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NS – PIER 39

Sea Lions camping out on K-Dock at PIER 39



Head to PIER 39 to explore a variety of attractions exclusive to The PIER. Sail the Bay aboard one of PIER 39’s many water attractions, then discover 20,000 local sea creatures at Aquarium of the Bay. You can also enjoy free daily shows by local street performers at the smartwater Stage, as well as musicians in the PIER 39 Entrance Plaza.

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  • Sumary: Your visit to San Francisco starts at PIER 39, with top attractions in San Francisco including view of Alcatraz, 7D Experience and sea lions.

  • Matching Result: FUN ATTRACTIONS FOR EVERYONE · 7D Experience · ACsailingSF · Adventure Cat Sailing Charters · Aquarium of the Bay · Bay Plunge · Bay Voyager · Blazing Saddles Bike …

  • Intro: ATTRACTIONS – PIER 39 <desc/> <path id=”Shape” d=”M-787.4,568.7h-6.3l-2.4-2.4c7.9-8.7,12.6-20.5,12.6-33.1c0-28.4-22.9-51.3-51.3-51.3 c-28.4,0-51.3,22.9-51.3,51.3c0,28.4,22.9,51.3,51.3,51.3c12.6,0,24.4-4.7,33.1-12.6l2.4,2.4v6.3l39.4,39.4l11.8-11.8L-787.4,568.7 L-787.4,568.7z M-834.7,568.7c-19.7,0-35.5-15.8-35.5-35.5c0-19.7,15.8-35.5,35.5-35.5c19.7,0,35.5,15.8,35.5,35.5 C-799.3,553-815,568.7-834.7,568.7L-834.7,568.7z”/> </svg></span></a></div><div class=”ast-search-menu-icon full-screen”></div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!– Main Header Bar Wrap –> <div id=”ast-mobile-header” class=”ast-mobile-header-wrap ” data-type=”off-canvas”> <div class=”ast-main-header-wrap main-header-bar-wrap” > <div class=”ast-primary-header-bar ast-primary-header main-header-bar site-primary-header-wrap site-header-focus-item ast-builder-grid-row-layout-default ast-builder-grid-row-tablet-layout-default ast-builder-grid-row-mobile-layout-default” data-section=”section-primary-header-builder”> <div class=”ast-builder-grid-row ast-builder-grid-row-has-sides…
  • Source: https://www.pier39.com/attractions/

10 Things to Do at PIER 39 | San Francisco, CA

10 Things to Do at PIER 39 | San Francisco, CA

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  • Sumary: Discover the 10 things everyone needs to experience at San Francisco’s famous PIER 39.

  • Matching Result: Visit the Sea Lions · Cruise on the San Francisco Bay · Channel Your Inner Photographer · PIER 39 Restaurants · Fall In Love with Clam Chowder In A …

  • Intro: 10 Things to Do at PIER 39Whether you’re traveling with the kids, looking for a fun and romantic date setting, or just seeking a getaway with friends, the possibilities are endless at PIER 39, one of San Francisco’s most beloved destinations. Built in the 1970s, PIER 39 was one of…
  • Source: https://www.sftravel.com/article/10-things-do-pier-39

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What makes PIER 39 so unique?

The Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, and the famous California sea lions hauled out on K-Dock are just a few of the San Francisco Bay landmarks that can be seen from PIER 39, which is owned, leased, and managed by Moor + South/PIER Management Co., LP.

PIER 39 or Fisherman’s Wharf: which is superior?

Depending on which area of Fisherman’s Wharf you visit, you can expect some crowds because it is a popular daytime destination for tourists. Pier 39 is by far the busiest part of Fisherman’s Wharf because of its attractions and famous sea lion dock.

Where is PIER 39 located?

Things to Do and See at Pier 39

  1. The sea lions.
  2. The views: Alcatraz, Golden Gate and bay.
  3. Bay cruises.
  4. Mazes, 7D rides, a carousel, bungee flying.
  5. The Flyer-San Francisco: the new 3D ride.
  6. The Aquarium of the Bay.
  7. Jugglers, magic shows.
  8. Wine and beer tasting.

What should I look at at PIER 39?

There are typically hundreds of sea lions hauled out at K-Dock from late summer (late July) to late spring (mid May), ranging from 150 to 600+.

When do sea lions visit PIER 39?

The best time of year to see sea lions in San Francisco is late July to mid-May. In June and July, many sea lions leave PIER 39 docks to breed, but there will still be some around to see.

When is the best time to visit Pier 39 to see the seals?

The world-famous sea lions at PIER 39 always have a home, even though the number of sea lions at K-Dock fluctuates with the seasons, the availability of food, and natural migration patterns.

Are the sea lions at Pier 39 still there?

They usually start to return when the sand starts to cool down in the late afternoon and around sunset, but when it’s hot during the summer months, they’ll usually leave the beach by 8 a.m.

When is the best time to visit PIER 39 to see the sea lions?

On a typical day, you can find them lounging in the sun or piled on top of each other on K-Dock in PIER 39’s West Marina. When you think of San Francisco icons, the sea lions are up there with the Golden Gate Bridge. They are one of the reasons why PIER 39 is the top attraction in San Francisco.

Are the sea lions at PIER 39 all the time?

Rates are subject to change: Weekdays: 0/hour (maximum daily rate of 0); Weekends and holidays: 2/hour (maximum daily rate of 0).

How much does parking at PIER 39 cost?

PIER 39 is a free attraction and there is no entrance fee because it is not a gated attraction.

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