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me Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles

Limits on the number of children, as well as masking and social distancing rules, may be in place at many of these locations at the time of your party. Some places request that parents drop kids off, to limit the number of people, and others request that parents show proof of vaccination before entering. Make sure to check the current rules (which are subject to change at any time) before booking your party.

Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places on the Westside

1. Santa Monica Pier Aquarium — Santa Monica

This spot is perfect at any time of year. If the weather is fine, the patio is a great spot for cake, and the beach beckons after the party. If the weather is foul, no one cares when all the fun is indoors petting anemones and sea cucumbers and making faces at the sharks. A basic party includes private use of the space and touch tanks, and staff to help with party set-up and take-down; add-ons include decorations, individualized animal presentations, storytimes, and more. One flat fee includes up to 65 kids, making “the whole class” (plus siblings and parents!) an affordable option.

2. Santa Monica Pier Carousel — Santa Monica

If your kids would rather spin and spin than hang with the marine biologists, a party just upstairs from the Aquarium can focus on another Santa Monica classic. The historic carousel remains open to the public during most parties, but the birthday crowd gets a private roped-off area and unlimited rides on the merry-go-round for up to 30 kids. For a little extra, each kid gets a token for an ice cream sundae at the Soda Jerks old-fashioned ice cream fountain that shares space with the Carousel.

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: Santa Monica Pier Carousel

A ride on the carousel followed by some ice cream makes for a great party. Photo courtesy of the Santa Monica Pier

3. Pamper & Play — West LA

Pamper & Play in West LA is a great choice for parties geared towards smaller children. Every party at the indoor play space is customized for your child—just tell them your child’s favorite thing and they’ll create a custom party based around that theme! Kids can use the trampoline, play house, play structure, and more. One special feature from Pamper & Play is that parties include play supervisors, who lead the kids in games and activities of your choosing, which can range from parachute games to arts and crafts to cupcake decorating. Even better for the grown-ups is a Parent Lounge that’s 100% kid-free, so adult guests can relax in some peace and quiet as the party rages downstairs.

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: CatCafe 
Can you spot the cats? Photo courtesy of Yelp

4. CatCafe Party — West LA and Venice

How’s this for thinking outside the box (and we don’t mean the litter box)? West LA’s CatCafe Lounge will let a group of cat loving little ones (or big ones, for that matter) come in together to enjoy a tea party among the kitty cats. Just watch out they don’t steal your cake! The CatCafe has also just opened their pop-up in Venice that is just for kittens. Private sessions for parties can be booked at either the original CatCafe or the new Tiny Beans. Kids must be at least 7 years old to attend, and depending on the space and time there is a maximum of 12-18 attendees.

5. Sender One LAX – West LA

The Sender One climbing space provides an awesome indoor birthday party for kids that love to use their bodies! There are two packages available: Sender City and Intro to Climbing. The Sender City package can accommodate 14 participants (though you can have up to 20 with a fee per additional climber). This number includes parents, and note that there’s a required 1:2 parent to child ratio. The Sender City party package includes one hour of climbing in Sender City and one hour in the party room. Intro To Climbing is for up to 12 climbers and includes a total of three hours of climbing—two hours of instruction and one hour of climbing with friends. Spectators are not allowed at this time.

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 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: Imaginology
STEM activities plus playtime, food time, and more are all included at Imaginology. Photo courtesy of Imaginology Kids

Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places on the Eastside

6. Imaginology Kids — Silverlake

The Imaginology Kids party package immerses your celebration in the Earth, Wind, Water or Light Labs, an intellectually stimulating twist on a birthday party! Each party reservation is for two hours and includes playtime and time for food, drink, and cake at this Silverlake spot. There are three packages available, each offering STEM discovery activities and more, with the Deluxe Party giving you private use of the space.

