that they have had difficulty in …

  • Intro: Is StudentUniverse the Best Travel App for Students? Our ReviewAre you a student? Maybe, slightly overworked and in desperate need of a break from everything? Well, being a student and considering your finances, traveling may not be the easiest way of taking a break. But don’t let that stop you…
  • Source: https://www.pilotplans.com/blog/studentuniverse-review

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Frequently Asked Questions About studentuniverse legit

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I’m not a student, but can I still use StudentUniverse?

You do not have to be a student to use StudentUniverse Hotels; anyone can book accommodations through our website (/hotels) and those of our affiliate sites, and payment can be made in full or with a 10% deposit.

How affordable is StudentUniverse?

b>StudentUniverse works by directly contacting airlines to negotiate discounted flight offers for students and youth/b>. You may be wondering how they obtain the discounts advertised and posted on their website.

How can I tell if my airline ticket is authentic?

You can find the details of your flight by going to the relevant airline’s website, clicking on Manage Booking, and entering your PNR number and last name. If you do not find any details, just to be sure, call in airline reservation and check with them using your PNR number.

What is StudentUniverse’s revenue stream?

StudentUniverse is an online travel agency, so every time someone uses it to book a flight, hotel, or even a car, they receive a small commission. They also generate some revenue from the advertising they run for the services they have partnered with.

Does StudentUniverse require me to be a student in order to fly?

If you search for the total number of people in your party and log in (or Sign up) as yourself, you can still book with StudentUniverse even if your travel companion is not a student. We offer more than just airfare for students; we also offer fares for Youth (ages 16-25), Faculty, and airfare for everyone else.

What age minimum is required to use StudentUniverse?

If you’re 16 years old, you can buy a ticket even if you’re in high school.

What is a flight on StudentUniverse?

We offer our members exclusive discounts on flights, hotels, and tours, enabling students to travel more while spending less. StudentUniverse is the world’s top travel booking service for students and youth.

Do phony airline websites exist?

The BBB has received numerous complaints about phony websites or customer service numbers that scammers have set up to book airline tickets.

Who is StudentUniverse’s owner?

Dependents using EML unaccompanied by their sponsor would travel CAT-IV; additionally, civilians are eligible for Space-A under Emergency circumstances (sample Letter available at http://www.spacea.net/regulations-forms-letters). CONUS-to-CONUS travel is not authorized in either situation (EML or Emergency).

What city is StudentUniverse in?

Boston serves as the company’s main office, and StudentUniverse has branches in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Flying for the military is it free?

Space-Available flights, formerly known as Military Airlift Command or MAC flights, allow service members and their families to travel around the nation and the world for little to no cost.

Can I launch into space without a sponsor?

Family members must travel on Space A with the sponsor, with the exception of EML, emergency travel, and Command Sponsored Category V.

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