7. PlayLab — Eagle Rock

The Eagle Rock location of PlayLab remains open in 2021 and is hosting parties! Parties give you and up to 40 of your guests three hours of private use at this very cute space on Colorado Blvd. Tables and seating are provided by the play space and a staff member is present at the party to assist with your needs. Adults are required to show proof of vaccination to enter the play space.

8. Lucky Strike — Hollywood and DTLA

With locations Downtown at LA Live and on Hollywood Boulevard, Lucky Strike offers bowling parties with pizzazz. These bowling alleys are not that grimy spot on the corner with the vaguely disturbing shoes; Lucky Strike has an atmosphere that is slightly chic, slightly retro, and loads of fun. The food is better than those old school bowling alleys, too.

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: iFly

Indoor skydiving makes for a birthday party they’ll never forget. Photo courtesy of iFly Hollywood

Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places in the Valleys

9. Dream Elite Gymnastics — Woodland Hills

Yes, boys and girls can enjoy a gymnastics lesson, especially when there’s a foam pit to jump into. While the surrounding industrial park may be unassuming, this is a big space for kids to master their handstands and cartwheels under expert supervision. There’s a separate room for birthday party cake and pizza eating, too.

10. iFly Hollywood — Universal City

If you want to throw a party unlike anyone else’s, consider taking a crew of kids skydiving—indoors! Universal CityWalk’s iFly is a clear plastic vertical wind tunnel, where your party guests ages three and up can don flight gear and ride the wind without the inconveniences of jumping out of an airplane. Kids are given lessons on how to ride the air currents, and a certificate for the skydiving time. A basic party package divides flights among the guests (guests are currently limited, call the location to confirm how many party goers you can have at the time of your party); add-ons can include a private party room and DVDs of the experience for party favors.

11. Ultrazone — Sherman Oaks

If laser tag is the ultimate indoor birthday party for you kiddo, look no further than Ultrazone in Sherman Oaks. These parties are individually hosted, meaning the venue will provide everything including food, play, and even clean up! Birthday party packages include two shared games of laser tag (meaning that they’re not private, so non-party members will be participating), a private, decorated party room for two hours, a party host, and unlimited soft drinks. Food and game tokens for the arcade are not included in the cost of the party package, but are available as add-ons. 

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: My Little Paris
Choose from a wide range of party packages at My Little Paris. Photo courtesy of My Little Paris

12. My Little Paris — San Gabriel

One of the newest additions to the indoor party scene is My Little Paris Cafe & Play in San Gabriel. A French-themed play space and cafe, this play space offers a wide range of party options for little partiers (best for kids up to 7 years old) from the frugal to the fantastic. Parties can be held on weekends and weekdays, typically reserving your party private access to the space for two hours—though the Élysée Diamond party package gives you an extra hour.

13. Waterworks Pasadena — Pasadena

Just because your kid has a winter birthday doesn’t mean they can’t have a pool party! Rent the space at Waterworks in Pasadena, which boasts a pair of indoor pools that are heated to a comfortable 92 degrees. You can rent the pool for several hours on Saturday or Sundays, and Waterworks will provide pool toys and rafts while facilitating pool games for your guests. Of course, Waterworks also provides deck guards to keep everyone safe. 

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: Go Kart Racing

This indoor track makes your party weatherproof. Photo courtesy of K1 Speed: Indoor Kart Racing

Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places in the South Bay

14. Adventureplex — Manhattan Beach

Adventureplex in Manhattan Beach is more than just an indoor jungle gym. With a variety of structures like rope courses, a rock climbing wall, mazes, tunnels, and more, kids can spend hours exploring this play space. It’s also a great place for an indoor birthday party, dubbed the Adventure Party. This package can accommodate up to 15 children and includes a party host. The three-hour celebration at Adventureplex includes one hour in the play structure, one hour in the inflatable play area, and one hour of dining in a private room. All parties at Adventureplex are now private parties.

15. K1 Speed: Indoor Kart Racing — Torrance, Burbank, and more locations

What kid doesn’t love to go fast? K1 Speed: Indoor Go Kart Racing takes the thrill of racing and brings it inside, where you won’t have to stress about weather conditions on the big day. K1 party packages require a minimum of eight riders and include two private 12-lap races, a one-hour party room rental, plus pizza and soft drinks. There’s a medal ceremony for the top three finishers (and of course, a medal for the birthday kid). 

16. Aquarium of the Pacific — Long Beach

If your little one loves animals, particularly marine life, then the Aquarium of the Pacific is a great location for their next birthday party. The Aquarium is a bit of a hybrid between an indoor and outdoor party, with the activities being inside (where masks are required) while the dining takes place on the outdoor rooftop veranda. Birthday packages include access to the Aquarium during their regular business hours, 1.5 hours of meal service, beverages, boxed meals, and cake cutting service. In 2021, parties are limited and must be planned with the aquarium’s special events team.

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17. Scooter’s Jungle — El Segundo, Placentia, Ventura

My kids loved it when their friend had his party at Scooter’s Jungle in El Segundo. This massive space features a variety of bounce houses and slides and all parties are now 100% private, and are available all day, every day. The adult-sized inflatables means that parents can bounce and play alongside their kids

18. Wonder of Dinosaurs — Redondo Beach

Like many kids, when I was young I was absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. Parents of dino-lovers in Los Angeles are blessed with Wonder of Dinosaurs in Redondo Beach, where you can book a party room for the ultimate prehistoric birthday celebration. When you book a party room, the birthday kid is free, and you can simply pay for each guest’s ticket. You’ll have access to the activity room, which features a dinosaur exhibit with static and robotic dinos, mazes, bouncers, zoomers, and more. Plus, there are add-on activities like mini-golf, the “Triassic Train,” a carousel, and “Ride-A-T-Rex.”

 Indoor Kids' Birthday Party Places in Los Angeles: Pretend City

 Museums make a great location for a unique party. Photo courtesy of Pretend City

Even More Indoor Kids’ Birthday Party Places

Once we started thinking about the best indoor party spots in LA, it was hard to stop! Los Angeles has museums, skating venues, and recreation rooms at your local parks. So let these additional suggestions get your creative juices flowing for places where you could host the perfect indoor party for your little one.

19. Museums

Don’t forget to check local museums when looking for innovative party ideas; most of our local museums offer fun, educational options. Some of the best ones to check for kids parties are the California Science Center (which doesn’t offer a party package, but will help you make a reservation for your whole group), the Discovery Cube (only the LA Campus is currently offering birthday parties), and Pretend City.

20. Ice Skating Parties

LA has more skating rinks than most people realize, and every rink offers birthday party packages. Parties can range in price from $125 to $875, depending on the rink, private vs. public, and how much staff you require. Skating parties offer plenty of exercise to burn off the cake and pizza, and a simulated winter experience for us winter lightweights in the Southland. Some of the best in the area include Iceland Ice Skating Rink, the Toyota Performance Center, and the LA Kings Valley Ice Center. 

21. Retro Roller Skating Parties

Ice rinks too cold for you? You might be surprised to know how many roller rinks there are around LA, playing tunes from our childhoods and offering a chance to strap on four wheels and take to the boards. This one is great for all ages and doesn’t need to cost a lot.

22. Public Parks

Yes, it’s possible to have a terrific indoor party at a public park, and it’s generally a very affordable option. Most local parks have recreation centers with rooms available for party rental, and many of these spaces have more character than you might think. Take a spin around your part of town to see what you find; recreation centers sometimes require a little extra red tape to book, but they’re usually not expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About toddler birthday parties los angeles

If you have questions that need to be answered about the topic toddler birthday parties los angeles, then this section may help you solve it.

How can I celebrate my two-year-old’s birthday?

Here are 15 fantastic 2-year-old birthday party suggestions.

  • Petting zoo. ?A petting zoo is always a huge crowd favorite with this age group,? says Tolley. …
  • Bounce house. …
  • Bubble party. …
  • Sandcastle party. …
  • Art party. …
  • Circus party. …
  • Character party. …
  • Face painting party.

How do I observe the birthday of my 3-year-old?

Other 3rd Birthday Party Suggestions

  1. Paint Party. For toddlers that love to make a mess, add a little color to your celebration by throwing a paint party. …
  2. Outdoor ?Drive-in? Movie Night. …
  3. Bubble Party. …
  4. Tea Party Birthday. …
  5. Rainbow Celebration. …
  6. Candy Land Birthday. …
  7. Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds. …
  8. Summer Birthday Party.

How can I keep my kids amused at a party for toddlers?

If games are too difficult, simply handing out bubbles or setting up a sandpit outside is an easy way to keep toddlers entertained. Games and activities b>Simple games like musical statues, musical chairs, and pass the parcel will excite two year olds – and you can give everyone a prize for taking part.

How should a 2-year-old’s birthday party be planned?

Put out the food at the last minute and clear it away quickly when it’s finished. Don’t create a second party for parents, just provide drinks and nibbles. Make sure you have plenty of spill-proof cups available. Keep games short, simple, structured, and enjoyable so that young children don’t get bored or confused.

What is a 2.5 year old kid capable of?

Your child is starting to walk up and down stairs on their own but occasionally uses the rail for balance. Your child is now better at throwing overarm, kicking and catching a ball. Your child might even stand on one foot for a short period of time. Toddlers at this age can run and will likely fall less.

What makes a third birthday significant?

The presentación, which is customarily held on the child’s third birthday, is a chance for families to come together to express gratitude for the child’s life and to ask for continued blessings on him or her.

Should a 3-year-old be invited to a birthday celebration?

Kids love birthday parties, especially when all the gifts have their names on them. Your toddler is turning three, and that is definitely something to celebrate. They will soon be a preschooler, and you are finally turning the page of those terrible twos.

Do children under two need playdates?

It goes without saying that babies and toddlers enjoy playing and interacting with one another, so planning baby play dates with other young children is a great way to help your child grow socially and make friends.

Who should you invite to your 2-year-old’s birthday party?

An oft-quoted rule of thumb is to invite two children for your child’s second birthday, three for his third birthday, and so on. Who do I invite to a toddler’s birthday? You probably have close family on your list and you may want to invite one or more other toddlers and their parents.

A two-year-old’s loneliness?

Children are resilient, says Annunziato. “Children are not likely to miss their friends and family members to a detrimental degree so long as you are around.” Children ages 2 to 5 experience loneliness differently than older children and adults.

Have two-year-olds a favorite parent?

Parental favoritism in toddlers is very common, and it can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a toddler expressing their independence or feeling more connected to the parent they spend more time with.

What number of words should a 2.5-year-old know?

Most kids between the ages of 2 and 3: Use at least 200 and as many as 1,000 words; speak in two- and three-word phrases or sentences.

What time should a 2.5-year-old child go to bed?

I’ve found the sweet spot tends to be around 8 to 8:30pm, but every child is different. For most toddlers, lights-out is around 9pm (give or take 30 minutes), but pushing it later?or trying to force it earlier?may lead to more middle-of-the-night waking!

Is it necessary to potty train a 2.5 year old?

The average toddler learns the process in about six months, and girls typically finish toilet training two to three months before boys do. However, sometimes it can be more stressful for parents than it is for children. Most kids are potty trained by the age of 36 months.

When should a child start using the restroom?

There’s no rush because if you start too early, it might take longer to train your child. Many children show signs of being ready for potty training between the ages of 18 and 24 months, but some might not be ready until they are 3 years old.

What time should a toddler go to bed?

Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm, which is a good time because they sleep the deepest between 8 pm and midnight. A positive bedtime routine helps toddlers feel ready for sleep and settle more easily when they wake at night.

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